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By: Tyler Isbell





Our first friends have three sides and three angles.  The angles add up to 180 degrees in triangles.  Some have long sides and some have sides that are all the same length.




Our next friends have four sides.  All together, their four angles add up to 360 degrees.  Some rectangles have special names: Do you know the special name for the red rectangle?

For pentagons, the angles add up to 540 degrees and the number of sides add up to 5.   In the United States, there is a special building made in this shape.  Do you know where it is located?



Six sides make up this polygon friend, who has a total of 720 degrees within its six angles.

What odd shapes seven sides can bring.  

The seven angles add up to 900 degrees.


Did you see a stop sign when you looked at this polygon friend?  I'm sure that you did.  With eight sides and eight angles, it's easy to see.  1080 degrees are included inside!


There are a few patterns that our polygon friends share.  Did you see it?  Can you find it?