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Italian Specialty Foods

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ProteinsPiedmontese BonelessStriploinThe prized cattle of Italy!4 per case • PIED180CSEzzo Crumbled Italian Sausage, Cooked10lbs per case • Frozen • 512804DiLuigi Sweet ItalianSausage, 4”10/5lbs per case • Frozen • 510600DiLuigi Hot ItalianSausage, 4”10/5lbs per case • Frozen • 510700Catelli Meatball MixVeal/Pork/Beef5/2lbs per case • Frozen • 339615Cured MeatsSpeck Alto Adige16lbs each • 964355Casale Boneless Prosciutto Di Parma16lbs each • 570002asmallgood Bresaola3lbs each • 570685asmallgood Nduja2lbs each • 570767Citterio Mortadella6lbs each • 327050Citterio Sweet Coppa3lbs each • 327333Citterio Hot Coppa3lbs each • 327334Citterio Pancetta7lbs each • 326960asmallgood Bone-InHalf Pancetta2.5lbs each • 570669CheesesParmesan Reggiano8oz each • 543473Parmesan Reggiano, Grated5lbs each • 543400Pecorino Romano, Grated5lbs each • 543410Pecorino Romano, DOP8lbs each • 543441Pecorino Toscano, Young5lbs each • 541112Ricotta Salata9lbs each • 964690Shredded Mozzarella5lbs each • 541666Taleggio4.75lbs each • 964670Narragansett Low Moisture Mozzarella Block5lbs each • 669212Narragansett Stracciatella5lbs each • 669209Narragansett Burrata6/8oz per case • 669222Bel Gioioso Asiago6lbs each • 542750Bel Gioioso Fontina, Deli Cut6lbs each • 952074Mitica Robiola di Bosco1lb each • 966912Bel Gioioso Sharp Provolone2lbs each • 541121Bel Gioioso GorgonzolaCrumble5lbs each • 541920Bel Gioioso Mascarpone5lbs each • 570315Vinegars & OilsDivina Balsamic Vinegar5ltr • 755940Tondo Balsamic Glaze250mL • 735514Colavita Pure Olive Oil4/1 gallon • 745200TomatoesTerra Maris San MarzanoPomodoracio2/6.2oz • 789270Foss Farms Marinara Sauce4/1gal • 570925Mutti Whole Peeled Tomatoes6/10lbs • 789865Mutti Diced Tomatoes3/5.5lbs • 789866Mutti Classica Pizza Sauce3/9lbs • 789870RiceArborio Rice4/11lbs per case • 789740I Foe

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OlivesDivina Pitted Castelvetrano6/4.9oz • 750620Divina Fig Spread with Chili12/9oz • 767081Losada Cornicabra Olives8/7oz • 757115TruesSabatino Black Summer Trues in Oil, Sliced400gr • 744780Sabatino Black Summer Peelings7oz • 744810Sabatino True Salt14oz • 744860Sabatino True Honey12oz • 744890Sabatino Black True Butter8oz • 745132Sabatino True Zest5.3oz • 745133Sabatino True Crisps Crackers12/5oz • 541333Regalis Black True Balsamic Vinegar100mL • 757168Regalis Black True Honeycomb3oz • 757170 CheeseParmesan Reggiano8oz • 543473PestosAscheri Basil Pesto12/6.3oz per case • 570008Ascheri Red Pesto12/6.3oz per case • 570009Ascheri White Pesto12/6.3oz per case • 570010Ascheri Sage Pesto12/6.3oz per case • 570012Cured MeatsAntica Salumeria AemilianaSliced Speck10/3oz per case • 570007Antica Salumeria AemilianaProsciutto Di Parma10/3oz per case • 570004Antica Salumeria AemilianaSliced Italiano Salame10/3oz per case • 570005Antica Salumeria AemilianaCapocollo Coppa10/3oz per case • 570006TomatoesMutti Tomato Sauce with Basiland Oregano12/14oz • 789873Mutti Cilengini Cherry Tomato12/14oz • 789863Mutti Tomato Paste, Double Concentrate12/4.9oz • 789981Foss Farms Marinara Sauce12/32oz • 570958CaviarCalvisius Oscietra Classic10g • 741356Calvisius Oscietra Classic28g • 741373Calvisius Black Bown100g • 741220Calvisius Traditional Prestige28g • 741372Calvisius Salmon Roe50g • 742243PastaGarofalo Fettucine20/1lb • 570867Garofalo Angel Hair20/1lb • 570868Garofalo Linguine20/1lb • 570869Garofalo Casarecce20/1lb • 570871Garofalo Gemelli20/1lb • 570873EAGarofalo Pasta Shells20/1lb • 570874R S GdNot seeing what you’re looking for?Our sales team is here to help!Call us at 781-935-1234

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B Yu O PizThe Dough Co.Locally Made Dough Balls fromNew HampshireDough Balls, 6oz80 per case • 656571Dough Balls, 8oz46 per case • 656572Dough Balls, 12oz30 per case • 656573Gluten Free Pizza ShellsAgainst The Grain Pizza Shells, 12/12oz per case • 605103MuttiClassic Pizza Sauce3/9lbs per case • 789870Whole Peeled Tomatoes6/10lbs per case • 797865Herbs & SpicesD’Allesandro Crushed Red Pepper Flakes12oz each • 781530D’Allesandro Dried Oregano16oz each • 781430D’Allesandro Garlic Powder20oz each • 781210D’Allesandro Garlic Granulated25oz each • 781200D’Allesandro Dried Basil5oz each • 780970Victoria GourmetRoasted & Dried Garlic Slices12.5oz each • 759996Victoria GourmetSicilian Mix10oz each • 759822Victoria GourmetTuscan Seasoning14oz each • 759870ToppingsRosina Meatballs, .5oz10lbs per case • 635800Brelundi Meatballs, 3oz10lbs per case • 635800Sliced Pepperoni2/5lbs per case • 512800Ezzo Cup & Char Pepperoni5/5lbs per case • 512802Ezzo Crumbled Italian Sausage, Cooked10lbs per case • Frozen • 512804Beeler Ends & Pieces, Uncured20lbs per case • 389600White Marinated Anchovies4/1kg per case • 74463031/40 White Shrimp, P&D10lbs per case • 661600 Roasted Red Peppers6/64oz per case • 789000Artichoke Hearts, 30/406/5lbs per case • 788003

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Locally made gourmet pasta from Everett, Massachusetts. Lilly’s Fresh Pasta is a gourmet fresh pasta company that specializes in homemade fresh pasta, ravioli, tortellini, tortelloni, and gnocchi. Their products are always fresh or blast frozen, never precooked, and made from 100% semolina our. Ask us about seasonal Lilly’s oerings.Five Cheese AgnolottiImported fontina, Wisconsin white Cheddar, premium fresh ricotta, mozzarella, and pecorino-Romano cheeses.541550 • 2/3lbs per caseButternut Squash RaviolisFreshly roasted butternut squash wrapped in yellow turmeric pasta.541580 • 2/3lbs per caseWild Mushroom Porcini RavioliFilled with a blend of exotic mushrooms with mozzarella, mascarpone, and fresh thyme, wrapped in fresh pasta.541560 • 2/3lbs per caseGarganelliRolled tube-shaped pasta that compliments a variety of sauces.541622 • 2/3lbs per caseSpaghettiLong, rod-shaped fresh pasta, best with velvety cream sauces, olive oil or broth-based sauces.541620 • 3/3lbs per casePotato GnocchiFresh, homemade gnocchi made from whole Yukon gold potatoes, durum our and grade A eggs.541555 • 2/4lbs per caseL’ Fe PaRigatoniExtruded-cut tube-shaped pasta, perfect with any sauce and in casseroles.542573 • 2/3lbs per caseLinguineTranslating to “little tongues”, linguine is made in long, slender, at strips and often served with seafood or pesto.542574 • 3/3lbs per caseLobster RavioliA large ravioli lled with sustainable, wild-caught North Atlantic hard shell lobster claw and knuckle meat, caramelized shallots, fresh herbs, ricotta and mozzarella.542567 • 2/3lbs per caseAsk us about seasonal Lilly’s oerings.

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Depuma’s Gluten Free Pasta is made locally in New Haven, Connecticut by Chef John DePuma. The gluten free pasta line was inspired by his wife Gina, who has been living with celiac disease for over ten years.DP’ G F PaSundried Tomato & Goat Cheese Ravioli575772 • 144 per caseButternut Squash Ravioli575777 • 144 per caseCheese Ravioli575778 • 144 eachLasagna Sheets575780 • 9lbs per caseRigatoni575806 • 12/8oz per caseD’ PaDrake’s fresh pasta is crafted from traditional processes and recipes to create the taste we believe in.Spinach Fettuccini730020 8lbs per caseLasagna Sheets730610 • 42 count per caseElbow Pasta730363 • 10lbs per caseRaviolisGrilled Vegetables730350 • 96 count per caseSweet Potato730380 • 130 count per casePumpkin730690 • 130 count per casePenne Pasta730045 • 10lbs per case

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V D G & SoCoconut Gelato5ltr • 620900Coee Chocolate Chip Gelato5ltr • 620901Dark Chocolate Gelato5ltr • 620902Hazelnut Crunch Gelato5ltr • 620903Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato5ltr • 620905Pistachio Gelato5ltr • 620906Caramel Sea Salt Gelato5ltr • 620907Stracciatella Gelato5ltr • 620908Strawberry Swirl Gelato5ltr • 620909Vanilla Bean Gelato5ltr • 620910Cookies & Cream Gelato5ltr • 620911Espresso Gelato5ltr • 620919Blood Orange Sorbet5ltr • 620951Lemon Sorbet5ltr • 620952Mango Sorbet5ltr • 620953Passionfruit Sorbet5ltr • 620954Raspberry Sorbet5ltr • 620955Strawberry Sorbet5ltr • 620956Caramel Sea Salt Gelato Cups24/3.6oz • 620960Dark Chocolate Gelato Cups24/3.6oz • 620962Raspberry Sorbet Cups24/3.6oz • 620965Mango Sorbet Cups24/3.6oz • 620963