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Luna was a young girl of seven years. She was a quiet, caring girl with bluish-black hair. She lived a simple life and called a little cottage on a hill home. One day while stargazing, with her father, on the front lawn she saw something soar through the sky and crash at the bottom of the hill. As she approached it, she saw a little alien climbing out of what looked like a mini space ship. It was crying and resembled a little slightly triangular circle. It could hover in mid air.

"Are you okay?"Asked Luna. The alien shook her head, But looked up at Luna when she started talking. "What happened? Do you plan to fix our lawn? Where are you from? How did you make a Space ship? Did you do it alone? How old are you, I'm seven. Can you understand me? Do you speak English?" The alien looked overwhelmed and Luna noticed. "Oh... um sorry if I Surprised you... Well hi, I'm Luna, my dad's an astronomer, Welcome to my home Earth, did dad invite you?

The alien twiddled a few nobs on some device it was carrying, which was probably a translator, and said "Hello, I'm lilac. I'm lost, I don't know where my mother is, so can you help me?" Lilac was on the verge of tears just talking about it. "It's okay, don't cry, I can help you." Said Luna in a sympathetic voice."I know how it feels to lose somebody... I think we should call dad to help you fix your ship." And off they were, Luna and her Lilac.

A few days later Luna and her Lilac were ready to find where Lilac's mother was. Luna bid goodbye to her father and brother and she was off.

2 days had gone by, and their were no signs of lilacs mother. Luna took out her fathers telescope to look out. "Any sign of her Luna?" Said Lilac. "Sorry, not yet" Luna said sadly. Lilac frowned. She hadn't seen her parents for ages. She's only really been happy ever since Luna started taking care of her. Lilac was 4 as of that day. She is from the planet Irostoy and when she got lost, she was too young to remember where home was. Lilac was driving the ship since Luna didn't know how to. Lilac was determined to find home.

6 Month's had passed since Luna had left Earth and she was growing sad, longing the last moment when she was still in her family's presence. Lilac had lost hope and they decided to go back to Earth where Luna could take care of Lilac. "Luna, I've already told you, we can't go back to Earth, I've searched for day's and I can't find it." Lilac told Luna. "Keep searching, I'm sure we will find it soon, we just need to keep our eye's peeled." Said Luna determined. "Luna, for the last time, we can't, I'm sorry." Lilac said sadly. Luna knew the truth, she just didn't want to except that she was lost far away from home possibly never to see her family again. "I'm going to land on an asteroid that is smooth and has materials on it. We can build a house on it and grow our own plants. It could be just like your old home." Lilac told to Luna in an encouraging kind of voice.

Soon enough, Luna and Lilac landed on the asteroid and after one month, they built a little cottage and garden. Luna and Lilac were well off and lived a simple, lonely life with only each other. Luna was now eight. They had their happy and their sad times but they were always together. One day, while Luna was watching over the garden, she saw a very familiar planet, Her home Earth. She took out her telescope and said, "Lilac! It's Earth! Were saved!" She was so exited and she looked out the telescope at her previous home.

Luna looked back at her home, the tree where she used to have picnics with her once alive mother, where she used to stargaze on the front lawn with her father, and sled down the hill with her brother. Luna started to cry. "I want to go home" She said through tears. "I don't want to be here for one more moment." "It's okay Luna, We will get through this together" Lilac said reassuring Luna. " We have to go home now, It's my only chance!" Yelled Luna. "No we can't." Said Lilac calmly, "I need to stay in space so that I can find MY family, and I need your help". " No! I will not listen to you, I miss my family!"  Screamed Luna. After that, Luna didn't speak to Lilac at all, but she also didn't plan to go to Earth, she cared for Lilac a lot, and didn't want anything bad to happen to her.

Many years had passed since the Earth incident and Luna was now twelve. She was very mature since she had to live off her own wits for a good five years in space with a young alien who was now five, since she aged slower. One day, Luna was in her bed room when she heard a shriek of joy. " Lilac, are you okay?" She asked in a sweet tone. She hadn't thought of home for a very long time. She was happy with her sweet Lilac. "Luna! Luna!They're here!They're here!" Lilac said in a happy voice. " Who's Here" Asked Luna in a skeptical tone. She had never heard Lilac so happy.

"Luna! Meet my family! I'm going home!" Said Lilac while giving her mother a big hug. Lilac had a big family. Four sisters and six brothers. Luna was silent but had a big smile on her face. She was feeling many emotions at the time, happy for lilac, sad because she knew that Lilac was going to leave and speechless because she was thinking of her own family. Luna heard the familiar twiddling of nobs. " Thank you so much for keeping our little Lilac safe." Said Lilac's Mother. ""Here is a gift to show our gratitude." And with that Lilac's mother gave Luna a little packet. Your welcome." Luna said. " Well, I guess this means goodbye Lilac, I'll never forget you" . "Goodbye Luna" And with that Lilac left. Luna had never felt so alone.

Luna opened up the pack and got pulled into it. She was back into her six year old body and could see her mother a small distance away. Luna couldn't take it any more, she was so alone and she just lost her only companion, Lilac. She started to cry. Just at that moment, Luna woke up. She opened her eyes and saw that she was still laying down in the front lawn, on the grass, except she was still twelve. She looked up and saw her Mother. She was back! Luna couldn't feel happier! Then she saw her brother and her father. It was a great moment. But was Lilac all a dream? It couldn't have been, she's twelve now... Then she heard a sickening CRASH! Luna sat up to see an oddly familiar space ship. And their she was running towards Lilac.