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Irresistible Lead Magnets Guide

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www.BabyGotBotCourses.com30 Irresistible Lead MagnetsYour Audience Will ActuallyWant To Sign Up ForLEAD MAGNET CHEAT SHEET & TEMPLATE

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BUT FIRST, STRATEGYA lead magnet, AKA freebie or opt-in, is a type of content youprovide that people will find irresistible. You offer something thatfolks can’t refuse, and they click on it, giving you their contactinformation in the process. A lead magnet might be an ebook, video, quiz, or any other type ofdigital content. Lead magnets are all about giving something awayfor free in exchange for an email address or another form ofcontact info. For the purpose of this guide, we're focusing on text-based contentyou can package as a downloadable PDF. That being said, does a "free downloadable PDF" sound like anenticing title for your freebie? Nope! No one wants another PDFfile, they want the benefit inside. This is why you need a concise &compelling title to convey the benefit and desirable outcome ofyour lead magnet, so your audience says "Yes I need this!" Before we get started, here are three questions to ask yourselfabout the value of your lead magnet and what you should call it.

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www.BabyGotBotCourses.comLead Magnet Cheat Sheet & Template3 Questions To Gain Clarity On The BenefitOf Your Lead Magnet And What To Call It1. Who is this for?e.g. Coaches who want to generate more leads and grow their email list.2. What is the niche topic?e.g. Lead generation tasks that can be automated.3. What is the desired outcome?e.g. Increase business revenue and reduce workload so coaches can focus ondelivering quality coaching services and building community.

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1. Starter GuideHow To Get Started With [Niche Topic] SoYou Can [Desirable Outcome]TITLE IDEA2. Beginner's GuideHow To Achieve [Desirable Outcome] EvenIf You Have No Skills Or Experience3. DIY GuideHow To Achieve [Desirable Outcome]Without Hiring A Hiring Professional4. FAQ GuideExpert Advice & Answers To Your Top 20[Niche Topic] Questions5. Step-By-Step Guide3 Fast & Simple Steps To Achieve [DesirableOutcome]6. Essential Checklist30 Essential Items/Requirements/CriteriaYou Need For [Desirable Outcome]7. Playbook10 Next-Level Tactics To Improve OrTransform Your [Niche Topic] Results8. Expert Guide30 Secret Tips & Tactics From The Top[Niche Topic] Experts9. Quickstart Guide3 Quick & Easy Steps To Achieve [DesirableOutcome]10. Cheat Sheet30 Hacks, Ideas, Methods Or Formula For[Desirable Outcome]TYPE OF GUIDE/RESOURCEwww.BabyGotBotCourses.comLead Magnet Cheat Sheet & Template

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11. Strategy GuideThe Proven Strategy To Achieve[Desirable Outcome]12. Tools & Resource Guide30 Recommended Tools & Resources For[Niche Topic] Or [Specific People]13. Comparison GuideThe Pros & Cons Of [Niche Topic] And HowTo Decide What's Right For You14. Fact Sheet10 Essential Research-Backed Facts YouNeed To Know About [Niche Topic]15. Information GuideEverything You Need To Know About[Niche Topic] For [Specific People]16. Mythbuster Guide10 Myths And The Truth About [NicheTopic] According To A Qualified Expert17. Tips & Tricks Guide10 Genius Tips & Tricks For [Niche Topic]Or [Desirable Outcome]18. Ideas & Inspiration Guide50 Creative Ideas For [Niche Topic]Or [Desirable Outcome]19. Product ReviewThe Good, Bad & Ugly Of [Niche Topic]Item, Product Or Service20. Dos & Don'ts Guide10 Common [Niche Topic] Mistakes ToAvoid And What To Do Insteadwww.BabyGotBotCourses.comLead Magnet Cheat Sheet & TemplateTITLE IDEATYPE OF GUIDE/RESOURCE

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21. Workbook10 Fill-In-The-Blank Questions To GainClarity On [Niche Topic]22. Self-Assessment Guide10 Questions To Assess Your Level Of[Niche Topic] Knowledge23. Time Saving Guide10 Clever Hacks To Save Hours On[Niche Topic] Task Or Process24. Money Saving Guide10 Genius Ways To Save Money On[Niche Topic] Item Or Activity25. Survival GuideHow To Get Through [Niche Topic]Challenge, Without Losing Your Sanity26. Goal TrackerYour Daily Tracker To Help You StayAccountable And Achieve Your Goals27. RoadmapYour Step-By-Step Roadmap To SupportYour [Niche Topic] Journey 28. Planner30 Day Planner To Help You Plan AndAchieve [Desirable Outcome]29. Swipe File30 Fill-In-The-Blank [Niche Topic] PromptsYou Can Copy For [Desirable Outcome]30. Activity Guide50 [Niche Topic] Activities/Tasks You CanDo For [Desirable Outcome]www.BabyGotBotCourses.comLead Magnet Cheat Sheet & TemplateTITLE IDEATYPE OF GUIDE/RESOURCE

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www.BabyGotBotCourses.comLEAD MAGNET CHECKLIST10 important criteria for creatinga winning lead magnet togenerate leads and grow youremail list.

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1. Instantly attracts the interest of your target audience2. Helps to solve a problem or struggle your audience faces3. Your audience is willing to provide their email to access it4. Looks professionally designed and branded5. The content is quick and simple to scan, read and digest6. Does not cause information overload or overwhelm7. Home printer friendly (low-ink) if intended to be printed8. Provides value even if your audience does not purchase9. Leaves your audience wanting more of what you offer10. Drives the next steps along the purchase journeywww.BabyGotBotCourses.comWinning Lead Magnet Checklist10 IMPORTANT CRITERIA FOR CREATING AWINNING LEAD MAGNET.

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READY TO CREATE YOURNEXT LEAD MAGNET? By now, your creative juices should be flowing forwhat your next lead magnet could be and what tocall it. You can even use this template to create it. Any questions or want some feedback? Join the FreeBaby Got Bot Circle Community.