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at Elite K 911 The Bark Club RD Y LE AD N BR E GL I RA RD LO RD Ask about our indoor pack walks Wednesdays 7 8 p m Saturdays 9 10 a m BARK CLUB NA 31740 Cook Road North Ridgeville OH 44039 info elitek911 com ER NT CE RD AR EliteK911 com 440 666 0749 GE D RI LE JAYCOX RD Our mature professional and trained staffs can help you from puppyhood to adulthood with training classes daycare and boarding COOK RD ELITE K 911 TheBarkClubLLC com 440 412 4378 33549 Liberty Pkwy North Ridgeville OH 44039 info thebarkclubllc com Ask about our FREE half day trial

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M A R C H A P R I L 2 0 19 COLUMNS 4 ASK THE TRAINER 5 DOGS IN THE CITY 7 PICK OF THE PACK F E AT U R E S 9 10 14 16 17 19 DOGS OF THE CLE TAKE 2 MONICA ROBINS TECHNOLOGY FOR DOG OWNERS DISGUSTING TREATS DOGS LOVE FROM THE CAGE TO THE COUCH CLE DOG TURNS TWO Join our email newsletter list at CLEDOG net Publishers Karen Uthe Semancik Mark Brabant Columnists Travis Raymond Pick of the Pack Chuck Stella Ask the Trainer Amanda Roush Dogs in the City Contributing Writers Ann McDonald Susan Spisak Cover photo Greg Murray Photography CLE DOG magazine is published monthly by GoFetch Media LLC P O Box 40172 Bay Village OH 44140 Copyright 2019 GoFetch Media LLC All rights are reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior written permission Unsolicited articles are invited but the Publishers reserve the right to edit any and all materials All materials submitted to CLE DOG are considered to be CLE DOG property and unconditionally assigned to CLE DOG for publication and copyright purposes ADVERTISING INFORMATION Karen Uthe Semancik Karen cledog net 216 598 6361 PHOTO SUBMISSIONS Mark Brabant Mark cledog net 440 785 4136 Daycare Cage free Boarding Training Pack Walks EVENTS A full service facility offering a safe and clean environment for play training and boarding N J O I LUB C THE 30400 Lakeland Blvd Wickliffe 440 516 0510 clubk9ofwickliffe com Ask about our pooch parent TRIPS to Put in Bay The Cleveland Flea SERVING LAKE COUNTY SINCE 2009

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BEHAVIOR BY CHUCK STELLA Q Should my dog go to daycare A Every dog should be able to be social since dogs are social animals But there are different degrees of social behavior based on personality and breeds Dogs who should go to daycare are dogs who are social and need an outlet and that can include young dogs dogs with lots of energy and or dogs who are not getting enough stimulation by their owners Daycare can be a wonderful opportunity for these dogs Social breeds may adapt to daycare more easily than working dog breeds however Working dogs may want to participate in an activity that isn t p l a y a n d m a y b e c o m e challenging and vocal in the wrong daycare environment It doesn t mean the dog won t be successful in daycare it means he may need a more knowledgeable staff and a more structured environment Our daycare The Bark Club is a little different than most We incorporate structure into our day so it s not all play Our four legged clients learn how to be with other dogs and our staff maintains control over each behavior not just the dogs themselves Dogs who don t do well at other daycares often thrive at our club When looking for the right daycare for your dog make sure the facility is clean the staff is hands on and there is a CPR trained person onsite at all times Handlers should know basic dog social behavior and body language to spot potential problems Staff should be mature think of their craft as more than just a job and provide owners with written or verbal information about how the dog did each day We generally separate dogs by size and have small and big dog areas Our senior dogs hang out together where they can lie 4 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio around and receive lots of pets Keep in mind that a facility that is visually appealing to you brightly colored with lots of toys obstacles and playground equipment may be overwhelming for your dog Generally speaking a ramp or obstacle is fine but not a necessity Most dogs want to interact with other dogs They entertain each other better than any equipment can Dogs are very simple The best things owners can do to prepare their dogs for daycare is to make sure they re fully vaccinated and to take things slowly Core vaccines are required including Bordatella Consider a half day trial when exploring daycare or choosing a new facility Refrain from signing up for a package until the dog has visited a few times Make sure your dog is doing well and there is an assessment from the handler and clear communications I don t recommend daycare every day Two days a week is plenty for most dogs Otherwise they can experience over stimulation For dogs that come more often we regulate their energy levels with breaks so they don t develop obsessive compulsive behavior Every dog is different and so is every dog daycare so be informed and ask a lot of questions Chuck Stella is owner of The Bark Club daycare and Elite K 911 Training Behavior A professional dog trainer for 14 years he is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and a graduate of Columbia University s Code 3 courses for Ohio Humane Agent Training His personal pack consists of Chupa Venus Radar and Violet

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AROUND TOWN BY AMANDA ROUSH BELLA MIA from Dog Life in CLE Dog Easter Egg Hunt Have fun with your fur kids this Easter Dog Life in CLE is hosting a Dog Easter Egg Hunt at Market Square at Crocker Park 239 Market St Westlake The event is from 12 3 p m Sunday April 14 and proceeds benefit City Dogs Last year nearly a thousand people and dogs came out to watch dogs hunt eggs for treats Easter Brunch Looking to make Easter morning a little extra special for your pups Enjoy a simple Easter brunch with your dogs by whipping up some eggs and mixing in some of your dog s favorite cheat foods like turkey bacon or cheese in moderation of course Bake them in bunny molds so they look like Peeps and don t forget to make some for yourself Find out more ways to make Easter special for your dog at doglifeincle com March April 2019 CLEDOG net 5

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6 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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PRODUCTS BY TRAVIS RAYMOND HOLISTIC FLEA TICK PREVENTION As the snow melts and temperatures rise you and your dog will find yourselves out and about more often with walks and play dates you can almost hear the parks calling Synonymous with the arrival of spring however is the arrival of fleas and ticks But with the proper preventative steps you can avoid bringing unwanted guests home I highly recommend holistic non chemical flea and tick prevention products such as these The Healthy Dogma Co makes Flee Flea Flee a blend of garlic kelp flaxseed and yeast that works by changing the taste of your pet s blood making it unappealing to fleas and ticks The Earth Animal Company has a yeastfree flea and tick option available in either liquid or powder formula Herbal based topical sprays are another option including Ark Naturals Flea Flicker Tick Kicker spray left an allnatural botanical formula devised by veterinarians and made in the U S It repels fleas ticks flies and mosquitoes You can borrow it when the mosquitoes are making your life miserable Earth Animal also has an herbal spray right as part of its all natural flea and tick program DEET and pesticide free Travis Raymond is manager at The Grateful Dog Bakery serving up tasty treats and healthy food to Northeast Ohio s dogs and cats A raw food advocate and dogsitter he is also an aspiring photographer You can follow gratefuldogbakery on Instagram If you don t want to deal with a daily preventative the Alzoo Company makes herbal based topical products These are applied between the shoulders and are effective up to three months but are not waterproof Another alternative to daily products is a flea collar Alzoo has herbal based all natural flea collars above made to repel fleas ticks mites and mosquitoes for four months Thankfully it is possible to keep your dog flea and tick free without harsh chemicals you just need the right tools for the job Your dog will thank you for it March April 2019 CLEDOG net 7

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Dog Daycare Boarding Supervised play and socialization in a 6000 sq foot indoor and 5000 sq foot outdoor environment Your dog can expect a day full of exercise and attention plus interaction with dogs of all ages breeds and sizes Watch your dog on our online cameras BarklynHts com 216 577 5960 247 Old Brookpark Rd Brooklyn Heights Mention this ad for a FREE evaluation 8 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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Baby Bear Tucker Topher Terik Darbie Nala Chandler Submit your photos mark cledog net Buddy Rosie Leica Blue Amber Izzy Lucy Logan Sasha Thunder Harley Theo Tori

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Photo Greg Murray Photography Photos by Greg Murray Photography Monica Robins husband Deke Kumler and new addition Fergus Catching up with Celebrity Dog Mom Monica Robins By Karen Uthe Semancik WKYC TV 3 s Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins was CLE DOG s inaugural cover model when we launched the magazine in April 2017 We featured Monica husband Deke Kumler and their Great Pyrenees Griffin who was celebrating his 10th birthday at Huntington Beach in Bay Village Since that time Robin lost her regal Griffin recently became a new pawrent to Fergus and is embracing her TV station s WKYC Loves Pets status Read on to catch up with this Emmy award winning rocking dog mom who s as nice as she is talented 10 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio A lot has happened since we featured you on our inaugural issue two years ago Q Let s start with the sad news of your heart dog Griffin s passing last September How have you dealt with losing your loyal Great Pyr A No matter how many pets you have it s never easy to get over the loss of one Griffin was 11 1 2 when he passed If I ve learned anything it s that quality of life is paramount to dogs So we had to say goodbye and it was devastating I had no idea how many people knew Griffin The condolences poured in from strangers who had seen him on our walks maybe pet him at the local Dairy Queen or Malley s Chocolates store or saw his cameos on TV3 Even those who remembered him from his visits as a therapy dog reached out to us It was overwhelming but we were so grateful that our dog had touched so many lives Q And now you have a new soul to nourish Fergus Share a little bit about the karmic journey that took you to this pup A The last thing I said to Griffin was Go find a better body and come back to me and apparently he didn t have to go far There s a Grand Champion Great Pyrenees in Bay Village named Castle He won Westminster Best of Breed in 2014 and ironically Griffin was often mistaken for him on our walks We always thought it was hilarious when people would literally stop their cars to get a picture of Griffin because they thought he was Castle I met Castle s owners Mike and Sally Falatach when Griffin was a year old because the Great Pyrenees Club had a dog show in Westlake and I took Griffin to watch

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PROFILE Q How d you come up with his name A I picked the dog Deke picked the name Deke s of Scottish descent and Fergus means man of force It seems like an appropriately strong name for a Pyr but it s also cute Q How are Fergus and Mojo the cat getting along A The cat was a little wary of a giant puppy Fergus was 21 pounds when we brought him home at nine weeks But now they stalk each other and chase each other and snuggle occasionally Fergus just has to realize how big he is compared to the cat A young Fergus with his dad Castle Griffin died on September 1 Five days later Castle and his mate Macee both owned by the Falatachs had a litter Deke and I had decided we weren t going to get another dog until spring We didn t even want to look because we were still heartbroken But this was the first time in both our lives we didn t have a dog at home The house just didn t feel normal Mike reached out to me later that month to tell me he understood if it was too soon but he wanted me to know about the pups Something told me I had to go see them There was only one all white male When I put my hand in the whelping box he was the first to come running to me On subsequent visits he was the one who decided I was his When I brought Deke he claimed him too My heart told me if Mike would allow us to have him we were supposed to have Fergus Mojo this dog Mike said he reached out because he knew we understood and loved the breed and he wanted his dogs to go to good and loving homes not to mention he knew he could come visit us anytime Q I know you said Deke gets to pick out the next dog and it ll be a rescue Do you have a timeline for the next pooch and are you looking for a certain breed size personality etc A Fergus is being trained to be a therapy dog just like his predecessors Griffin and Brody also a Great Pyr Once he s finished with training we ll start looking for a rescue We don t care about the breed but we re big dog people so it will have to be something larger Ultimately Fergus will help make the decision too If Deke and Fergus let me I d like to rescue more than one Q Are you getting any sleep these days with the new pup A I forgot what it was like to have a puppy The first few weeks I was getting up every three hours Now he gets up when my alarm goes off whether I hit the snooze or not I haven t slept in since November Q Any dog owner hacks or paw rent tips you can share with others who recently welcomed a pup to the family A Crate training is a must One of the most important things I do is feed Fergus with a giggle ball It s a ball that you can put their kibble in and they must push it around to get a piece at a time It forces him to eat slowly and it makes an adorable sound that he seems to like After meals he rests in the crate for at least 30 minutes before going outside Tired puppies are good puppies so long walks are critical and lots of socialization and playtime Fergus BFF is my sister in law s Husky named Everest They will run around for hours if we let them I try to take Fergus with me to different places to keep him socialized and get him prepared for therapy work WKYC reporter Dorsena Drakeford also a Great Pyr mom loves when Fergus visits the station Q Fergus has been on television with you a few times how d that go Fergus goes to work with mom from time and time and made his oncamera debut in January A Fergus has an unbelievable personality and just loves everyone he meets He s also a giant ham I ve managed to teach him to pose so people can take pictures of him He is a total natural on TV Continued on next page March April 2019 CLEDOG net 11

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Photo Greg Murray Photography PROFILE Q What s his weight now and how big will he get A He s currently about 55 pounds He will likely get to be around 120 or so Q Still doing the weekend gigs with the bands a new pup into your life A I m not meant to not have a dog I just don t feel complete without one in my life I only wish I could have him with me constantly That being said I forgot Future therapy dog about the puppy accidents the teething the puppy proofing the house the chewing on anything and everything the training and the early morning whining of wanting to go out in sub zero cold But I really wouldn t have it any other way Q What are you most looking forward to this spring Fergus hard at work A Oh yes the Whiskey Kings and Ninja Cowboys are busy this year You can find our gig schedule at monicarobins com Q How has your life changed since bringing 12 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio A Not freezing when he wants outside at four in the morning And lots of romps in the Metroparks and introducing him to Lake Erie Want to keep up with Fergus and all his antics Fergustheformidabumble on Instagram and FergustheFormi1 on Twitter Roxy with Kayla DeLorenzo who will be the puppy s handler trainer for Wags 4 Warriors Late last year Robins work home Channel 3 officially launched its WKYC Loves Pets status and Robins couldn t be happier The station that s known for Doggone Weather weekly pet adoptions and its Clear the Shelters involvement is taking its love for pets one step further by fostering a Labrador Retriever puppy named Roxy her name is a salute to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Wags 4 Warriors Roxy will eventually be trained and matched up with a local veteran but for now you can get your puppy fix every Tuesday and Thursday on the Channel 3 Morning Show And Robins will be doing some pet health tips and stories for 3 Loves Pets

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March April 2019 CLEDOG net 13

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The Smart Dog By Susan Spisak We love our techy gadgets smartphones and apps that not only make our lives easier but downright fun And now more than ever smart stuff is expanding to our dogs world as well Here s a look at a few of the countless devices and apps out there to ensure Bella is safe groomed exercised and entertained GoDogGo is an automatic indoor outdoor fetch machine that s perfect for entertaining and exercising your ball crazed pup It has time and distance settings remote control safety arc and auto stop feature The product is available in standard and junior size for smaller breeds Holds 17 regular or 23 small balls From 149 on godoggoinc com Keep your fur BFF safe with the waterproof Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker Activity Monitor This collar attachment works in conjunction with a Wi Fi network and allows you to track your pooch on all your devices When she s beyond any safe places you ve designated like your yard Whistle s cellular and GPS technology captures her movement nationwide and you ll receive text email and or app notifications A bonus you can customize her activities to keep her in shape 99 95 plus monthly subscription plan starting at 6 95 whistle com If she s a nervous girl Petmate CALMZ Anxiety Relief System is a comfort fit soft vest that utilizes vibration classical music tones and acupressure to soothe anxiety Put it on during thunderstorms fireworks or whenever she s anxious 39 29 at Amazon com While the Bissell BARKBATH QT Portable Dog Bath Grooming System 2nd Gen isn t smart it s worth mentioning It s a gadget for bathing your 20 pound plus diva with little mess Fill the chamber with the included no rinse shampoo run the nozzle along your pal and the wash and vacuum technology will suction away dirt odors and loose fur Sale price on bissell com is 99 Consider the cost of one groom it ll quickly pay for itself 14 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio Paws2Go was created by local guys Ken Turocy and Dustin Boley to solve a housebreaking problem Ken s Torkie pup she s Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkie was having accidents Her cue was to sit at the back door but the family often missed the tiny dog s prompt The result is this potty bell training device with light and sound indicators that are activated by a paw or nose The floor or wall mountable bell also sends a notification to your device using the free Paws2Go app for iOS and Android 49 99 at paws2go pet Want to check in on Bella while you re at the office PetChatz HD is an interactive two way camera with sound and motion alerts that works through your home Wi Fi Controlled through the app or desktop computer this system allows you to call and video her keep an eye on her activity dispense treats and activate calming aromatherapy It attaches to a wall with no edges to chew You ll need a smartphone tablet or PC with webcam The app is available for Apple and Android users 299 at petchatz com

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To always capture terrific pics of you and Bella get the Pooch Selfie for 9 99 It s a 3D tennis ball that attaches to the top of your smartphone or tablet so when you re ready to take a pic squeak the ball to get her attention and say cheese Amazon com If you work crazy hours look for smart stations so Bella stays fed and watered Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder is a battery operated meal dispenser Fill the six chambers with up to one cup of wet or dry food medications too lock the cover program feeding times and you re good to go Dishwasher safe 44 99 on Amazon com PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is available at many online and big box retailers for about 50 It holds a gallon of water and its free falling stream aerates the water making it fresher and encourages your gal to drink more Check it out at petsafe net drinkwell A useful app is Pet First Aid by American Red Cross It has comprehensive emergency care information with a broad CPR section Note If it s a serious situation contact your vet ASAP For iOS devices and Android operating systems Text GETPET to 90999 for the free app The free VitusVet app is Apple and Google friendly It features virtual files for medical records great for traveling vet appointment requests medication preventatives and grooming reminders You can share her medical info in the event of an emergency and her vet can log in and update her records vitusvet com Have an app or gadget that helps you be a better pet paw rent Tell us about it by emailing Karen cledog net March April 2019 CLEDOG net 15

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WE ALL KNOW OUR DOGS EAT GROSS THINGS If they had their choice of food options their diet would probably look a lot different than what we give them While most of the gross items our dogs want to eat are not things we encourage there are a few treats we give them whether we know it or not that are truly disgusting By Ann McDonald I don t know about you but when I found out what a bully stick was I was horrified A bull pizzle sounds so innocuous how could I know that actually means bull penis Why would my sweet dogs want to eat that Well dogs are animals descendants of wolves so from time to time they may crave a delicious bull penis It s probably best not to think about that too much Unfortunately bully sticks aren t the only gross things you can find at your local pet supply store that will delight your dog while horrifying you Consider yourself warned as you read on TRIPE STICKS If you ve eaten tripe yourself you already know how gross this is For those that aren t aware tripe is essentially stomach lining This gross animal part comes in treat form or as a stick and has a very strong smell You ll probably want to give it to your dog outside so it doesn t stink up your house 16 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio BEEF TRACHEA This treat is a good choice for the more aggressive chewer although it doesn t last as long as a bully stick These treats are a healthy natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin which can help with joint health Beef trachea comes in a variety of sizes from 6 inch chews to smaller chips They can be found at most pet stores LAMB LUNG This is a new one I can t imagine a lung would taste good but that s not for me to worry about These come in treat form so you can use this as a high reward when training by breaking off small pieces to reward your pooch Lamb lung treats may be a little harder to find but Merrick is one brand that makes them

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to the Sponsored by Guardian Alarm DUCK FEET These treats are also a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin and are easy to chew They work well for seniors and dogs with arthritis This treat ranges in size from 5 to 7 inches long and can be bought individually or by the bag J PIG EARS SNOUTS If these treats taste anything like bacon I guess we can sort of understand why our dogs like these Pig ears and snouts can be found at your local pet store and may be slightly less offensive than some of the other gross treats your dog may love Some things to keep in mind when giving your dogs any of these treats Make sure they are made and sourced in the U S A As you are probably aware there have been many issues with treats made in China To be safe research a brand before you buy to make sure the ingredients are natural and don t contain chemicals or additives unebug and Barkley are retired racers from tracks in Alabama Junebug was very fearful and timid of everything when she arrived at her furever home The brindle Greyhound also had urinary health issues and separation anxiety Adopters Hope and John said Junebug was also stubborn difficult and didn t seek human affection Three months later along came Barkley who helped Junebug become the dog she was meant to be Barkley s sweet and gentle personality lets Junebug take the lead But this black and white Greyhound will steal food if given the opportunity And he hoards his toys Both dogs have come a long way since their 2017 adoption from Erie Shore Greyhound Adoption of Ohio and enjoy snuggling car rides and trips to their favorite park in Brunswick You should always supervise your dog when they are eating any of these treats Many can become choking hazards Watch your dog s digestion and elimination habits after consumption Some of these items may be too rich for sensitive stomachs A lot of these treats are very high in calories If you are watching your dog s weight offer these treats sparingly Ann McDonald is a writer dog foster and dog mom to two rescue dogs You can find her writing about her dogs dog friendly activities and dog rescue at dogsinthecle com March April 2019 CLEDOG net 17

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TS R O P S G O D E L C P INNA stlake e Now Open in W d right 1006 Crocker Roa off I 90 is on Entrance e of North sid ight All Pro Fre d performance ning for home an ing all levels of trai Offer GILITY COMPETITION A F O LS E V C AGILITY TRIALS LE K A LL A S E S SS N O LA TI C A E DAYTIM PUPPY FOUND CE EVENING N IE D E B O N O TI COMPETI 33 7 5733 966 216 1 9 6 3 0 4 4 o m s c pinna cledog sport 18 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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CLE DOG turns 2 March april A NIGHT AT STUDIO 54 REVERSE RAFFLE Saturday March 23 6 30 11 30 p m at Woodside Event Center at St Michael s 5025 Mills Road Broadview Hts This 2nd annual event put on by the Friends of the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter features a 3 000 grand prize with dinner open bar raffle ticket and more for 95 per person Visit fccas org for info PUCKS PAWS Sunday March 24 3 p m at the Cleveland Monsters vs Hershey Bears hockey game at Quicken Loans Arena 1 Center Ice Cleveland This 11th annual event allows dogs at the game Human tickets 20 and dog tickets 6 which benefits Cleveland APL Visit groups theqarena com paws for more info RALLY TO THE RESCUE Saturday March 30 11 a m 3 p m at Midway Mall 3433 Midway Mall Elyria This 7th annual super adoption event features rescue groups and their adoptables pet vendors raffles a rainbow bridge a blessing of the pets kids activities Lorain County K 9 police dogs and a free child ID program all sponsored by Lorain County Pit Crew and Partners With Paws of Lorain County Inc For more info visit loraincountypitcrew org 8th ANNUAL FUR FUN 5K DOG WALK Sunday April 28 9 a m 12 p m at Avon Lake High School 175 Avon Belden Road Avon Lake Event includes a 5K run at 9 a m with our without your dog and a group dog walk at 10 a m Fleet Feet gift card and medal to top winners in each age division Visit loveastraydog com for more info and to register for the dog walk and hermescleveland com to register for the 5K Two years ago 14 in dog years we launched Northeast Ohio s only dog magazine and since then we ve featured tripawds therapy dogs a canine model Hurricane Florence transplants patio pups search and rescue dogs paddle boarding pooches and that s just the four leggeds Enjoy a look back at our 20 previous covers as we look forward to many more years of educating entertaining and informing you the active dog owners in the CLE HOLIDAYS March If Pets had Thumbs Day March 3 Professional Pet Sitters Week March 3 9 K 9 Veterans Day March 13 National Puppy Day March 23 Every Day is Tag Day April 7 National Dog Fighting Awareness Day April 8 National Pet Day April 11 Pet Owners Independence Day April 18 Bulldogs are Beautiful Day April 21 April National Lost Dog Awareness Day April 23 National Heartworm Awareness Month National Kids and Pets Day April 26 National Pet First Aid Awareness Month World Veterinary Day April 28 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month National Pet Parent s Day April 29 Prevention of Lyme Disease in Dogs Month National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day April 30 Thank you Karen Mark March April 2019 CLEDOG net 19

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