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A campaign that could save your life. 

It Can Wait.

The "It Can Wait" campaign was launched in 2010 by AT&T after an outstanding average of 1.6 million automobile crashes a year in the U.S are caused by distracted driving on a cellphone. That is 1 out of 4 people being injured or killed because someone couldn't wait to send a text or answer a call while operating a vehicle.

The It Can Wait campaign already has over 8 million signatures pledging they will not drive distracted. The pledge states "I pledge to care for those around me and put my phone down when I'm driving. I pledge to share the message: distracted driving is never ok. I pledge to be aware that I'm never alone on the road." It is a strong message that when it is signed, is upholding you responsible for your actions when you get behind the wheel. People spread the campaign by writing "It Can Wait." on their palm and uploading it to different forms of social media.

To give a broader perspective on how dangerous being on your phone while drivimg is, research states that it is 6 times more dangerous to text and drive than drunk driving. This campaign has given people a bigger picture of how glancing down for 5 seconds could end yours or someone else's life. In order to insure you keep yourself and others around you safe on the road, silence your phone and spread awareness of the It Can Wait cmpaign.