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Son of Strontium


Son of Strontium named Metal, A strong, wise, young man was born. Strontium son was very unique as they discovered his powers/ gift from the gods. Strontium son was the only boy who could breathe the air without turning yellow metal.  


 Strontium son was having a great life but at the age of 15 all things will change for him.Danger was coming, it was that time period when the air comes and try’s to kill all of man-kind.  Metal knew his journey was about too began. Metal needed to leave his people now in order to stop the evil air before came to his town. Metal didn’t want to leave his family he was afraid he may fail, but if didn’t leave all of his friends, family, and etc will turn yellow.


“I can’t leave home I’m just boy I don’t know anything or how to stop this evil air”, said Metal. (-repeating 5 times- , in his room laying on the ground). Metal wanted to run away, afraid that he will fail his family and piers.


 “Tomorrow morning you shall go and start your journey, get a good sleep for your journey”, strontium said. As Metal was sleeping he heard a voice call his name multiply times. Metal woke up and looked it was an old monk who came and gave metal 2 things he will need to defeat the evil air with. Which was a sword ( vacuum) and a compass that tells when the evil air is coming. “You must go and defeat this evil air or man-kind will all turn yellow”, said the old monk!!!!  Next morning the son, Metal is ready to go on his journey to save man-kind.

As the young man starts his journey he comes into a village where they know he is the only one to survive and the village is beginning to breathe the bad which causes chaos in the village. Which puts him in danger from the people of the village.

As he’s in his journey the dangerous air was coming faster than he expected. He believed he couldn’t stop the the dangerous air in time in order to stop it from getting his family and friends.  So he begans to fight the dangerous air with the sword.

Strontium father died in the dangerous air. The only way to bring his dad back to give hime some of his blood to be able to breathe the air.

When he returns back to his village everyone is glad and happy they are still alive because of Meatal saved thier lives.