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It Can Wait Campaign


 This campaign was created in the year 2010 by AT&T due to the number of car accidents that have happened becuase of touch screen phones. Lately people have been doing more than just texting. They are now using various social media, video chatting, and web surfing. 

In return AT&T has created an app to silence your phone from oncoming messages and alerts to keep the road ways safer for all. 

Statement: Look at the road and not your phone. 

Mission Statement

This campaign is targeted at everyone who is capable of driving. By creating this campaign many people have come to realize the dangers of texting and driving. But others have not and still do it resulting in the roadways becoming dangerous. 

Target Audience

Laws Created in Result of this Campaign

No actual laws have been put into place becuase laws have already been in place but it truly has not been reinforced like it should be. As a result many states are coming forward to create a national day or month. There are many It Can Wait competitions going on. Many schools have had their students pledge to this. 

Facts on Texting while Driving

8,761,032 have pledged.

Will you join in to help make the roads safer?