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"Keep your eyes in the road, not the







By: Hailey Bochette









   -In 2010, AT&T started the It Can Wait Campaign.



  -It's goal is to get people to pledge to always have your


eyes on the road when driving and not on your phone.

















   -With today's technologies, it is becoming easier to


communicate with others. It can vary from Facebook,


Instagram, Twitter, or a simple text. Because of this, drivers-


more directly, teens and milenials- are getting distracted


from the road to look at their notifications. This causes severe


wrecks and injuries each year.



   -This campaign focuses on young drivers to never text


and drive; "No life is worth losing over a text or call while


driving somewhere."


Laws and Legislations




  Drive Mode


    -AT&T has been abale to launch an app that Android and Apple users can use. It silences notifications and auto-replies when the driver can't respond. 


   -It has recieved more than 10 million downloads.



  Laws in South Carolina


   -Child Passenger Safety

         -Requires car seats for infans and children based on age, weight, and height.

         -Requires that all children sit in the back seat.



   -Distracted Driving

         -Bans cell phone use by novice and school bus drivers.


   -Graduated Driver Licensing

         -Bans cell phone use by novice drivers

         -Resrtrict night time driving while having a drivers permit.

         -Resrtictions on the number of passengers during the time that the driver has a drivers permit.



   -Drunk Driving

         -Ignition interlock law that requires all or some convicted druck drivers to install interlocks in their cars to analyze their breath.










How To Support




~Advertise the campaign through social


media and sites using the #ItCanWait



~Go to the website and take


the pledge not to text and drive 



~Download the tool kit from the


website to spread the word of how dangerous it


is behind the wheel.



~Encourage people in your community to save


a life by putting their cell phones and other


hand-held devices while they are driving 



~Host a community fun-run to raise awareness


to the cause of the campaign 



~Show it off by wearing a costumized shirt of


the campaign