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High School Survival Guide

Chapter 5

AP English Literature

#1 Remain in the Class!

  • This class is beneficial!
  • Strengthen your writing skills which are necessary through college,
  • Regular classes only give you a very basic course of English,
  • Analyzing books with discussions
  • You'll be surprised by your improvement after finishing
  • AND Ms. Q. is an awesome teacher!

Books read last year

#2 Homework Tips

  • Pay attention in class!
  • Use given strategies and techniques to finish quicker
  • Don't write sloppy essays!
  • Organize yourself and your time

#3 How to Study for the AP Exam

  • Study over the entire course, not just the day before
  • Examine sample essays
  • Take online practice tests
  • Practice writing your thesis well

#4 Tips to Survive the Exam

  • Take advantage of Q's practice tests
  • Deconstruct the prompt
  • Go underneath the iceberg of the passage 
  • Aim for a 5 in your essays, but write for a 9
    • Reread complex and important sentences
    • Ask yourself often, "What does this sentence, paragraph, speech, stanza, or chapter mean?"

#5 Best Parts of the Class

(and how to enjoy them)

  1. Discussions: be part of them!
  2. Reading books: connect yourself to the characters of the story
  3. College preparation: see your constant improvement of your work 
  4. The teacher: be part of her discussions and/or listen for her inside jokes

#6 Worst Parts of the Class

(and how to survive them)

  1. Major Works Data Sheet: divide the work by days
  2. Writing essays: work gradually and base it of your well written thesis
  3. Reading large number of pages per day: get a head start in school! Also use audio books or sparknotes but limit yourself to it
  4. Homework: pay attention in class, stay after school and/or work on it ASAP

#7 Ms Q

  • Loves the color purple
  • Loves to speak her mind
  • Loves teaching and her students
  • Loves movies
  • Wears glasses on top of glasses
  • Again, she's awesome!