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By: Jalil Rasul

I chose him because I loved his books when I was a kid and I grew up with the Cat in The Hat. One other reason is because all of his books have a big lesson behind. I also loved the movie Lorax, because of how great the moral was.

Why I chose him?

Dr. Seuss was born at March, 2 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts with the name of Theodor Seuss Geisel. He left home at the age of 18 and moved to attend Darmonth College, where he became Chief of Humor Magazine, Jack-O-Lantern. He was also caught prohibiting the law by drinking in the dorm, because of that violation he was kicked out of the staff. He moved to Oxford, United Kingdom to attend Oxford University. He had plans to become a professer and at the same time he saw his future wife. At 1927 he dropped out and at the same year he got married to Helen Palmer.


Early Life 

After coming to America, he decided to do cartooning/animation as a full time job. Before he was a famous animator he was a famous ad maker. When he created his first book no one accepted making Dr. Suess about to give up until he met one guy, which was his last hope. When he first came out with books it was about politics and then he changed into childrens books. Still most of his children books have some type of politics or a major meaning behind it.