Engaging Leaders
Leadership Development Course
Delegates will gain the skills, understanding
and tools to be even more engaging
leaders who:
are engaged with the goals of their
are committed to engaging, inspiring
and developing their people
deliver highly efficient and effective
organisational outcomes
Our extensive experience of developing and leading an engaged
workforce has proven that, to develop a truly engaged and high
performing organisation, requires engaging leaders at every level.
However, research shows that junior leaders can be some of the most
disengaged employees within a workforce. This presents a significant
challenge to improving levels of employee engagement and
organisational outcomes, especially as these leaders are usually greater in number and have the
most influence on the wider workforce.
Experience tells us that to achieve effective development outcomes with leaders who are
disengaged and more operationally focused, you will need to demonstrate credibility in order to
earn their trust and respect.
With all these considerations at the forefront of our design, we have developed the Engaging
Leaders course, a course that is delivered with passion, by an experienced and inspiring team of
understand the individual and organisational
benefits of being a more engaging leader
identify the leadership attributes and
behaviours necessary to develop an engaged
and high performing team
develop, communicate and embed an
inspiring vision
understand how to reduce misunderstandings
and conflict through increased understanding
of themselves and others
demonstrate the key methods of
developmental coaching through practical
peer to peer coaching
prepare and manage difficult coaching
identify the benefits of storytelling as a key
leadership behaviour
recognise the importance of personal
demonstrate ways of managing their own
fully understand their personality type and
how their attitudes and behaviours may
impact on others
identify the personality types of others in
order to more effectively motivate, influence,
inspire and develop their people
understand the importance of embracing
diversity of personal styles in developing
highly effective teams
Prior to the course, each delegate will complete an online evaluation. From
these we will produce detailed personality profiles. These profiles will be
introduced on day 2 and referred to for the remainder of the course.
On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
‘Since completing
the course, I now see
myself as a Leader
rather than a manager.’
The Engaging Leaders course is run over 4 days and is designed so that each day builds on the
previous day’s learning. Maximum number of delegates per course is 15.
Delegates will be provided with time to capture their learning at the conclusion of each day, which
they will build into a full developmental action plan during the last session of the course.
The final day will begin by exploring the importance of leadership resilience. At the end of this
session the delegates will have a better understanding of the causes and impact of not being
resilient. They will also have explored a number of innovative approaches to help them to
manage their own levels of resilience.
The following session will explore the power of storytelling in delivering effective messages
and link to the academic research regarding neuroscience.
To conclude the final day, the delegates will spend time reflecting on their daily learning logs
and create an individual developmental action plan. It is proposed that these action plans will
be discussed with their line managers at their next one-to-one meeting.
Having explored the delegates coaching experience, the morning session will focus on the
necessary listening and communication skills required and will provide the delegates with a
number of innovative approaches/models for the delegates to explore.
The morning session will conclude with a series of exercises on how best to coach some of the
more challenging individual personality traits, which the delegates may face within their teams.
The delegates will then undertake a series of coaching sessions with their fellow delegates,
addressing some of the development areas identified within their individual Insights’ profiles.
The groups will be observed by our facilitators, who will provide feedback and support where
Day two will be delivered by our Insights Discovery practitioner who, through a series of
presentations, group discussions and innovative team exercises, will help the delegates to
develop a clear understanding of their strengths and over-played strengths, their individual
leadership style and the impact it may have on others. They will also explore how their individual
personality/leadership traits could be interpreted differently by other personality types.
During day one, the delegates will complete group exercises to explore both the positive and
negative attributes and behaviours of an engaging leader. To assist them in these exercises our
head facilitator, Glenn Tunstall, will present his case study ‘Trendy 2b Negative’. This is a fun and
inspiring case study of how Glenn led Kingston Police to become one of the highest performing
and most engaged policing commands in the country. The day will conclude with the delegates
agreeing a course definition for the leader they wish to be.
‘I was unsure whether
4 days out of my busy
week would be worth it,
but happy to say
it is the best course
I have ever attended!’
‘Whilst I was confident that Glenn and the Merida team would deliver a course that challenged the
current thinking of my leadership team, the positivity of the feedback, about all aspects of the course,
from both junior and senior managers surprised me. My team returned from the course motivated,
inspired and equipped with a better understanding of how to get the best out of their teams. I would
highly recommend Glenn and the Merida team to any organisation that is looking to develop a more
engaged and effective leadership team.’
Heather Laing | Deputy Director | UK Visas and Immigration |UK Home Office
‘I approached this course with trepidation and a feeling of “deja vu” as I had been on so many
management courses in the past, most of which had failed to inspire me. However, I was proved wrong
on all accounts.’
‘Glenn and the team ran the course with a real positive energy and enthusiasm that was contagious.
The course was engaging and fun, it had new session styles which I hadn’t experienced before which
really got people working together and reflecting upon themselves. Since completing the course, I
now see myself as a Leader rather than a manager.’
‘The facilitators were all amazing. Their passion in seeing our organisation develop is inspiring. They
each presented their wealth of knowledge in an informative interesting and educational manner which
left me motivated.’
'Trainers and facilitators were fantastic, knowledgeable and there was a fun side to everything. I
learned so much on every day of the course and I feel totally inspired and re-energised to become the
leader that I now know that I should be.'
'I think I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed this course. I was unsure whether 4 days out of my
busy week would be worth it, but happy to say it is the best course I have ever attended!’
‘Without exception the most enjoyable, beneficial and professionally led course I have ever been on!
The facilitators enthusiasm is infectious! All aspects of the course had a genuine purpose rather than
a means of padding. Outstanding course!’
'One of the best courses I’ve attended in over 31 years in the Civil Service. It was thought provoking
and reinvigorated my passion in leading my team.'
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