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Let if Flow


Jak Groedel





Today is the day.

Everything is right.

The sun’s rays shimmer across the lake. Trees swaying as the wind goes.


Birds are chirping, while water laps beneath and over the dock as the plane approaches.

I take a deep, focused breath to frame this moment.

As I do this, the air I breathe in is the result of emptiness and purity.


Camping, fishing, hiking, cooking, and the extra jolt of a Canadian lager.

Nothing can ruin this.

For a moment, I catch a glimpse of what is to come. But, then, I realize that it doesn’t matter.



The marbles dispersed and unconstrained float carelessly, 

Magnetising, Mobilising; into a perfect line .   


As the magnetic force begins to fade, the marbles begin to sway, 

I find myself between realities of it all.


There are no gaps here in linearity,  

None through for me to fall,  

Not a gap in between where I can crawl. 

Though in the safety of constraint I am, in fact, free.    


The marbles, in a line, and constrained, they are so steady 

De-magnetise, De-mobilise ,imperfectly


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To get through life you have to endure as a tree does.
When mother nature tries to bring you down,
You will never fall; you will stand your ground.
You will encounter burning flames.
Yes, it will be painful and hard,
But once it's over and done with,
Your bark will grow back stronger than ever.
When your leaves start to slowly leave,
Never fret, there will be more to take their place.
They'll come and go throughout your life,
That's just how it goes.
From the time you're a seed to the time you're full grown,
Your roots will always be there to support you.
After many years,
After enduring forest fires and changing leaves,
Your own saplings will fall away to start again.
Then you'll know not to worry,
They'll grow into tall, strong trees,
Just like those before you.




Stay Strong


Sunset at Montmajour




History repeats itself,

At least

It seems to.

The last full size Gogh



But is it real?

It’s not signed.

But he writes about it.

He wrote about it.

Just as my words fill the page

And tickle your brain

His brush strokes stroke

Our imagination.


Is that a city in the background or just clouds?

When I heard that LeBron
James was coming home, I thought it was a put on
Until I went outside and saw everybody
Celebrating like crazy all across Cleveland. 

Suddenly, I came to realize that we were right to miss
LeBron and there will indeed never be another.

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With tears glistening down my cheeks

To you I write this letter in regret…

I should’ve come by.


You were always there for me.

You didn’t ask for anything and rarely did I. 

But, you deserved all the love in the world.


You wouldn't be happy that i'm thinking like this,

but, I can't help it. 

I had a chance. I missed it. 

And, you'll never come back.


I miss you grandma.


I never liked you.

Consequently, you never liked me.


I must say.

You are helpful.

Putting thoughts into words and complete sentences hasn't ever felt so good.


It's therapeutic and stress relieving.

Still not easy.

But, worthwhile.


I’ll keep giving you a shot, though.

Just promise me one thing: you’ll do the same for me.


Let my mind wander and thoughts flow freely.

Let me be open to exploring all that I feel.

And with that, I might just like you one day.

A dab of blue

Stark slash of gray - 

Dark crimson skies

Mauve dusk at play.


Soft patch of pink

Snow pearly white - 

Strawberry dawn

In soulful light.

It's been a long journey here now the road gets rough

From the wildest dream  to a wonderful realization 

We finally have tested the waters is love now enough 


From the very first days  I knew you had the right stuff 

Difficulties of lifestyle leads us ever into  temptation 

It's been a long journey here now the road gets rough


Constant fighting leads me to make a dangerous bluff

This cold icy road formed by many tears of  trepidation 

We finally have tested the waters is love now enough


We wear on each other and things really get tough

Our only communication now founded in frustration 

It's been a long journey here now the road gets rough


Hope only comes now from  the poison we huff or puff

We both want more but the unknown leads to hesitation

We finally have tested the waters is love now enough


Always a looming  threat we will be taken by handcuff

This constantl stress leaves us cold losing sensation 

It's been a long journey here now the road gets rough

We finally have tested the waters is love now enough


It's said, the grass is greener on the other side

The world as we know, split into two dimensions

To find this wonderful place, I will make great strides

It's exact location, has yet to be mentioned


Imagining, everything will end happily

No need to worry, over stress and agony

The anger and sadness, will bother us no more

Opportunity's, will be knocking at the door


I can only speculate, what delights await

We might live together, in peace and harmony

Maybe there, colors and sizes won't alienate

A better life, we all should get a chance to see


I will continue to pray, that my chance will come 

For maybe then, a better man I will become.