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It Can Wait!

Keep your eyes on the road and off your phone,

It could save a life!

Approximately 5,000 people in the us die a year from texting and driving. The "It Can Wait Campaign" wants to help end that. The pledge photo is a way to show the world that you never plan to drive distracted again. Help share the message that you're never alone on the road by creating and sharing your pledge photo.

11 teens die everyday from texting and driving. In 2008 it was reported that 1 in 6 fatal car crashes are a result of distracted driving. 95 percent of drivers disapprove of distracted driving, yet 75 percent engage in distracted driving. These are only 3 examples of how dangerous distracted driving is, and there are so much more.

Remember, distracted driving is never okay! You're never alone on the road, even when you're alone in your car. Join millions in the campaign to show your never alone by taking the pledge.

*Care for those around you and put your phone down while driving.

*Share the message that distracted driving is never okay

*Be aware that you're never alone on the road