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The It Can Wait campaign began in 2010, when smartphone, began to become a huge ditraction. This lead to AT&T launchin an app, that help the driver stay focused on the road. The app allows the driver to be foucused on the road, while driving. When the user recieves a text message or phone call, the app auto replies. It send a text message to the people trying to contact you, to let them know that you can not talk right now because you are driving. 

When and where did it alll begin?

The It Can Wait Campaign, gives parents a sense of mind, when their teens begin to drive. The campaign has began to evolve as smartphones being a driving distractions, has grown beyond texting .When driving, people now decide to use social media, serach the web, video chat, and much more. Even though you may think that it is cool to text and drive, do you think that it is cool to injure or kill someone when driving?

What is it?

In 2014, more than 500 It Can Wait events and engagements took place around teh country. Many of these events took place in September, leading up to the annual national day of action on Septerber 19th. These events adn engagements included writing contest with high schools, statement of unity signings, social media events and more. During these events AT&T brought a texting-while-driving simulator to 128 stops in2014. This allowed almost 8,000 people to experience the dangers of texting and driving first hand. 

How do they help the community?

Over the last couple years, AT&T have been working with state and local officials to issue proclamations that recognize the dangers of smartphone use while driving. This includes the declaring of April as Distracted Driving Awarness Month, deeming September 19th as Drive 4 Pledges Day. It Can Wait  is approved by mayors and governors around the country.

What is their proclamation?