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10 unhealthiest and healthiest foods at west

nachos are unhealthy there are to many carbohydrates in them and it is not good for the body because you are not supposed to consume too many carbohydrates. and yes this is part of the 6 nutrients and the cost for nachos at Appleton west high school are about 2 dollars. it does help the body a little because it also does contain a little protein. one interesting fact about carbohydrates is it provides a lot of energy for your body.   

carbohydrates are the main energy source for the body. it helps the body by providing energy. it creates glucose which pushes the blood stream and could cause miner miner should have 45 to 65% of this nutrient a day between 900 and 1000 calories should be from carbohydrates. one interesting fact about carbohydrates is you can find them in fruits!    

Protein is a major nutrient for everyone's health it is responsible for building muscle tissue it is very good for your body because it helps build everything stronger. there are really no bad things about protein except you do not want to majorly over eat it. you should eat about 35% of protein a day in your diet. one interesting fact is protein is found in eggs and there is a lot of it too.  

Fat is an energy source that when you eat it the fat absorbes and increases fat soluble vitamins. 35% of your daily diet should come from fats. certain fats can give you bad cholesterol and risk of diabetes and other medical conditions. but fats also help your body majorly by providing energy and it does many other important building things. one interesting fact is that trans fat is really bad for you.  


vitamins are organic compounds that are needed in small portions. it helps the body by building better immune systems and having healthy skin and preventing illness and other diseases that could affect your body. the bad thing about vitamins is you do not want to take to much because that will affect your body. you should have little amounts of vitamins a day. one interesting fact is vitamins can be found in naturally food or they can be found in vitamins that you can just buy at the stores.  


minerals you should have 2400 milligrams per day of this nutrient. this nutrient comes in many different forms.for example calcium helps build strong bones and teeth on the other hand potassium maintains fluids. you do not want to much of this nutrient because it can be dangerous if you take too much. one interesting fact is it is actually some minerals found in rocks!

water is probably one of the most important nutrient out of all of the 6 you practically cant live without it. it also helps stable homeostasis and helps transfer nutrients into other cells water is very good for the body and is the best drink that you can have. there are really no negative affects to water its all good. one interesting fact is you will die if you don't drink water for 3 weeks.    


one healthy food item that they serve at west is a veggie burger. it has 200 calories and 5 grams of fat it also contains 33 carbs and only 4 grams of sugar this is a healthy option because its low in calories and has a perfect amount of fats that will really help the body produce better bones. this fits in the 6 nutrients because it has fats     

hamburgers is one of the not so healthy choices they sell here at school. it contains 2 grams of saturated fat and 7 grams of regular fat. but on the plus side it does have 16 grams of protein which is very good this will cost you about 1:40$ a hamburger can affect the body if you it them in large amounts.  


another healthy option they serve here at school is fruit. each piece of fruit they have is different but they all are good sources of protein and calcium there are really no bad affects of fruit so that is good. you can usually get 1 piece of fruit for around 50 cents. the ingredients are very good for your body they help build strong bones and strong immune systems.     


fish sticks are an unhealthy choice because they contain a lot of sodium and this can slow the body down. this fits in the 6 nutrients because of the little bit of protein it has. this choice costs about 1 dollar.    

a healthy choice at west is spaghetti because it has a lot of carbs and by eating this it will give your body energy for the day and any after school activity's you may have going on so this is a good choice to have for lunch. this fits in the carbohydrates category. this costs about 2 dollars

a unhealthy choice at west is a pizza burger because it contains lots of fats and if you keep eating them you will start to gain a lot of body fat and this will slow down your immune system. this costs about 1.50$ this fits in the fats category

A healthy choice is the grilled chicken sandwich because its a good source of protein and has enough carbs to give you enough energy this is good for the body because it has a nice balance of everything so thats good and this costs about 2.50$

a unhealthy choice is the meat lovers pizza there is a lot of fats and Greece in it and slows down the immune system and can be hard to digest this costs about 1.50$

a healthy choice is a granola bar because this has many good minerals and they contain all the sources of protein and the right amount of carbs and fats it helps build up the body and make it strong and help you get through the day with just such a little snack these cost about 50 cents.     

Another unhealthy choice is french toast sticks these contain a lot of sugars and this isnt good for the body because it can slow down the digestive system and it also contains a lot of un needed fat. these cost about 1.50$

overall by all the research ive done i found out west serves more un healthy foods then healthy foods and in conclusion this was a great experience to  really understand what the 6 nutrients are and really how they affect the body.