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Don't text and drive.

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Don't Drive While InTEXTicated


 By: Savannah Dynan



In 2010, AT&T began a campaign known as It Can Wait, which warns people of the dangers of driving while using a smartphone. The smartphone distractions include, but do not limit to, texting, social media, web surfing, video chatting, etc. Last summer, a simulation was shown around the nation to help people understand that driving and smartphone usage is a dangerous combination. The AT&T DriveMode® app silences smartphones so that the driver focuses on the road. 

The focus heading of It Can Wait is to eliminate destracted driving to save more lives and prevent tragedies.

AT&T's Campaign



Alyssa Simon & Kylee McMullen state "Our Goal is to educate all wireless users, especially teen drivers, on the risks of texting while driving. AT&T is committed to putting an end to the behavior and our message is simple, yet vital: When it comes to texting and driving, IT CAN WAIT." This means that the goal is to raise awarness of how  dangerous it is to text, or do anything smartphone related, while driving and to put an end to it in anyway possible. It also sates that teens are most likly to engaged in this behavior.


Their mission statement



At one of the It Can Wait meetings, Bonita Jacobs, the president of University of North Georgia, acknowledged Drive 4 Pledges Day on September 19. This day dedicates to Caleb Sorohan, one of the students who tragically died in December of 2009, all because of texting while driving.  Jacobs decided to join the It Can Wait Movement.


Much of Sorohan’s family went to the event. His grandma, Sallie Sorohan commenced to illegalize texting and driving in Georgia. This is known as Caleb’s Law, which was passed and signed six months after.



Caleb's Law


If you text and drive you will no longer be alive.

The text you send while driving may be the last text  you will ever send as it can cost you your life.

the text! 

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