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Italy's culture with the categories of food, history and government.

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To'Gloria Oliphant

Miss Armstrong

November 30 2017

English 2 3rd Period


The History Of Italy

                          A crucial part of the Italian culture is its history itself. Italy’s history can be described as two chapters of integration broken apart by time as a empire goes on to take over the European world, defining its major building blocks of its civilization. The downfall of the Roman Empire caused Italy to become game for seizure, leading Italy to become many different communities instead of a integrated one. The ideology of unity and independence flourished during the 1800’s while under the monarchy of Italy, leading to wars and ultimately bringing communities together, creating what is presently know as Italy. The ultimate start of the downfall of the monarchy was the rule of totalitarian Mussolini ,following his rule the government of Italy became a parliamentary democracy. After Mussolini the monarchy fell in 1946 with a vote of 12 million to 10. History is a major part of the Italian culture because it shows the development of Italy (Wilde).

The Government Of Italy

                       Government is a large part of Italian culture. Italy’s form of government is a parliamentary democracy; there are three branches of government, and the citizens play a big role in the government. Italy’s executive branch holds a prime minister (president) and a council of ministers;the president is elected while the council is chosen by the prime minister. Italy has a bicameral legislature ; the representatives are elected into power by the citizens. Italy doesn't recognize citizenship by nativity but do recognize citizenship by descent ; Italy recognizes dual citizenship and there are many ways to become a citizen there. Italy has several different types of judicature, civil and criminal, but the top-level judicature in the hierarchy is the Supreme Court of Cassation.  A vital portion of Italian culture is it's government because it provides structure and support for it’s citizens(“Europe:: Italy”).

The Food Of Italy

                      Food is a large part of Italy’s culture.Ancel Key a Minnesotan physician noted the diets of Southern Italians (Nicoterans) in a world wide comparison. In comparison to those in other countries, people who followed the Mediterranean diet were less likely to get heart disease. The Mediterranean diet, though healthy, was a sign of impoverishment.Key’s findings in 1957 wouldn't be identifiable in modern times because the diet has changed from a healthy one to a unhealthier one; the Mediterranean diet is dying due to economic growth and development. A prime fraction of Italian culture is food because it’s one of the main things Italy is known for around the world (Faris).

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