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Spanish and american menus

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500 g of fabes
2 fresh sausages
2 Asturian puddings
200 g of cured bacon
1 bone or top of ham
2 Garlic cloves go out
2 Spoonfuls of olive oil
1 Onion
1 Leek
1. The previous night we put to soaking the string beans in abundant cold water and in
another container the bacon if it is without desalting.
2. In a casserole we warm the olive oil. We mark the meats a few minutes and add the
onion and the clean leek and the garlics with skin. We throw the drained fabes and
cover with cold water. We lead to boiling.
3. It is this moment "we" "scare" the fabes adding a trickle of cold water. When it begins
to boil again, we repeat this step that we will do three times in total. Once scared and
when the water boils again, we lower the fire, but that is kept the constant bubbly
water, which it does chup chup. We move the casserole occasionally in order that the
fabes suelten the starch and the broth is thickening little by little.
4. After approximately two hours we withdraw the leek, the onion and the garlic cloves
to a plate. We crush with the mixer the half of the onion and the garlic cloves with a
bit of the broth of the boiling and some fabe. We add it to the casserole and mix
wagging again the pot. Salamos.
5. Comprobamos the boiling and we stop until the fabes are very tender, buttery. We
rectify of salt if it was necessary.
6. We Serve the very warm fabada accompanied of the meats.
Spanish omelette
6 eggs
3 potatoes (600 gr)
1 small onion
1 green pepper
2 glasses of olive oil go out a leaf of parsley
1. Peels and punctures the onion in medium dice. It cleans the green pepper, withdraw
the stem and the pips from him and cut it in dice.
2. If the potatoes were dirty, spend them for water. Peel them, them cut for the half
lengthways and later short every chunk in averages lunas thin of 1/2 centimeters.
3. It introduces everything in the frying pan, ripens to your taste and fries to soft fire
during 25-30 minutes. He withdraws the fritter and drain it. The oil goes on to a
container and reserve it.
4. It cleans the frying pan with absorbent paper of kitchen. It cracks the eggs, place them
in a big container and beat them. Put sal to your taste, he adds the fritter of potatoes,
onion and pepper and mixes well.
5. He places the frying pan again in the fire, adds a trickle of the reserved oil and adds the
mixture. It removes a bit with a spoon of wood and wait (20 seconds) to which it starts
6. It separates the edges, the frying pan covers with a plate of major diameter that the
frying pan and give him the return. Throw it again in order that it becomes set for
another side.
French toasts of milk
1 loaf of the previous day
700ml of entire milk
1 twig of cinnamon the rinds (without the white part, only that of color) of a lemon
and an orange to possible being organic 2 eggs
100g of sugar soft Olive oil to fry (there is the one who uses that of sunflower)
1. We start by cutting the bread in not very thin slices, approximately of 2,5-3 cm of
thickness. In a ladle we put the milk, with the rinds of orange and lemon, the branch of
cinnamon and the sugar to warming and just before it begins to boil, withdraw of the
fire and stop to unfuse during a few minutes until it is lukewarm. We are wetting the
slices, steeping well each one and setting them to rest in a tray during approximately 5
minutes in order that the bread acquires the flavor of the milk and stay good like that
2. Immediately afterwards we are spending them for the well-trodden egg, for both sides
and in a frying pan with abundant oil to a temperature not superior to the 170 º are
frying our French toasts supporting the fire to half an intensity and giving the return to
every French toast once gilded by one of the sides, up to obtaining them gilded for
both sides, approximately we will have them in the oil approximately 2-3 minutes as
every French toast. I recommend to throw them of two in two in order that they fry
good and us the oil is not cooled. Important to monitor that they do not burn us and to
strain the oil of so much while to withdraw the troublesome dark fibers (remains of
egg) that can stick us to the French toasts doing that we still have these ugly.
3. On having extracted them we drain them well on an absorbent paper in order that
they do not remain oily. Immediately afterwards we can serve them as is, with a sirope
of honey reduced with water, or we like since them in house dusted with sugar. A trick
of my friend Pili for the latter option is like we extract them of the oil, with a
paintbrush we paint them with little unfused milk and later we dust with the sugar …
hereby the sugar caramelize and it is done as a soft syrup that contributes a flavor and
delicious texture! I hope that you have liked and that you enjoy them during these
days of Holy Week! I will turn spent the vacations with more recipes and fondness!
Cheese fries
½ kilos of potatoes.
100gr of Edarn cheese.
150gr of bacon.
Time of preparation: 20 min.
Time of cooking: 10 min
1. You should prepare the sauce the day before cooking to get a best flavor.
2. You have to fry the potatoes in olive oil and drain them a little bit on a paper
3. Turn on the oven to 220 grades.
4. Cut the bacon and cook it.
5. When the potatoes are hot, you have to add salt and we lay the sauce on them.
6. Mix them very well and add cheese and bacon on the potatoes.
7. Then, you have to fry the potatoes during a minute on the pan (it mustn’t be
well done, because later we are going to finish it in the oven).
8. You have to bake it under the grill during five minutes to get the cheese
American recipie
2 Spoons of cut onion.
2 spoons of ketchup.
500 g meat.
2 slices of cheddar cheese.
2 breads of hamburger.
1 spoon of oil.
1. Cook the meat during 6/8 minutes.
2. During the last minute, lay the cheese on the hamburger. And if you want you
can put the burger with the cheese on, inside the microwave.
3. You have to toast the bread.
4. Lay the hamburger into the bread with the other ingredients like the lechuce.
Chocolate chip cookies
260g of flavor
½ of coffee
170g of butter
220g of brown sugar
100g of sugar
1 spoon of vanilla
1 egg
300g Little bits of chocolate
1. Mix the butter, the brown sugar and the normal sugar in a bowl.
2. If you want to use the vanilla, you have to add it now.
3. Add the egg and stat mixing again.
4. Sieve the flavor with the salt.
5. Add them in the bowl and mix it again.
6. Add the bits and mix them with a spoon.
7. Lay the mix in the fridge during 20 minutes.
8. Turn on the oven to 170 grades.
9. When the mix is cold you have to make small balls.
10. Put them in the oven and in 15 minutes they will be finished