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By Jacob Caldwell

The It Can Wait Campaign

From AT&T

The It Can Wait campaign began in 2010 to help people understand that distractions such as smartphones are not safe to use while driving.

As a result of their efforts, many states such as South Carolina have outlawed texting and driving and law enforcment is cracking down on those who use their phone while driving.

The purpose of this campaign is to make others aware of the harm of distractions while driving. 

According to this campaign flyer, most teen drivers are aware of people who text while they drive



Also, nearly half of people admitted to texting while driving and two out of five people use social media while driving

According to, "more than 431,000 crashes a year" are caused by distracted driving, and a leading factor of distracted driving is phone usage.

The It Can Wait campaign has a distracted driving simulator that shows people who use the simulator the dangers of driving with distractions.

By pledging to the It Can Wait campaign and promising to not use a phone for texting or social media while driving, one can help to prevent car crashes as a result of distracted driving.