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The style of the government in jamaica is democratic

In 1944 Jamaica made a new constitution. some government called the Representative Government replaced another government called the Crown Colony Government. Back in the day there use to be only one elected and one nominated, But now, they replaced it with 21 years and older

The capital state of jamaica is called kingston

Basic info about jamaica

The area of jamaica is 4,244 square miles

The coordinates of jamaica Is: 18.1096° N, 77.2975° W

About 2,893,072 people live in jamaica as about october 30 2017

Did you know that jamaica has a lot of valleys some of them are:

  • Essex Valley

  • Webbers Valley

  • Sisters Valley

  • Queen of Spains Valley

  • Nassau Valley

  • Mile Gully

  • Lluidas Vale

  • Kings Valley

  • Fern Gully

  • Punchbowl

The most recognizable type of valley in jamaica is called the queen of spain.

In the middle of the valley, there is a river that runs throughs it!


Did you know that jamaica was one of the volcanic islands? Some of the volcanos are underground while some of them are underwater!

This mountain is the biggest mountain in jamaica, it is called the Blue Mountain, In fact it's height is exactly 7,402 feet in the air!

Did you know that there is a coffee named after the mountain? it is Actually raised on the mountain

Some of the names of the plain in jamaica are:

Georges Plain in Westmoreland, Pedro Plains in St. Elizabeth, Vere Plain in Clarendon, St. Jago in St. Catherine, and Liguanea Plain in Kingston and St. Andrew.

Besides the mountains and the valleys the rest of it is plains. Most of the plains are made for parks.

In january, the most coldest is about 76 fahrenheit. In jamaica, "winter" is not really what you would think of, in fact that is the best time to go travelers say. The hottest days are in december through april.



The summer in jamaica is not very different from the winter in jamaica, in fact the average summer day in jamaica is about 83° Fahrenheit.


The bob marley museum is in the capital of jamaica,which is kingston based on the reggae musician Bob Marley. he played in that exact building!


In Jamaica

This building was made in 1770, it is called the Rose Hall Great House. There was a woman who lived there called Annie palmer But had a violent death. It is now used as a place to tell stories about ghosts and monsters, some believe that the soul of Annie palmer is still waiting to haunt us...

Did you know that this garden/park was a racing track? Then, it became a graveyard for people that died in world war one and two, in fact it has a tiny little spot that has gravestones of the people that served.

Jamaica is commonly known for the glorious beaches they have and the common thing that makes a beach is sand!


This is not your ordinary cow, it is the jamaica hope that is a cattle breed, That the jamaicans get their meat, milk and leather clothing!

The fruit is called the ackee. Its red parts are the only part that is edible. it turns into this yellow shriveled cashew and add fish to it that is a Jamaica favorite!

Candles are one of the man made Thing in jamaica the company is Spotlight Candle Products Limited and starfish oils.

Man made products (industrial)

These are only SOME of the man made things!

Blue mountain coffee is made on the blue mountain. It's company is called the Blue mountain coffee!

Bean bags are the most comfortable kind of chair the company that makes bean bag chairs is the Free Form Factory


This fruit is called the breadfruit. This fruit is from the south pacific and the seeds blew away and went to jamaica.

The choko plant Is a veggie that was brung by spanish explorers to europe, then they were introduced to parts of Asia. The chocho plant is grown from a tree and is sometimes known as the veggie pear, mango squash and chayote.

Did you know that the coconut is a fruit, a nut and a seed. the coconut is used for mostly eating and drinking. The milk of the coconut can be used as smoothies and desserts while the white inside can be made into entrees and dinners. The coconut is edible but it can be used differently by using the parts that we do not use. The frond (the leaf part) can be woven into baskets and purses while it can repair roofs and leaks. The shell part can be shaved into jewelry, cut into utensils and even keep your fire going!

These plants may crack open a new fact!  

Jamaica's first people were the Tainos. The tainos came from south america and were very peaceful. they were first ones who met christopher columbus when he arrived on jamaica's shores, but sadly in 1694 the french attacked jamaica.

Did you know that if you put a baby in a crib, they will put a bible in the crib so it would keep away evil? Another way they keep away evil is when a red string is tied on a newborn's wrist or in his/her hair. ghosts in jamaica are also called duppy. If a husband is dead the spouse has to wear red underwear so the husband's duppy will not haunt the wife. Before a grave is dug, they have to sprinkle white rum on the dead (white rum is an alcoholic drink.)


Jamaica patois (language) is an english-based creole influenced by west african languages. It is native to Jamaicans.