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MEDIA PACKA printed and online magazine for Medway, published monthly.your local magazineFROMwhat’s on · community news · local services · lifestyleoveLit’s the

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Rochester | Issue 1 | June 2019 www.itsthebiz.co10-13 July 2019 – see back coverDecks, hats, caravans, curtains and more…All the local biz that matters… FREEit’s theWINWIN A FAMILY PORTRAIT from Love Lane Photographysee page 13ROCHESTER CASTLE CONCERTSITB01 Artwork.indd 1 16/05/2019 09:30GAMING, DRAWING, DICKENS & DEL BOY…it’s theit’s theTHE TROTTERS COMETO ROCHESTERThe local biz for Rochester | Issue 2 | August 2019see centre pagesPhoto: Gino CinganelliFREEBEERfacts & quizseepage 18ITB02 Artwork.indd 1 02/08/2019 08:43LAUREN’SLITTLEMAKESFREEit’s theFREEit’s theKEEP THEBELLS RINGINGLOCKDOWNHOME OFFICESee pages 10-11MAKESSeepage25LOCKDOWNHOME OFFICEWHAT’S IT BEEN LIKE IN THESee pages 12-14Help raise £100,000!BELLS, OFFICES, CROCHET, WEDDINGS & THE MOON…The local biz for Rochester | Issue 3ITB03 Artwork.indd 1ITB03 Artwork.indd 1 22/06/2020 11:2022/06/2020 11:20it’s theWINM ur newMILKMAN£15 iTunes voucherWIN Paramedic Chrischildren’s booksPROHIBITION, YOGA, BOTTLES & RAINBOWS…The local biz for Rochester | Issue 4 | September 2020Greg Smith’s milk round!Milkin’ MedwaySee page 5See page 10See page 10ROCHESTERFREEWINMILKMANMILKMANMILKMAN£15 iTunes voucherWIN Paramedic Chrischildren’s booksPROHIBITION, YOGA, BOTTLES & RAINBOWS…The local biz for Rochester | Issue 4 | September 2020Greg Smith’s milk round!Milkin’ MedwaySee page 5See page 10ROCHESTERITB04 Artwork.indd 1ITB04 Artwork.indd 1 17/08/2020 07:1717/08/2020 07:17Love Medway (previously called It’s The Biz) is a free, monthly, full-colour A5 magazine. Up to 10,000 copies are distributed to homes and businesses in Medway. The magazine is also stocked at places like railway stations, libraries, shops and cafés. Advertising rates are highly competitive, but the design is polished and the printing is high quality. Most importantly, the magazine has personality – it’s not a phone book of tightly-crammed ads; it has an editorial voice and a fun and lively appearance.Contents include local stories about business, community and charity activities. There are feature articles from local writers, as well as lifestyle features including food, home, shopping and health. There’s a regular listing of what’s on in Medway and ideas for things to do locally. Plus regular features including horoscopes, puzzles and entertainment recommendations.Yur lc magzinAn online magazine too!Growing in circulation, now up to 10,000 across MedwayAdvertising for local services plus news and lifestyle

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Love Medway is a colourful magazine full of interesting features and useful services; promoting business and supporting the local economy and community.Growing in circulation, now up to 10,000 across MedwayLOCAL ADVERTISING…AND MUCH MOREFull coverage for community groups plus arts and eventsoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveL3

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oveLr buinesWhy choose Love Medway?#KeepItMedway Love Medway is published by It’s The Biz Limited, a local company registered in Chatham with a team working in Rochester. With competitive pricing for printed advertising and added extras inlcuding design, online and social media coverage.COMMUNITY The company also runs Rochester Local Heroes, which recognises the kindness of people in our community.SERVICES It’s The Biz also offer design services and are launching an events brand: Hatter’s Events.PERSONALITY & CONTEXT Love Medway brings personality to advertising, where possible giving a face and a story to each contribution. It shouldn’t be a phone book of numbers, it should tell your story.WHAT’S THE STORY?Love Medway is a free, monthly, glossy publication which is distributed to residential and business addresses around Medway and available to pick up from selected locations.The magazine aims to differ from other free mags, adding extra promotional value by bringing the feature material and the advertisers together to engage the readers – your potential new customers. In addition there are local interest stories, community news, what’s on, things to do, puzzles and prize competitions.You can place a traditional advert and have the option boost it with an article. You can publish a whole advertorial feature, between one and four pages; or even sponsor a whole edition of the magazine!WE’RE GROWINGInitially produced for Rochester only, we are now working on getting the magazine further into all of the Medway Towns, via a combination of door to door delivery and pick-up points. GET NOTICEDWhat could interest the readers and get your business noticed?Do you have a story about your company, or the people who work there, that could make interesting reading? Or maybe some useful advice or information about your profession, trade or industry. Special offers, vouchers and competitions are great ways to connect with customers.For a low price, you can promote your business with advertising in tandem with engaging features. Turn readers into your customers!AMAZING VALUEPrices start from as little as £24 for a small display ad in one edition. There’s also a chance to get a discount, by booking for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months. Plus a low-cost option of line ads (text only).If you’ve been thinking of conducting a leaflet drop, why not consider placing a full page ad in Love Medway instead? £396 gets your ad designed, printed and distributed to up to 10,000 addresses – great value compared to a traditional drop.See page 6 for all rates. It’s The Biz has been such a great help when starting up my business, really helping me with some advertising. A great free local publication.FOOTPRINTS REFLEXOLOGYI would definitely recommend It’s The Biz to anyone looking for advertising for their business or artwork designed and printed.SOS ENTERTAINMENTIt’s The Biz even turned me into a meme! The mag is certainly getting more and more recognised across the area. I have already had several customers comment about it when I ask how they found me. Would recommend giving it a go.BEES KNEES PLUMBING4

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supermodelYOU CAN BE Alifestyle.net16supermodelEVER WONDERED WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A MODEL?Now you can find out, courtesy of Rochester Studios, who are offering the Supermodel Experience this Christmas.From the moment you arrive you will be transported into the world of modelling in a busy, professional studio. To achieve your best, “cover star” look, we have some talented local artists to style your hair and perfect your make-up. A dresser will be assigned to help you look amazing in your best outfits, in preparation for the shoot.FABULOUS, DARLING!While you become fabulous, we will supply Champagne, soft drinks, snacks, tea and coffee. Once you have achieved the right look, one of our professional photographers will be ready to capture it with exactly the right lighting and state of the art camera equipment in our studio. During the shoot, a professional model will be on hand to direct you and make sure you look your best and strike the right poses when in front of the camera.The ideal Christmas gift: experience what it’s like to be a supermodel in a professional photography studio. With the help of an experienced model and a hair and make up artist, a Rochester Studios photographer will document this incredible day with a set of unique photos.lifestyleTWO SHOOTS!But that’s not all! After your first incredible look has been captured for posterity, it’s back to the stylists for a new look and a change of outfit, before returning to the studio for a second shoot.A PERFECT GIFTThis is a great gift experience, ideal for Christmas or a birthday – or you could even treat yourself! The lucky recipient can come to Rochester Studios and find out for themselves what it’s like to be a fashion model for the day.supermodelRESERVATION COUPONPlease send to: Rochester Studios Limited, Ground Floor, The Lions Brewery, Hulkes Lane, Rochester ME11EEA deposit of £100 is required with the balance of £100 payable on the dayYou can register your interest using this form, or by calling 07977 750061 or using the online form at Will this be a gift? cIs the supermodel over 18? cMale c Female cNAMEADDRESSEMAILPHONEThe gift package costs £200 and includes five prints from the shoot included in the price and online access to all the images, downloadable at £3 each.This experience is available to anyone, however those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.Limited spaces are available so book now. The gift recipient will receive a special Experience Certificate and they can arrange a convenient date and time for the shoot.17COVER PROMOTIONThis front cover promoted the Supermodel For A Day offer from Rochester Studios. The centre page spread advertorial describes the photographic experience and a special page on was set up to receive enquiries registering interest.LIFESTYLE FEATUREAn item that conveys factual information about the particular activity, while promoting the specific business, with the advertising featured on the same page. Located in the “lifestyle” section of the magazine along with other health-related items.NEWS FEATURECountryside Properties advertised the Rochester Riverside development with a traditional advert on the facing page, and a “news update” report on the left-hand side, to flesh out the offer and add extra photographic material. It also serves the purpose of genuine news interest, as a major infrastructure development in the area.Since the works began, a previously unused site situated on the banks of the River Medway has changed beyond recognition, bringing a rst wave of much-needed new houses, apartments and amenities to the area as part of a wider 12-year programme designed to deliver 1,400 homes and community facilities. The development recently secured planning permission for its third phase, which will see the creation of a further 171 homes, comprised of 128 apartments and 43 houses, a large park, and an additional section of the new river walk. Earlier this year, the primary school at Rochester Riverside received planning approval, with construction works expected to commence in Spring 2021. The school will add to the Rochester Riverside: a ourishing new community in the heart of MedwayIt’s been nearly three years since we broke ground on the rst three phases of Rochester Riverside, Medway’s £419 million landmark regeneration scheme, delivered by Countryside and Hyde, one of the largest housing associations in the country.range of facilities already available to residents, including a Co-op supermarket on their doorstep and Costa Coffee. Another recent addition, a new landscaped public plaza, creates an inviting entrance to the development from Rochester station, located a three-minute walk from the development, making it a desirable place to live for commuters.Last year, Travelodge opened the second of its three hotels in Kent at Rochester Riverside, oering a total of 81 rooms driven by demand from tourists from across the UK and Europe, drawn to this waterside town because of its cultural oering, including the annual Dickensian Festival and regular concerts at Rochester Castle. Despite the uncertainty triggered by the global pandemic, Rochester Riverside has seen continuous interest, particularly from families, with three dierent types of three-bedroom home – The Horsted, The Shellduck and The Darland – all selling out this year. As buyers from the surrounding area and Londoners looking for more space continue to ock to Rochester to get more value for their money and access to state-of-the-art amenities, we’ve seen consistent interest in our four-bedroom semi-detached houses with uninterrupted views over the River Medway, starting from £585,000.We look forward to creating further new homes and facilities for this picturesque Kentish town as part of our wider vision to rmly establish Rochester among the most sought-after places to live in the South-East. PrortyTo learn more about Rochester Riverside, call 01634 776925, visit or email rochester.riverside@cpplc.com8.netThe Basic Benets of Yoga HethWell, not like I think it’s all rubbish - I just don’t understand it and the way it’s written sometimes.I’ve been practicing Yoga for about 8 years now, and here’s what I’ve discovered whilst learning all about Yoga…At the risk of categorising myself in the ‘basic’ division… I need it to be broken down into very, VERY simple terms.(If you join me for a class, I promise to NEVER speak in Yoga mumbo-jumbo terms. I’ll always be straight with you).If you’re like me, and you like things kept simple, short and to the point, I’ve outlined the top four benets that I truly believe EVERYONE will nd within a physical Yoga practice.BENEFIT 1: SLEEPI am one grumpy chick if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, and since I’ve been practicing Yoga on the regular, I sleep like the sleepiest of babies. Who knew that deep breathing and stretching your body could help you sleep so soundly that you don’t even remember your own dreams?If you struggle to fall asleep, or get a solid few hours, a little wiggle on your Yoga mat could be just what you need!BENEFIT 2: MOBILITYOne of the rst things that new Yogis always notice is that the body starts to feel comfortable again, and personally, I nd it odd to wake up without aches and pains after so many years of thinking that’s just something I had to accept.It’s nice not to say “ooooooh” when you stand up and sit down, and for the aches in my hips and Do you ever read Yoga articles and think it’s a load of mumbo jumbo? Here’s a secret…so do I!For more information or to discussthe most suitable class for you,contact Leah via! Yoga Flow with Leah$ @yogaflowwithleahwww.yogaflowwithleah.comStudio and Virtual Yoga ClassesNow Available!SAVE 10% on your first booking with checkout code: itsthebizon your first booking with checkout code: itsthebiz14.netSupermodelfor a day!it’s theIDEAL GIFTEnjoy the full experience in a professional photography studio. Hair, make-up, styling and a full shoot at Rochester Studios. The perfect Christmas gift!See centre pagesRochester | Issue 5 | October 2020www.itsthebiz.netoveL5

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2 34 57 6SIZES & PRICESA BBCC DDEEFG HWIDE RANGE OF PRICESPages are made up of a 3-column grid, and the advertising space comprises 12 blocks per page.You can take a single block or two, three, four, six, eight, nine or twelve blocks. These sizes are denoted by letters: A=1 up to H=12. B, C, D and E can be configured in different shapes as shown. Discount for 3, 6 or 12 month bookings.SIZES (width x height in mm)A: 40x44; B horizontal: 85x44; B vertical: 40x92; C horizontal: 129x44; C vertical: 40x140; D square: 85x92; D vertical: 40x188; E horizontal: 129x92; E vertical: 85x140; F: 85x188; G: 129x140; H: 129x188; H full bleed: 148x210+3mm bleed.LINE ADSFor a low cost advertising option, take a 12 month line ad listing (black text only, up to six lines) for £120 per year or £180 per year for highlighted text.ONLINE AND IN PRINTLove Medway magazine is available online and in print, with copies available to pick up from, libraries, shops, cafés, etc.ONLINE, SOCIALS, DESIGNIncluded in the price is a listing online at plus social media posts and ad design.-5% -10% -15%A £40 £114 £216 £408B £72 £204 £384 £732C £104 £294 £558 £1056D £136 £387 £732 £1380E £201 £570 £1080 £2040F £266 £756 £1434 £2712G £298 £849 £1608 £3036H £396 £1128 £2136£4032SIZE 1 MONTH 3 MONTH 6 MONTH 12 MONTHADVERTISING | @LoveMedwayMag | | #LoveMedway

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communityRochester’s litter pickers… cleaning with meaningLauren Clark tells us about Cleaning With Meaning – the litter picking group she has formed to clean up the streets of RochesterI started the litter pick days a few months ago after I saw a lady picking up rubbish with a picker whilst I was walking along the Rochester esplanade. The river can be such a calming place to live on but so many people spoil the view by littering. I went straight home, ordered my litter picker and went out by myself. My pledge of an hour turned into two very quickly. I posted my efforts onto the Medway community group and had such a brilliant response. I have now set up a group litter pick event each month to build awareness of what’s happening to Rochester and the Medway towns if we don’t play our part. This Sunday we had some lovely people join in, it was a good opportunity to meet new people within the local area; we had a couple who recently moved from London into Chatham who joined us as an opportunity to be part of the community and help keep Rochester tidy. We had so many lovely comments from local people, thanking us and giving smiles of admiration. We covered the vines park, Rochester Castle grounds, the park by the marina , the esplanade car park and parts of the High Street.David Luck, one of the partners of Chuck and Blade Burgers In Rochester High Street, offered to provide refreshments and a generous discount on a signature burger after we finished. They were delicious! David is also very passionate about keeping Rochester tidy, we will continue to build on awareness and with time we could have groups all over the Medway towns litter picking every weekend.LAUREN CLARKPictures show myself, Tom, Lauren, Steve, Chris, Emese, Kate, George and JennIf you’d like to take part in future litter picks, search Facebook for the Cleaning With Meaning groupWHAT’S THE MOST COMMON LITTER ON OUR STREETS?Data on the most commonly found types of litter was recorded as part of Keep Britain Tidy’s Litter in England survey. In 2018, smoking-related litter was the most commonly found type of litter (79% of sites), followed by confectionery packs (60%), non-alcoholic drinks-related (52%) and fast food-related (33%).WHERE CAN I GET HOLD OF LITTER PICKING EQUIPMENT?Keep Britain Tidy recommend the Helping Hand Company, who provide a range of pickers and hoops. You can find out more at Keep Britain Tidy was founded in 1954. They educate, innovate and inspire, to eliminate litter now and for future generations. www.keepbritaintidy.org21PICK ME UP! Could your premises be a pick-up point for the magazine? If you have room to be a stockist, please get in touch.Medway Asthma Self-Help, or MASH, is a charity that supports Medway people with managing their asthma. One of our volunteers is determined to raise £1,000 for the charity by Christmas – and she is well on the way to achieving that. Our volunteer, Wendy Palmer, set herself the challenge in order to support MASH during the dicult time of lockdown, when the charity's services are needed more than ever for Medway people with asthma. She has planned a series of online quizzes to raise the money and they are attracting quizzers from across the country. Wendy, who loves a poem, wrote: Medway Asthma Self-Help Volunteer in £1,000 Challenge Wendy’s quizzes of pictures and words, Could be about bees, could be about birds. Ten rounds of ten to tax your brain, Family and friends online once again. Zooming in to help raise some cash, For the wonderful charity that is called MASH. Medway Asthma gives support and advice, Do I hear you ask the price? MASH’s services are free to all, Donations are accepted however small. Wendy has challenged herself to raise a grand, In aid of MASH and for everything it stands. Please join us for her November quiz, For £5 why not give it a whizz? Angela Stokes, MASH’s coordinator, said, ‘ We have worked hard since lockdown to keep our services for Medway people with asthma available. We are continuing with telephone consultations and our outreach online. Wendy’s fundraising for MASH is a fun way of ensuring we are able to keep up our services which are much needed.’ Wendy’s next quiz will be on Friday 20th November at 7pm. If you would like to join the quiz then please call 01634 855844, email, or message MASH via their website: You can also keep up to date on MASH’s events and activities Facebook: @medway.selfhelp and Twitter: @MedwayAsthma. If you’d like to donate to Wendy’s challenge, her fundraising page is: recycling scheme scrappedAsthma patients will be familiar with the various plastic dispensers and pressurised containers which dispense their life-saving medication.73 million respiratory inhalers are prescribed every year in the UK, which cannot be recycled via household collections. The metered dose inhalers (MDIs) contain hydrouorocarbons and produce an estimated carbon footprint equal to 500g of CO2 per dose.In 2011, pharmaceutical rm GSK launched their Complete the Cycle scheme, which allowed users to return their empty inhalers for recycling, whether or not they had been manufactured by GSK. These used inhalers could be dropped o at local chemists such as Boots. This scheme has recycled more than two million inhalers and cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions equivalent to taking around 8,600 cars o UK roads. It was ended by GSK at the end of September.In a statement on their website, GSK say: ” We remain committed to inhaler recovery in the UK. In order to support the ambitious NHS environmental targets to reduce inhaler carbon emissions by 50% over the next ten years, we believe there needs to be a focus on a wider, joint-working approach across industry, rather than our own stand-alone approach. We believe working together will have a bigger environmental impact.”While it’s still possible return inhalers to any pharmacy for environmentally safe disposal, this will be at the expense of the NHS rather than private enterprise.25The BIG Sing has now grown to become a family for all ages. The choirs are open to everyone. You don’t need to have a fantastic singing voice – just bring your enthusiasm. There are no auditions. The weekly rehearsals are very relaxed but most of all fun!The members are people from the local community who have a desire to sing. The BIG Sing gives them the opportunity to be taught by expert tutors, turning the choir into an amazing sound and giving them unique performance opportunities. The songs taught are pop, Motown, contemporary, inspirational, soul, and gospel songs. All with upli ing and motivating lyrics. As The BIG Sing grows, we are continuing to reach out to more people of all ages and backgrounds. We aim to unite people with music and have seen the choir members grow in confidence, experience the thrill of performing on stage, make new friends and belong to a new choir family.Meeting every Monday at St Peter’s Church Parish Centre, Delce Road, Rochester, Kent ME1 2EH, 7-9pm – only £7 per week, pay as you go.Also at Swanley Christ Church URC and Dartford St Edmunds Living Well Centre – find out more at www.big-sing.comIntroducing our brand new charity: The BIG Sing Soul.Music is great for the soul and we want to share our upli ing songs with people who can’t come to us! We are raising money to start choirs in hospitals, schools, and with disabled groups.The BIG Sing is the dream that we have created together. Uniting communities with upli ing and motivating music. The BIG Sing is more than a choir; we are a “family”. So many members have found that the choir helps them through loneliness, depression, grief, illness and we have been growing from strength to strength in number and ability. Together we CAN achieve greatness. Now we are sharing our music with as many people as possible – and the Charity will help us fund choirs for people who need the music the most.Introducing our Available to perform atlocal events – email requests to info@big-sing.comThe BIG Sing CommunityChoir are working hardto show communitysinging at its best!15ITB02 Artwork.indd 15 02/08/2019 08:44COMMUNITY COVERAGEEvery issue of Love Medway features listings for local non-profit groups, clubs and charities. In addition, feature stories tell readers more about their activities. These have included:n Medway Foodbankn Medway Asthma Self-Helpn Parkinson’s UK in Medwayn Friends of Broomhilln The Family Milen FoRCEn The Hygiene Bankn Motor Neurone Diseasen Just Add a Picnicn Samaritansn Emmaus Medwayn Medway Culture Clubn Abigail’s FootstepsoveLWe have closed eight foodbank centres and set up a new delivery system to reduce all the risks. Food parcel requests are sent to us by 150+ agencies that we work with across Medway, eg social services, schools, churches, housing agencies etc. Agencies are aware of those in need from their day-to-day work and are also able to offer support to clients around underlying issues.We then organise deliveries of food parcels to go out to those in need. Our parcels include three meals a day for three days, but we only give out pre-packaged food as we have to store it. We also give out cleaning products and toiletries, as well as nappies and baby milk.As difficult as this period has been for so many, it has been incredible to see the community support. We have had help with deliveries and stock from other brilliant local organisations and companies including British Gas, Graham’s Office Furniture - Chatham, MHS Homes, Paramount Foundation, churches, the mosque, The Hygiene Banks and the local council. We are currently being brilliantly assisted by Citizens Advice Medway who have hired a van to help every day with deliveries – just amazing! Our team of volunteers are also just amazing and we couldn’t do any of this without them.We have heard many difficult stories and more recently we have been supporting many people who have never used a foodbank before, but have found themselves struggling due to losing jobs. This number Medway Foodbank implements delivery system at time of increased needWhat a strange time it has been and sadly we have seen so many more people needing our services.communityAbove: the MedwayFoodbank warehouseBelow: a typical food parcelthe mosque, The Hygiene Banks and the local council. We are currently being brilliantly assisted by Citizens Advice Medway who have hired a van to help every day with deliveries – just amazing! Our team of volunteers are also just amazing and we couldn’t do We have heard many difficult  Organize a food collection in your street – we can then pick up from you or you can deliver to our warehouse Shop for and donate items that we need at large Tesco and Asda stores in Medway, plus Morrisons Strood and Co-op Walderslade Use the Spareable app where you can shop online for items that we need which are then delivered to us at no cost to us Donate funds – since lockdown we have been spending approx £800 a week on food to keep up with the increased demand. Prior to lockdown all food was donated to us. Use the Facebook Learn More or our website Donatebuttons to reach our giving platform, Golden Giving. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter – or see our website for further are some ways you could help…BetweenApril 2019 andMarch 2020, a record 1.9m of food bank parcels were given out by UK Trussell Trust foodbanks.net26ITB04 Artwork.indd 26ITB04 Artwork.indd 2617/08/2020 07:1917/08/2020 07:19communityJuly ‘20 Shopping List• Instant mash• Cup-a-soup• Squash/soft drinks• Packet desserts e.g. Angel Delight• Tinned rice pudding• Custard - tinned/ready made• Sponge Puddings (tinned)• Biscuits• Savoury treats/snacks (cheesy biscuits, peanuts, crisps)• Hot chocolate/drinking chocolate• Ketchup or brown sauce• Powdered/dried milk• Toothbrushes• Washing-up liquid• Deodorant (male and female)• Razorsthank youmay well be set to increase. Our figures continue to be way above last year’s figures. Last year 2019 we supported around 7000 people in Medway. This year to date we have already supported 6500 people with nearly 3000 of these being children. In April our figures were 155% higher than April 2019. We want to see an end to foodbanks – we believe that everyone should have the dignity to be able to buy their own food. We are so grateful for the support offered by kind individuals and businesses in Medway during this time. Lorraine SchulzeProject Manager01634 Charity No: 1166505The shopping list below shows the items we are currently short of. Your help in meeting the needs of others is very much appreciated. (Please note: all donations are gratefully received, but we DO NOT currently need more: baked beans, tinned soup, pet food or UHT Milk.)Call 01634 855844email medwayasthmaselfhelp@btconnect.comor send a message via our YOUR COMMUNITY ACTIVITIESList your non-profit club, group, charity or event for free. Send in your news, articles, pictures and spread the word about your activities.Please email: by 18 Sept for inclusion next issue.DON’T FORGET the Rochester Cathedral Bells Centenary Project as featured last issue. The project aims to raise £100,000 to fund essential work required to maintain the bells. There are lots of ways to contribute, from a small donation to sponsoring a bell (three new ones will be purchased). It is hoped the new bells will ring for the first time in 2021 to celebrate the centenary of the casting of the current ring.Search for Rochester Cathedral Bells at’t forget the bells!27ITB04 Artwork.indd 27ITB04 Artwork.indd 2717/08/2020 07:1917/08/2020 07:19When someone joins Emmaus Medway, they become a ‘companion’. We have space at our community in Chatham for 24 companions, men and women, from 18 to 65. We’re not a hostel or a night shelter though, people can stay with us for as short or long a period of time as they need. The community provides a safe environment in which to examine their choices, address issues such as addiction, mental health challenges or broken relationships, and get back on their feet. Some stay Emmaus Medway – helping to get lives back on trackwith us for a short period, while others need time to re-adjust or learn new skills before moving on. As far as we’re concerned, both outcomes constitute a success.One of the biggest obstacles many companions face is a loss of self-esteem. One way we help them with this is by providing meaningful daily activity, either in the community or in our shop on Chatham High Street, where we sell pre-Emmaus Medway is a local charity that provides a stable place to live, a sense of purpose and tailored support for people who’ve been sleeping rough or sofa surng. Since 2012 we’ve helped over 400 local people get their lives back on track.loved furniture that has been kindly donated to us. A lot of companions who’ve been with us a while have told us that having something to do every day is the best part of the experience. Here’s what one companion had to say about this recently…“When I came to live with Emmaus Medway I’d been sleeping rough. As soon as I arrived, I was straight into it; I’d never worked in retail before, but I loved working with the other companions, interacting with the customers, and before long The community provides a safe environment.net22Parkinson’s Medway celebrate Nigerian Independence DayI had regained a lot of my lost condence. I am now able to lead on all aspects of the activity at the social enterprise”The shop generates income to keep the community going. Without it we couldn’t provide the support we do now, for example, counselling for anyone who wants it, access to healthy food, and free broadband.2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and as the eviction ban ends and unemployment rises, more and more people will be at risk of homelessness. It’s Emmaus Medway’s mission to make sure that at least some of them have a somewhere to stay, a sense of purpose, and the support they need to get through it. e Emmaus Medway’s Chatham shop can be found at 243 High Street, ME4 4BQ. To donate furniture medway/donate goodsThe Mayor of Medway opened the online celebration, which was organised and hosted by Medway Parkinson’s Lead Co-ordinator Phil Bungay.Nigerian snacks were eaten at Jasper’s Community Café (where Phil and Oluseyi Obadare, President of the Nigerian Association, were based). A team from KMTV were also on site and they interviewed Simba, one of the managers at Jasper’s. While the main purpose was to celebrate Nigeria@60 with the Nigerian Association, attention was also drawn to Attendees watched the video Seven Reasons and the founder of the African charity, Omotola Thomas, who is from Nigeria but currently lives in Surrey, spoke about her ten year journey with Parkinson’s. Other speakers included Dr Abiola from Parkinson’s Nigeria as well as Oluseyi from the Association and another Medway resident with Nigerian heritage, Cllr Omolola Oyewusi, the Founder of Magdalene Ministries (a value driven ministry and charity seeking to make a real dierence to the lives of individuals they support). The event nished with a YouTube clip of It’s a Wonderful World by the Isolation Choir, taken from Canterbury Cantata Trust’s Sing to Beat Parkinson’s programme.At the beginning of October, Parkinson’s Medway celebrated 60 years of Nigerian Independence with friends from the Nigerian Community Association of Kent and Medway. The Centenary Bells Project aims to raise £100,000 to fund essential work required to maintain the bells, which were cast in 1921. There are lots of ways to contribute, from a small donation to sponsoring a bell (three new ones will be purchased). It is hoped the new bells will ring for the rst time in 2021 to celebrate the centenary of the casting of the current ring.Search for Rochester Cathedral Bells at Cathedral Centenary Bells Project23Hygiene and personal care products for those in needI’m Emma Thomas, project coordinator for The Hygiene Bank Strood & Hoo Peninsula, a project I run from my home in Cliffe Woods.The Hygiene Bank Strood & Hoo Peninsula are a Medway based project of a national grassroots charity, like a foodbank but for hygiene products, trying to meet the need locally for those in poverty or crisis. Our ethos is give local, help local. We want to bring communities together to tackle hygiene poverty by providing essential donated products to the vulnerable across the Medway towns in conjunction with our network of charity partners and schools.Many people living in poverty or those who find themselves in times of a major life crisis often have to make the distressing decision to eat or stay clean because they can’t afford to do both. This is about dignity. We aim to break the stigma of hygiene poverty. It is shaming, humiliating and excluding and can result in social isolation. Hygiene poverty leads to a crippling lack of confidence and negatively affects good health and mental well-being. These can impact early childhood development, learning, employability and social interaction. The Hygiene Bank Strood & Hoo Peninsula Hygiene Bank encourages people and businesses in Medway to donate essential toiletries, hygiene, beauty and grooming products via drop off points and collector schemes. Our 15 drop off points include local shops, sports centres, community groups and schools or we can accept donations via our online Wishlist.All these products are collected, sorted and given out to a network of organisations and services that support vulnerable and struggling people. The Hygiene Bank doesn’t give products to individuals directly - we partner with local schools and existing charities such as foodbanks, supported housing schemes, refuges, hostels and social services who then distribute the products to the people they are working with. This means everything donated locally stays in the area and is given out to local families and individuals living in crisis. I support right across Medway. During coronavirus, communities have never needed each other more and we have seen how we can all play our part. In March, due to the coronavirus and Government restrictions, all my 15 drop off points are closed almost overnight or were inaccessible. This meant that our much-needed donations of hygiene products from the public had completely dried up. Unfortunately, due to the current tough economic environment, the demand for our services from our beneficiary partners significantly increased, with many more demands from new and vulnerable individuals and families. But the community came together, and we adapted by offering a Just Giving Page to enable us to purchase the essentials and an online Wishlist where items were delivered directly to me. It really is heart warming that thanks to local people’s generosity we have coped with increased demand, but we can always do’s theThe Hygiene Bank Strood & Hoo Peninsulaq07940 329994 H f @thbStroodHooPeninsula23ITB03 Artwork.indd 23ITB03 Artwork.indd 2322/06/2020 11:2122/06/2020 11:21r communty7

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If you nd yourself struggling to t exercise into your life, then worry no more as the solution could be closer to home than you think. You might not enjoy scrubbing the kitchen oor or giving the toilets the once over, but these everyday chores could hold the secret to lasting tness.CHOOSE A CHORESpending just 30 minutes on a household chore could burn between 70 and 225 calories. On top of this, you’ll have sparkling oors and dust-free shelves, which can’t be bad. To get you started, here is a list detailing everyday household jobs and how many calories each burn in a 30-minute period. It’s lockdown again and if you nd yourself struggling to t exercise into your life, you’ll be happy to know the solution could be very close to home. We tell you why everyday chores could leave you with shiny oors and a toned bod…VACUUMINGWe’re not talking about doing a quick wiz but a thorough go round that includes behind the sofa. Lifting chairs and other furniture to vacuum hard to reach spots will have your pulse rate soaring. Vacuuming the stairs will also work your upper body as you lift the vacuum cleaner to each new step. J HOW MANY CALORIES? A 30-minute session of thorough vacuuming will burn between 75 and 125 calories, depending on how vigorous you are. COOKINGNot only is cooking from scratch a healthier option than pre-packaged ready meals, but 30 minutes of stirring, mashing, peeling, and chopping will help you keep t too. It is a win-win situation! Again, the number of calories you burn depends on the amount of elbow grease you’re able to put in. J HOW MANY CALORIES? You can expect to burn 40 or 50 calories in 30 minutes. RAKING LEAVESDon’t wait until your garden is a mountain of decaying brown leaves. Get out there now and start raking. Really put some eort into it. You should be breaking out into a sweat after about 15 to 20 minutes if you’re grafting hard enough. J HOW MANY CALORIES? If you really put some eort in by bending your knees and dragging your rake in big wide strokes, you could burn around 140 calories in 30 minutes. om & areGood news – chores can double as exercise!.net18If you have money saved with National Savings & Investments, you may want to think about moving it.On the 24th of this month, NS&I will dramatically cut the interest paid many of its savings accounts, slashing the top easy-access rate to just 0.01%. In addition, Premium Bond holders will have a much lower chance of winning a prize from December, with the prize rate to be cut to 1% (from 1.4%). This means that the odds of winning any prize will be lowered to 1 in 34,500 (from 1 in 24,500), with over one million fewer prizes set to be given out in December than in September.This announcement will come as a blow to savers who NS&I to slash savings rates and Premium Bond prizesmay have turned to NS&I when savings rates plunged during the pandemic. Here’s are the cuts being made from 24 November to NS&I variable rate products:Direct Saver0.15% gross/AER (cut from1.00% gross/AER)Investment Account0.01% gross/AER (cut from0.80% gross/AER)Income Bonds0.01% gross/0.01% AER (cut from 1.15% gross/1.16% AER)Direct ISA0.10% gross/AER (cut from 0.90% gross/AER)Junior ISA1.50% gross/AER (cut from 3.25% gross/AER)Fixed-term products are subject to similar cuts. The NS&I website says that they “must strike a balance between the interests of savers, taxpayers and the broader nancial services sector. Changes will ensure NS&I’s interest rates are aligned appropriately against those of competitors.”Manage the family budget with fixed monthly repayments for a set periodSpeak with our adviser today!Fixed MortgagesrateMORTGAGE SOLUTIONSEthicalTel. 01634 816124 | 01634 816125Email. oakhurst2@btconnect.comALL ABOUT ERNIE ERNIE (Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment) is the brain behind the Premium Bond prizes. The current generation is powered by quantum technology, (which uses light) allowing ERNIE to randomly produce monthly prize draw numbers in just 12 minutes (the original ERNIE from 1957 took 10 days!). Premium Bonds are the UK’s biggest savings product, with around 21 million people saving over £88 billion in them. However, even before the rate cuts this month, the odds of winning the top prize, per £1 bond in one month, is 1 in 47,236,254,014. Good luck with that…Moy.net10BUZEYFBBZDGKFLTLFROOSEVELTNYIYDWTAYLORMARVOXLIKATDSEDUHAYESRLIESCOOLIDGENWPWMYNHJIHRGQBANYOVOKNIEGJORRGUEIQRRAENFJVPOAAYSQXEEHDGFOVCEVANJHWOSUYTEDARAWENTOZBNNCORXNWIRLRHBNVOFNNSRIWVOTNXAOTYOACOZOECXEEMTNKSMKCNXJNVSRURIELAXIGCCIZIRRZLMIBEUDYMLREMTTCWWOYOLUEKENNEDYTAYLO RWASHINGTONCOOLIDGEBUSHNIXONOBAMACLINTONGRANTJEFFERSONFILLMOREREAGANLINCOLNHAYESHOOVEREISENHOWERCARTERTRUMANROOSEVELTWILSONWoearUS PRESIDENTSFind 20 surnames of United States presidents. Solution on page 30.You can also solve this puzzle online – go to Which president led the US in the space race?2. Who was the commander of the Colonial Army in the Revolutionary War?3. Name the only president to serve more than two terms.4. Who is the oldest president to be elected?5. Who was the rst President born outside the contiguous United States?6. Which president signed the treaty to purchase Alaska from Russia?7. Who was the rst president born an American citizen?8. Who said, “The worst sin in politics is being boring”?9. Which president issued the Emancipation Proclamation?10. Who is credited with drafting the Declaration of Independence?By now you’ll know the outcome of the US election…but how’s your knowledge of former White House incumbents?PresidentialAnswers on page 30Pus11Go onlinecall01634 in touch if you’d like to contribute photos, articles or any comments.Get social@LoveMedwayMagc d foveLr A GOOD READIt’s not all about business – we want the magazine to be an interesting read too; attractively designed and produced to a high standard so that people will pick it up and engage.To that end, there are prize competitions which can be run in tandem with an advertiser for additional promotion and engagement. Plus puzzles with prizes; horoscopes; articles; recipes and lifestyle tips. Some of these are stand-alone but they could also be “advertorial” for maximum promotional impact, or we can collaborate with advertisers on factual items which add depth to their promotional presence by informing readers about some aspect of the relevant industry or service.†† Advertorial and themed editorial content at negotiated cost.Published by It’s The Biz Limited, Suite 118, 7-8 New Road Avenue, Chatham, ME4© It’s The Biz Limited 2022. All rights reserved.YOUR STARSFind out what lies ahead in Februaryadamfronteras.netAdam FronterasYou are called in to take control of a situation. Your leadership skills are needed but there is also a need to take into consideration the feelings of others. You need to be rm but fair over a situation regarding work. This is when you need to tread carefully so as to not cause unnecessary upset.LeoJul 24 – Aug 23Time is beginning to turn for you – no longer a stopped clock. Until now you probably haven’t looked at the calendar, and although the pendulum needs a few more swings, you are beginning to plan a bit of spending spree and it seems to be quite self-indulgent, but that’s OK – you deserve it.SagittariusNov 23 – Dec 21Sometimes you seem to be doing a lot while not accomplishing much – and this month, it certainly feels like that. You have ideas and plans but now you are just having to sit still. But just because you feel stationary, your patience, wisdom and long-term vision is appreciated.PiscesFeb 20 – March 20You may not be able to travel far but you can communicate at a distance. You’ll nd that talking to friends and family will allow you to feel that you are achieving contact. But you’ll probably end up talking mostly about the weather as that seems to have some inuence on your mood. CancerJun 22 – Jul 23This month begins to see a bit more a spring in your step; feeling more comfortable with where you are going next. You’ve been a bit relaxed but now it is time for you to awaken. You are open to romantic opportunities around you, and equally passionate about some new work opportunities. ScorpioOct 24 – Nov 22You’re looking at opportunities to expand horizons, but it does seem a bit of a stop/start time for you. With quite a few options on your mind, you are too easily distracted by others, often sorting out their plans and not your own. With your spare energy, you can take options to begin new ventures.GeminiMay 22 – Jun 21A positive and energetic attitude will get you far this month. With a new year you are determined to take some bold decisions. This is a good month for you personally and your energy levels are high, so begin to take up some new sporty or outdoor activities – even if it’s only in the back garden.AquariusJan 21 – Feb 19There is some tension around you at the moment and you’ve been in a very reective mood, feeling that other people are not fully understanding of your aims. At times it’s like walking through an endless forest, making no progress. Keep positive as that will lead you to a clear space. CapricornDec 22 – Jan 20OK, so your dreams may be on hold now, but it’s not for ever. It ’s no use worrying or just hiding back from the world wondering what’s next for you. It’s a great opportunity to explore your creative talents and they’ll begin to shine through. Make the most of this reective time for you.TaurusApr 21 – May 21Communication is the key this month. I know it’s hard to do the things that you want to – you feel like a coiled-up spring, constrained and restricted – but get your plans in order rst. You’re in it for the long run so be wary of rushing goal-bound before sorting out the direction to face.AriesMar 21 – Apr 20Things have certainly been challenging and at times it has felt a bit too much for you. Plans have stalled and you are just waiting for change. I can say it’s not long now, but it has meant a realignment of what you intend to do next and perhaps you must discard something holding you back. VirgoAug 24 – Sep 23Although you can’t travel yet, I can see that you’re beginning to make plans that you can look forward to. At the start of the month, the moon is in your sign and you’re in a wistful mood. Don’t allow your dreams to get out of control. Be willing to listen to some advice from an older person. LibraSep 24 – Oct 23© Adam Fronteras.net22NcyKnwsNancy Charles helps you to navigate through everyday life?BUDGET FASHIONDear Nancy,I’m looking for some tips on how I can revamp my wardrobe, I’ve fallen into a bit of a slump and seem to be wearing the same things all the time. I don’t have much money to buy new clothes and I’m no good at sewing. Sarah, RochesterNANCY SAYS…First step: pull up your socks, quite literally, and take stock of what you have in your wardrobe. Sort everything into groups. (1)Stu that needs repair: depending on what needs repairing you may be able to nd simple ways to do it; see if any of your friends have the skills to repair them or you may be able to re-purpose some of it for vamping up other items. (2) Stu that doesn’t t or that can be altered to t better: nd some repair hacks or ask your seamstress friend to help. Donate to charity anything that doesn’t t. (3) Things you love but might not be on trend any more: you can easily revamp or restyle a lot of these items.Secondly, play dress up. Have fun, mix up items you wouldn’t normally think would go together. Sometimes clashing patterns can work, sometimes the bright colours complement each other. Stripes and orals work really well together, dress down your smart clothes – tailored trousers or skirts work well with plain t shirts and trainers or plimsolls nish the look with bold accessories. Mix seasons – rework a winter look by trying a summer dress with boots and a jacket, create a warm spring look with chunky knits and rolled up jeans. The possibilities are endless, but have fun and use it as an experiment to nd what works for you.Why not create a Swap Shop with friends – put it out to friends that you are revamping your wardrobe, they may be thinking the same. You can swap pictures of unwanted items to swap with your friends, therefore getting something pre-loved but new for your new collection.Coming back to your old faithful items – why not rework them with dyes? At least it will give them a new lease of life; you can get those black items back from the faded greys. Give an old t-shirt an ombre look. Fabric paints or spray paints can create an edgy look or design on items. Try some subtle tie dying on a summer dress. Dylon fabric dyes are great and they are machine safe. Check out superhero style – this one really sounds mad, but you can nd inspiration to rejuvenate your accessories or some nishing touches from these lm epics. I’m not saying head out to the shops in a Wonder Woman costume, but you may be inspired to add a belt where you didn’t before, and an old necklace may nish o a new combination.Remember while you’re playing in the wardrobe: try things out before you leave the house and edit! Take a look in the mirror, see if you can remove one thing to make a look cleaner or more cohesive. Hopefully we’ll see you strutting your stu around town soon!A12.netMy Dad will laugh when he reads this as despite growing up in New Zealand, renowned for its outdoors lifestyle, I was somewhat of a hermit as a teenager. My Dad would joke that I shouldn’t leave the house “in case I got some outside on me”. That all changed after I moved to London in 2013 and quickly realised after one too many journeys on the Central Line that, actually, outside was quite a nice Ousd…Anna Campbell on the joys of being outsideplace to be. Thankfully despite its capital city status London has an abundance of beautiful Royal Parks and visiting them all, and often, soon became my favourite pastime. I don’t know if it was the magic of free-roaming deer in Richmond Park, the fact nowhere aordable in London seems to come with a garden or some sort of subconscious homage to my roots that spurred on this new-found love of the outdoors, but t n i tigwhatever it was, my park addiction was certainly becoming insatiable. I had curated my very own London park map when suddenly, my partner’s job called for relocation. Momentary panic was averted after discovering my new home was Kent, colloquially coined as ‘The Garden of England’. Phew, no chance of being left grass-less there then. As neither my partner or I drive, heading out on foot to extract all our new favourite parks was scheduled into every weekend. And within no time, I had replicated, and upgraded, my London park map here in Medway, Kent (see right). Everyone around me seemed to have such tangible hobbies, Karate, Horse-riding, Pottery etc. and I felt somewhat inadequate to try and explain that simply walking anywhere with a moderately sized expanse of green was mine. But it was, and still is. Walking is my exercise, my therapy, my commute and my hobby all rolled into one.Then lockdown happened. Something none of us could ever have envisaged. The government ordered us all to ‘Stay at Home’. M y home, like many others’ I’m sure, 10.netFAVOURITEFAVOURITEGREEN SPOTSGREEN SPOTSIN MEDWAYIN MEDWAYRiverside Country ParkGillingham, ME7 2XHEsplanade Gardens Rochester, ME1 1QWdoesn’t have a garden. Thankfully, the intensity of our lockdowns was quickly amended to include daily outdoor exercise, so my park-loving peace was restored! Jesting aside, the amendment of lockdown regulations to include daily outdoor exercise as a necessity is proof of its unmistakable power in improving and maintaining positive physical and mental health. We’ve been in and out of lockdowns for a year now and almost no one is untouched by the various burdens and struggles that it has presented to us. But if I’ve learnt anything over the past year, it’s that when life doesn’t feel like a walk in the park, you should probably go for a walk in the park. The VinesRochester, ME1 1RQMOTHER’S DAY DATES BACK TO ANCIENT GREECEThat’s right, the Greeks of old would hold an annual spring festival. This was dedicated to the maternal Goddess Rhea, mother of the Gods. Rhea is the Titan godess of fertility, motherhood, comfort and ease.MOTHER’S DAY IS WIDELY HELD ON THE FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENTNow you know why it is held on a dierent day each year! Dierent countries celebrate their mothers on dierent dates but here in the UK we stick with the fourth Sunday after Lent. This year falls on the 14th March, so get those gifts and cards posted in time!MOTHER’S DAY IS CELEBRATED IN 46 COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLDMothers are celebrated globally and a well-established tradition for many. It falls at dierent times of the year depending on which country you’re in so don’t get confused! THE OLDEST FIRST TIME MOTHER WAS 74 YEARS OLD!Erramatti Mangayamma gave birth to her rst child in 2019 at the age of 74!IN THE UK, 30 MILLION CARDS ARE SENTApproximately 30 million! Mothers of the UK keep the postal service very busy.daydayMother’s Day falls on 14 March this year, and while we tentatively look towards being able to resume family gatherings (albeit outside for a little while yet), let’s look at a few facts about the day…Mother’sMother’