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Internet Safety

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Internet Safety

By: The Beachball Buddies

(7siennak10, 7kristinlsoccer42, 7nataniaj:), and 7tylerwpineapplewilly aka- Sienna K, Kristin L, Natania J, and Tyler W.)

Internet Safety Rules #1-2

1.)  I WILL think before I post.

-I will not share personal information on the internet.


2.) I WILL respect my peers online.

-I will not say anything threatening or rude to others on the web like me.

- I will not hurt anyone by doing anything that can affect them.

Tip #2: If you feel uncomfortable about what some told you online, tell a trusted adult, parent, or guradian.

Tip #1: Don't share personal information with someone you don't know online.

Internet Safety Rules #3-4

3.) I WILL be careful when meeting online friends in person.

- I will ask a parent or guardian before going.

- I will have a parent or guardian accompany me.

- I will meet in a public place.


4.)I WILL protect myself online.

If someone hurts my feelings:

- I will not respond.

- I will save the evidence.

- I will tell a parent, guardian, or trusted adult.

- I will report to the website, cell phone company,, or the police.

Tip #3: It is very simple to hurt someone online when not the intention, so remember be nice!

The 5 B's:

-Be calm. Try to not write in all capitals. Someone might think you are shouting or yelling at them.

-Be cool. Avoid sending any messages when you are angry.

-Be kind. If you think it is rude to say something to someone's face, then don't send in on the internet either.

-Be honest. Do not copy or claim someone else's work. Get permission to use someone's copyrighted work.

-Be clear. Make an effort to use correct grammar and spelling so others can understand your message. 



RP x 3:

-Respect yourself. I will ensure the privacy of my information and I will respect myself through my actions. 

-Protect yourself. I will protect my accounts and I will report any bad happenings. 

-Respect others. I will go to sites I am instructed and none other unless my teacher approves and I will not hurt anyone.

-Protect others. I will report any bad situations and will not forward information. 

-Respect property. I will request to use certain websites or informational sources. 

_Protect property. I will buy my own music and media and not download music and media illegally.

TIp #4: If you post a sarcastic comment, remember it is harder to tell if you are joking online because the person can't see you online!


In conclusion, being safe on the internet is very important. IF you make one bad move it could change the rest of your life, but it will most likely change your life in a bad way. If you simply remember how many people are online, majority of them are not bad. Therefor, don't overthink this whole situation. Just remember that be nice to others and you will be treated the same and if anything bad were to happen, you would always teall a parent or guardian first. Always respect others in real life or online, either way be the person you are deep down, nice and respectful to others surrounding you. Stay safe on the internet and remember always be kind!