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It Can Wait

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Distracted Driving is NEVER OK!

    AT&T It Can Wait is a driving campaign designed to promote no texting and driving. It started in 2010 with raising awareness, then changing over to taking action by visiting schools and communities delivering messages in key geographic markets, providing interactive driving simulations. It is highly encouraged to make a pledge not to text and drive on their website. 

Distracted Driving is NEVER OK!

Unfortunately, No texting and Driving is not a statewide law. 40% of teens claim to have been in the car while someone was texting and driving. Over 341,000  motor vehicle crashes due to texting and driving were reported in 2013. YOU can put a stop to this by pledging to not text and drive. Join the 5 million others who already have.

AT&T It Can Wait has two main goals: reduce the number of automobile crashes caused by texting while driving and spur advocacy to show that texting and driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving. By texting while driving, you aren't just putting yourself in danger, but those in the car with you and the people in the cars surrounding you. NO TEXT IS WORTH A LIFE.