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That text message will be there when you get to your destination. If you check it now, you might not be there.

that text message you just got? It's your friend. She's ranting about her boyfriend Josh. AGAIN. But you don't know that. BING. Another text message. It's from your Boyfriend, Todd. He want's to know what your plans are for Saturday. But you don't know that. Because you took the pledge. One of the leading causes of teen deaths is because someone answered her best friend and told her how if she feels Josh is cheating to just to dump him, or telling Todd that you have a family reunion. "OMG Beck if u have a prob w/ Josh just du-"

It can wait. It can wait is a foundation created to prevent texting and driving. Estimated 2180527 people have taken the pledge, including myself.

It is now ILLEGAL to have your phone on you on the road. In the state of South Carolina, you could possibly lose your liscence, as well as get a very pricey ticket

IT CAN WAIT is helping save lives. But don't get confused. ADULTS ARE NOT INNOCENT OF THIS VIOLATION. Adults are also to blame for a text/drive situation. Don't be the one to kill yourself or another for that text, email, phone call or facebook post. It can wait.