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photographer CARLTON KOK For optimum viewing we suggest that you rotate your phone s display

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR signing off for the very last time And just like that my two and a half tumultuous yet wonderful years as Editor In Chief have come to an inevitable but no less painful halt Publishing Blue Thread like any task and responsibility during Covid 19 s long and winding monologue has been difficult Even so I was surprised at how overcome with emotion I was as I sat down to write my farewell letter First and foremost I would like to thank a few members of the PV family who have made my experience as both a part of the Blue Thread and PV in general so memorable To Lucia whose shoes I had the daunting task of filling in my eyes you will always be the ULTIMATE Editor In Chief To my AP English class led by the adored Ms Pienaar you have forever changed the way I look at The Titanic perfume and slam poetry but most importantly you have enhanced my time at PV To Mrs Isaacs with baby and Mrs Mackenzie currently growing baby you have been icons and pillars of the Blue Thread thank you for all that you have done for the magazine Saving the best for last Mrs Yoko my personal care team I speak for many when I say it is a relief to have you one Whatsapp away You may notice that the photo alongside is not the usual posing in a field look we go for but rather a display of a quintessential PV moment Other moments include the rainy days where large puddles form and students take the opportunity to partake in a spot of watersports the tuckshop ladies who ll let you pay off your snack debts if you ve forgotten your R1 at home and of course Mr Spijkers irrepressible enthusiasm All slices of PV I find myself prematurely missing Let us not forget that this has been a time of loss People in our immediate community have lost livelihoods parents academic support and the opportunity to be a run of themill teenager So I implore you to be gentle on yourself and those around you Remember that there are several caring stalwarts here at PV take advantage of them Lastly my fellow matric Blue Threaders we did it Time to breathe a sigh of relief pop the kiddies champagne and pass the baton or rather the Canva login details to a new generation I have complete faith in Hanna and her team and can t wait to see Blue Thread flourish in their capable hands y a L e t t o l r a Ch Lots of love

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photographer ADAM FREDERICKS writer CHRISTIAN KOTZ designer JANDR ERASMUS PV ROCKING IT THROUGH THE AGES mr and miss pv Friday 26 May The boys locker room is buzzing with excitement Now go out there and give them a show On that fateful evening PV children crowded behind their phone tablet TV and every single other electronic device that has a screen to watch the first ever streamed Mr Ms PV Back at the school the contenders were working on their nerves in their soon to becovered in costumes changing rooms The total of twenty audience members were warming up their voice boxes and hands for a night of nonstop cheering After all they had to make up for all the people watching at home After three days of gruelling setup and testing the tech team was geared with state of theart cameras microphones and other equipment that most people have no clue even existed all to ensure that the audience at home experienced the event as if they were present Our amazing and talented judges Liebenette Burger Surita Jordaan and Lindie Strydom were seated and ready to be impressed by all of the PV talent that they were about to experience Lights camera action We were off Our contestants treated us to four different rounds on the catwalk one while wearing only black and the second in smart casual wear After that our grade 11 s partnered up for the theme and evening wear rounds Every couple was assigned a decade that they had to be dressed up as and can I just say PV impressed The costumes from every decade were astonishing The evening wear was another smash hit with our students looking especially spiffy in their smart suits and beautiful gowns After a tear jerking speech and a last exceptional round on the catwalk from our previous Mr Ms PV our winners were announced Ladies our Mr Ms Personality AND Mr Ms PV are Jenna Lee Roets and Aden Gardiner Well done to our runners up Kayleigh Erasmus and Bakhulule Nkopo and all our other contestants as well A big thanks to our very own Mrs Alana Pretorius and the Community Prefects for making this a very special evening for everyone involved and everyone who watched at home This evening is once again a testament to the extreme talent of PV s students our ability to persevere and make the best of any dreary situation and also an example of PV s blue thread of excellence that runs through everything it does

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photographers ADAM FREDERICKS designer CHARLOTTE LAY

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writer CHARLOTTE LAY photographer ASHER ADAMS designer CHARLOTTE LAY PLAYLIST A select few of our favourites this term Feel free to use them as background music while you browse our digital pages Floors Abhi The Nomad Foster Cazz Slow Dance Naked Giants Bright Young Things Orah The Kites Dedicated To The One I Love The Mamas The Papas It Runs Through Me Tom Misch De La Soul we would have some cute kids Tai Verdes Texas Sun Khruangbin Leon Bridges Butterflies Johnny Stimson For No One The Beatles Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac Send on back D angelo Kids Current Joys Lay Down Son Little

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writer CAITLIN SHOEMAN designer CAITLIN SHOEMAN SOCIAL MEDIA Cautious Clay has been publishing music since 2017 His music has influenced artists such as Taylor Swift John Legend and John Mayer One of his songs Swim Home has appeared on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why reaching teens all over the world Here is his new album DEADPAN LOVE MAGNUM PHOTOS is a society of photographers based in London Paris New York Los Angeles and many other large cities in the world MAGNUM uses the art of photography to create awareness about current world affairs connecting feelings of people involved to your feelings We think that you would enjoy scrolling through their instagram NOTION is a wannabe productive person s best friend NOTION has everything you could ever need to get yourself organised As such it is only fitting that it is our editor s choice with the imminent matric finals NOTION provides components and tools such as to do lists calendars and notes guaranteeing you a complete administrative saver of lives

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writer ELIZMA VAN GEES photographer ANGELA SCOTT designer CHARLOTTE LAY resep BESTANDDELE SJOKELADE HAWERMOUT KOEKIES 125 g margarien 500 ml suiker 01 Eerste dinge eerste spuit die bakplaat waarop jy die koekies gaan sit met Spray and Cook of smeer dit met margarien 02 Meet die margarien suiker kakao en melk af in n kastrol Maak seker dat jy die margarien heel eerste afmeet sodat dit heel onder is want dit vat die heel langste om te smelt 03 125 ml kakao 125 ml melk 750 ml hawermout oats 250 ml growwe klapper 5 ml vanieljegeursel Skakel die stoof aan op matige hitte en roer die mengsel in die kastrol bo oor die hitte totdat alles saam gesmelt het en dit begin kook Jy sal sien as die mengsel begin kook want dit vorm borrels regoor die mengsel 04 Wanneer die mengsel begin kook skakel die stoof op lae hitte en laat dit presies vir vyf minute lank kook hierdie stap is baie belangrik Stel n actual timer 05 Nadat die vyf minute verby is skakel die stoof af jy wil nie die mengsel verbrand nie en gooi die hawermout klapper en vanieljegeursel by Roer alles goed saam 06 Skep klein klontjies van die mengsel met twee teelepels op die bakplaat terwyl die mengsel nog warm is Jy sal omtrent 30 40 koekies uit die mengsel kry afhangend van hoe groot jy die koekies maak 07 Laat staan die koekies vir n paar minute buite die yskas om van die ergste hitte ontslae te raak en sit dit dan in die yskas om verder af te koel en hard te word 08 Sodra die koekies hard geword het is dit reg om te eet Indien jou koekies nie wil hard word nie rol dit in klapper Dit werk Geniet dit Daar het julle dit een van die maklikste sjokeladekoekie resepte ten minste wat ek ken en jy hoef dit nie eens in die oond te druk nie Geniet die koekies maar geniet ook die proses

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writer HANNA VAN ZYL designer CHLO PANDARAM MADEfilmIN ITALY review Starring Liam Neeson Miche l Richardson and Lindsay Duncan Director James D Arcy Time 94 minutes Genre Drama Comedy Age rating 13L Made in Italy is a fictional father son drama between Liam Neeson and his actual son Miche l Richardson Together they create a feel good movie that doesn t require much of the viewer except to sit back and relax The storyline revolves around an old Italian home that Robert Liam Neeson and his estranged son Jack Miche l Richardson renovates and repairs There is an artistic element to the film that enhances the natural splendour of the Tuscan surroundings and you are completely transported to Italy It is quite an experience to see Liam Neeson play in an ordinary drama and not an actionpacked film but the bond he shows with his real son on screen gives the movie enough solid ground without the need for a dramatic action twist The movie could have been a real star with a more thought out script but unfortunately the sincerity of the characters is not enough to redeem the corny storyline The plot leans more towards a clich than a blockbuster movie but it s absolutely still worth a watch if you want to relax and switch off after a long and tiring day The age rating is appropriately 13 as the movie is very family friendly but the profuse use of swear words lends itself more to an age 16 rating Overall it is a sweet story riddled with small moments of insight and glorious Italian views I would recommend this to anyone who is considering to buy a villa in Tuscany as this film will give you enough motivation to do just that

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writer HANNA VAN ZYL designer CHLO PANDARAM THIS IS RAW REAL AND RIVETING THIS IS US series review This is us is a dramedy that is designed to capture your attention and leave you begging for more after each episode It tells the story of an ordinary family with two parents and triplets and the series constantly flashes between the present past and future The show stars award winning actors such as Milo Ventimiglia Mandy Moore Sterling K Brown Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley to just name a few At first glance you might not think that such a mundane idea can be transformed into a Golden Globe winning series but it turns out that the ordinary life of an imperfect family can be quite extraordinary on screen The success of This is us is largely based on the brilliant screenwriting of Dan Fogelman he achieves absolute phenomenality by threading a thin thread of witty humour alongside real and raw moments This is us is so sensational because it is so relatable you see yourself in the irritation of the characters in the everyday in the laughter in between the highs and lows of life and in the raw brokenness of each story that all the characters tell The casting is excellent and the actors absolutely steal the show by becoming one with the characters you fall in love with their struggles and flaws and in the way they grow through their pain The show deals with real life issues and touches these themes in a gentle yet strong and well executed manner You will cry laugh be left in utter confusion and then cry some more before the end of the first episode Get your popcorn blanket and a whole bunch of tissues you will most definitely need it

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writer NERISE MALAN photographer CONNER PERFETT designer CAITLIN SHOEMAN BUSY FOR BOSSA restaurant review The new Bossa has opened in Strand and if you have not booked then you will be stranded I must say I forgot that I was just going to a restaurant when I walked past the line of people wondering whether their patience or hunger will win the struggle within The new Bossa located at shop 10 12 Strand Pavilion Centre has opened with a reputation i e reservation If you do not make a reservation then be ready to spend your night hoping that someone does not show The most amazing thing about the restaurant is its ambiance the beautiful d cor the ocean view all mixed together with a peculiar bustle I felt like I was in one of those caf s in the Big Apple however a bustle usually comes with its detriments you have to shout just to hear the person next to you So prepare to do your vocal warm ups and clean your ears before you go Unfortunately the waitrons seemed to face the same problem since they got our order incorrect The prices are quite normal for a restaurant of the same calibre and I must say I got my money s worth Their menu is quite extensive which is good if your dinner party has very different tastes but bad if you suffer from indecisiveness My companion however did not like her food She ordered a pizza and thought that it was dry I believe however that people are bound to make mistakes especially in the restaurant business but that we should not judge them based off of their mistakes but how they handle the aftermath The manager made a completely new pizza for my companion that was as delicious as my meal also a pizza Even though it was an enjoyable experience I honestly do not get what all the fuss is about It is not any better than the one in Somerset West or Stellenbosch The menu is the same the brand is the same the only thing different is the location Therefore Strand locals do not have to drive to Somerset West if they want to go to Bossa I personally think that is overrated so I hope that Bossa makes use of the craze that developed from their arrival as that line might not be so long for very long but hopefully they remain busy

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writer ELIZMA VAN GEEST designer BENJAMIN KLEYN MATRIEKVAKANSIE WAT NOU travel Road trips laataand partytjies nuwe mense n nuwe fase die Plett Rage En toe kom covid Wat nou Die Plett Rage ervaring was altyd die meeste tieners se go to plan As gevolg van die corona virus is hierdie plan egter nie meer moontlik nie Maar matrieks daar is soveel ander dinge wat ons nogsteeds kan doen Kom ons kyk bietjie na alternatiewe cOrOnA vRyE opsies Dalk is alles nie for the faint hearted nie maar daar is definitief iets wat elkeen van ons sal geniet Eerstens dink net aan n staproete Trek jou tekkies aan en gaan bewonder sommige dele van ons land se besonderse natuurskoon n Oornagstaproete of n 5 dag staproete waarborg groot pret veral as jy en jou vriendegroep redelik fiks is Dit is n kans om bietjie van die besige w reld af te skakel om diep laatnag gesprekke met jou vriende te h en net weer die eenvoud van die lewe te waardeer Julle kan self besluit watter tipe staproete julle wil doen n bergstaproete n staproete langs die see of dalk in die Tsitsikamma woude Om saam as vriende te kamp is ook nie n slegte idee nie Pak jou slaapsak tent en baie kos in en gaan kamp iewers verkieslik waar daar n dam is sodat julle die warm dae kan deurbring in julle swembroeke Laataande onder die sterre braaivleisvure en n bordspeletjie of twee Wanneer mens kamp sien jy ook met hoe min jy eintlik kan klaarkom en kan jy weereens net die eenvoud van die lewe waardeer En hoe lekker is dit nie om dit saam met jou vriendegroep te doen nie As jy en n paar van jou vriende onder mekaar n paar vakansiehuise het is dit nie n slegte idee om n roadtrip daarvan te maak nie Dink net julle maak n lekker musiek playlist en val in die pad Julle kan n paar dae by elkeen se vakansiehuise deurbring en dan weer in die pad val Op hierdie manier kan julle saam nuwe restaurante strande en kusdorpies ontdek Langpad gesprekke nuwe plekke en dinge werklik n avontuur

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As jy en jou vriende mal is oor die see kan julle selfs net vir n paar dae see toe gaan en in iemand se vakansiehuis bly of saam n huisie huur Julle kan die lang somerdae langs die strand deurbring en vis en tjips bestel in die aande Draairoomyse nat handoeke en sonbrandolie Wat n lekker manier om die somer mee te begin Maak n paar vriende bymekaar en gaan roei op die Oranjerivier In die warm Desember weer is dit perfek want jy kan die heeltyd in die water spring sorg net dat jy genoeg sonskerm inpak want die Afrika son is maar giftig Om saam te roei verg baie spanwerk en kan jou en jou vriende net nader aan mekaar bring En wie weet dalk het jy teen die einde van die vakansie n nuwe stel spiere Namibi is ook bekend vir sy asemrowende sterre en om dit elke aand te kan sien is iets besonders Daar is soveel opsies om n onvergeetlike matriekvakansie te waarborg dalk selfs te veel Wie het ges corona hoef ons te keer Van see toe gaan tot om te gaan kamp daar is soveel lekker dinge waarmee mens jou dae kan vul Sorg net dat jy goeie geselskap het dan kan enige tipe vakansie iets wees om te onthou

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writer CHRISTIAN KOTZ designer CHARLOTTE LAY CYBERCRIMES AND SOUTHpolitics AFRICA South Africa has been on the back foot when it comes to laws and crime related to the internet It has recently made a comeback with the introduction of legislation like the POPI Act which protects the distribution and collection of private information by businesses and websites in South Africa Some parts of this act were signed into law on the 19th of November 2013 Since 2015 South Africa has also been working on a new Cybercrime Bill The Amended South African Cybercrimes Bill that was passed by The National Assembly in November of 2018 has several changes that might be of some importance to some of the shiftier computer users out there Among several other changes with regards to the protection of the person like the outlawing of the distribution of what is colloquially known as revenge porn it also outlaws the peer to peer sharing of copyrighted material also known as piracy Now you may ask Was piracy not illegal before now The answer is yes but the amended Cybercrimes Act also requires Internet Service Providers to report the offenders to SAPS within 72 hours Even though the amended bill has been signed into law the President has not proclaimed a commencement date in The Gazette as yet which renders the bill null and void until a date is proclaimed The punishments for more severe offenders of this new Cybercrimes bill can face up to as much as fifteen years in prison while fines are also applicable to less serious crimes The coming years will prove whether these bills are truly as impactful as the media is letting on or whether they will fall on the deaf ears of the businesses and individuals who are already ingrained in these practices

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photographer CARLTON KOK

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writer SARAH COLLIER designer CHARLOTTE LAY QUEEN BEES guest piece It began as an ordinary school assignment from the pandemic of 2020 Now however it has become a passion of mine I feel as though the topic of feminism and gender equality has an even bigger impact now In the face of discrimination and bullying it is important to remember that just because your own beliefs do not align with someone else s it does not mean they are any less valid or worthy of acceptance and equality Across the world women have faced discrimination prejudice harassment gender based violence sexual assault and bias In 2013 a report by UNESCO found that at least 31 million girls between the ages of four to thirteen were not in school The gender pay gap is so broad that women only earn one tenth of the world s income even though they work two thirds of the total working hours This gap is even broader for women of colour 225 million women in developing countries still have a need for family planning and lack the proper information and tools to handle unplanned pregnancies According to the World Health Organization WHO at least 800 women die from preventable pregnancy related causes due to a lack of proper health care According to WHO at least one in three women experience gender based violence including sexual assault in their lifetimes In South 40 of women have experienced this alone and this is only the cases that have been reported 140 million girls will become child brides between 2011 and 2020 95 of the 195 countries in the world are led by men These are some of the few shocking statistics regarding the issues women face in the world Yet still the question is still raised why do we need feminism There appears to be a stigma and general misconception surrounding the term feminism So let me define it for you Feminism is a range of social movements political movements and ideologies that aim to define establish and achieve the political economic personal and social equality of the sexes Essentially a feminist is a person of no specific gender who believes in equality The argument that tends to be made surrounding feminism is that men and women are not the same so how can there be equality Simply equality is in no way synonymous to sameness Men and women are not inherently the same Biology has taught as that both sexes have different biological aspects Yet it still does not justify forgoing equal rights and opportunities

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The more feminism is spoken about the more I realise that fighting for women s rights has become synonymous to man hating Feminism is not meant to be boy bashing manhating and the enforcement of a make believe gender hierarchy where females run the world and we have the same political policies as that of a beehive Feminism is believing in equality on an intersectional level Intersectional feminism sounds complicated to understand but it is far from it Intersectional feminism includes how gender and other forms of discrimination and prejudice like race class age socio economic status disability sexual orientation gender identity religion and ethnicity relate to one another Now for a brief history as to where feminism came from The history of modern western feminism can be divided into four waves The first was the women s suffrage movement between 1840 and 1920 which campaigned for the right for women to vote The second wave was the second wave feminist movement of the 1960s which focused on discrimination and inequality The third wave feminist movement which began in 1992 and it focused on micro politics and questioned society s definition of femininity Fourth wave feminism started in 2012 and it was the Me Too movement which used the media to fight against gender based violence rape culture and sexual assault and it highlighted intersectional feminism The feminist movements advocating for women s rights all throughout history allow for the preconceived notion that it means girls are better than boys In the past women had hardly any rights and compared to men no opportunities So a large group of women decided to fight for their rights and that s how feminism began Yes they were fighting for women s rights but ultimately they were fighting for equality There are many views on feminism Some inwardly or outwardly do not support the idea that there should be equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women There are thousands who believe in equal rights but find feminism a word and a movement that does not align with their personal beliefs or values It is profusely clear that each person s view on feminism is deeply embedded in their own experiences and feelings rather than on scientific research and data Essentially if you have faced discrimination sexual harassment prejudice or gender based bias than you will indisputably know that it is real and it happens

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cartoonist NICOLE SANGULERO CARTOON Although this is Nicole s last cartoon with the magazine we are quite sure she s going places so watch this space

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