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Iyman Solaiman            9-20-16

Iwao Takamoto

i chose to write about Iwao Takamoto because he is an inspiration to me. Iwao was hierd by many diffrent animation studios. His only form of schooling in the animation field was in Manzanar War Relocation Center where he took a beginners art couse! Iwao sketched for amusement but this hobby got him hired into prestigious animation companys such as, Disney and Hanna Barbera.


Iwao Takamoto is concidered a pioneer in animation because he has worked on many animated features and has worked on many animated charecters. Animator Scott Shaw worked with Iwao and said "He wasn't a cartoonist like the way most cartoonists are. He took the work very seriously".

In 1961 Iwao left Disney and went to work for Hanna-Barbera. There he created many animated charecters such as Penelope Pitstop, The Jetsons, Family Dog Astro, Atom Ant, and one of the most memorable animated charecters, Scooby Doo. The first animated movie he directed was Charlotte's Web


April 29,1925 Iwao Takamoto was born. His early years were somewhat uneventful but when he graduated Thomas Jefferson Highschool class of 1942, his family was quikly taken to Manzanar War Relocation center because a second world war erupted and all japanese were considered the enemy, even those who immigrated or were born in America! During his time in Manzanar he learned the basics of drawing. It had been a long 3 years but he and his family were finnally released.

In 1996 he recived the Winsor Mc. Cay Lifetime Achievement Award from ASIFA Hollywood. in 2005 he storyborded Tom&Jerry. Unfortunately on January 8,2007 Iwao died of heart failier in his home town Los Angeles. His death came soon after Joe Barbera. He survived by is wife Barbara, his son Michael, and his step daughter Leslie.

But is 1947 Iwao got his big break, he was hired by Disney! Despite have no resume he was hired on the basis of two notebooks full of sketches. During his time at Disney he worked on movies such as Lady And The Tramp, and 101 Dalmations. But in the early 1960's Disney was cutting back on animated features, he decided to take a chance.


1925- Iwao Takamoto is born

          Worst tornado in US. history hits Missouri 


1939- WWII Starts



1942- Iwao Graduates High School


          Immediately taken to War Relocation Camp


1945- WWII Ends


          Iwao leaves war camp



1947- Hired by Disney


          First Televised World Series



1961- Left Disney and went to work for Hanna-Barbera


         John F. Kennedy Elected as President 



1969- Scooby Doo was Created


          Apollo 11 Astronauts walk on the Moon




1992- Recived the Winsor Mc.Cay Life Time Achievement Award from ASIFA Hollywood



2007- Iwao Takamoto dies at age 81





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