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              Stowell's right for america 




   James M. Stowell





     James Martin Stowell was born september 30, 1978 in Miami, Florida by Katherine Hernandez  and Howard Stowell. He also had a twin brother Austin Stowell. Whe James adn Austin were 3 they found out that they were going to have twin sisters. Their names are Lily and Elizabeth Stowell.  James has wanted to become the president of the  United States since he was 5 years old because his father was the senator of  Florida. 

   James attended Florida State university for both his undergraduate and master's progams. He later earned his doctorate at Florida State University. He earned all A's. He majored in Political Science and Math.


     After he graduated, James became the senator of Florida just like his father. People believed he could make Florida so much better and he did. He won through a huge landslide. 15.64 million of the 19.89 million people that lived in Florida voted for him. 



At age 27 he married his college love Sophia Perez. Four years later, they had their first child on June 12, 2009.


Her name is Caitlin Stowell. On December 6, 2012 they had a son named Ian Stowell.





Snapshot bio

James believes that we should pay to have public schools and not charter schools. One reason is because there are more people in a public schools than charter schools.  Charter schools tend to focus on one subject. Such as if you were interested in art, you would go to a charter school that focused on art. In a public school they focus on all subjects the same.


James believes in higher taxes so we can pay off all of the things such as renewable power, gun control, military and the public schools. He also believes that we need more money to start new programs and support businesses.


James thinks that we need stricter gun control so that we don’t have as many criminals as we do now. James will let people get a gun if you are going to hunt with a gun. Ian experienced near death by almost getting shot and that’s why he wants stricter gun control.



James also believes in renewable energy since it is better for the earth. Non-renewable energy pollutes the earth. So he thinks that we should start moving away from non-renewable energy because we have more renewable energy and it is better for the earth and its atmosphere.


James strongly believes that we should spend our money on our nation's military. We need to defend ourselves from terrorism. Mr. Stowell’s brother, Austin, was in the marine corps. He wants the money to go to the military so our nation is protected.






What he belives in  

He rescues abandoned animals and takes them to rescue shelters.

He loves sports, including baseball,football,basketball,skiing, and bowling

He has created a charity called, The Stowell Foundation for  the wounded military soldiers

He has many friends in other countries, including Germany,France,Ireland,Greenland,Mexico,and Canada.


He loves to travel. He has visited over 20 different countries.