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This is a guide that will help you survive on an island

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Island Survival Guide

Food and Water

Step One: Look for trees or bushes that might have fruit or berries.

Step Two: Collect enough food to last you while and then make a stockpile.

Step Three: find a good water source (coconut or freshwater stream).

Step Four: Collect food and water every week.

Step Five: Eat your meal and enjoy it.


Step one: collect fallen logs, vines, and leaves.


Step Two: Make a plan on how you will build your shelter and where.

Step Three: Build your shelter.

Step Four: Put your stockpile of food in your shelter.

Step Five: Make a bed where you can somewhat comfortably sleep.


Self Defense

Step one: find a sturdy branch that you can turn into a spear shaft.

Step Two: Find a sharp rock that you can use to make a spear point.

Step Three: Get vine and or sap to attach the spearhead to the stick.

Step Five: Now you have a tool to hunt with go to page five to see hunting.


Step one: Find a pig run or a group of lounging boars.

Step Two: get your spear ready that you built on page four.

Step Three: Sneak up as quietly as you can and select your target.

Step Four: Do not kill the mother she will produce more prey.

Step Five: ATTACK! and go for the throat or the spine.

Step Six: Bring pig back to base and have a filling meal.


Being Saved

Step One: Make a signal fire and if you see a boat or plane put green leaves on it, they make the most smoke.

Step Two: Don't lose hope that's when you go insane or die.

Step Three: Get Saved

Step Four: Be Happy you bought this book.