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Iridium Hero's Journey 

                Blacka was a shy and very quiet person. He was always alone and he didn’t have any friends. At school the other kids like to make fun of him and always teased him because he looked different with his metallic skin. He had a normal life he went to school, came home, and went to sleep. He just thought that nothing would ever change about his boring life. 

However, one day he had a dream about this planet Ugapatamia which he thought was a fake planet until Audrina came into his room one night and told him it was a real planet. The was a young, sweet, pretty girl. She told him that he was born there and that his parents had saved him and sent him to Earth so that he would live. She also told him that the evil Deathia was behind everything and she was a short but powerful young lady who turned into a supervillan when she found out that someone killed her parents and she was turning all her slaves into zombie soldiers. Deathia was going from planet to planet conquering it and earning more slaves. 

Blacka realized that she would soon be coming to Earth and he was trembling. He asked Audrina what they were going to do since she was coming. Audrina said “Blacka do not fear for you are much mightier than she is and more powerful than she will ever be.” Blacka didn’t believe her and asked “how can I defeat her? She can conquer planets and I’m just a normal human.” Audrina explained that he had super powers such as radiation blast and super strength. 

Blacka and Audrina spent day and night training for the big fight with Deathia. They would practice concentrating so that he could use his powers, aim, fire, and hit. Blacka started thinking one night that he might not be ready to fight Deathia because she already knew how to use her powers and he didn’t. He didn’t think it was fair so he decided that he should just try and forget everything and run away. He packed his things and left.

                When Audrina had woken up that morning she was confused on where Blacka was and why he wasn’t in the house. She soon realized that he had left and wasn’t coming back. She went out in search of Blacka. She was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to find him until out of the corner of her eye she spotted him. She told him that he was the only one who could save Earth. She finally go through to Blacka and he prepared for battle.

Deathia arrived and started sending her zombie soldiers out to help conquer Earth. Blacka sprang into action and one by one blasting them and fighting them. One by one they each fell until Blacka saw someone he recognized. He saw his parents. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know if he should fight them or not. He finally just decided to fight them and cure them later.

Finally Blacka reached Deathia. Blacka shot her with his radioactive power but she moved. She shot him laser gun and wounded him. He fell to the ground and she thought it was over. Blacka quickly got up and shot her with his powers when she wasn’t looking and Trapped her. While she was trying to set herself free Blacka was trying to think of a way finish this once and for all. He finally just grabbed a banana and blasted it towards her and defeated the evil Deathia.

After she was defeated all of her zombie slaves turned back to normal. Blacka rushed over to where his parents were and helped them. He gave them a big hug and was so happy to see his parents. They were all happy to be reunited after so many years and everything was right again. 

The End