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EditorialAndy SlamansCo-founderAmazing Freedom1

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It didn't happen with just one purchase. But relatively quickly, this new home became a money trap for us in a way we hadn't expected or experienced before. WhatWhat was supposed to be our dream home, turned into a nightmare for our financial freedom.. And I'd love to tell you that I quickly came to my senses, slowed down my spending and righted the ship before the first payment came due. ButBut that's the thing about addicting activities...once you start, it's hard to stop. And once you are in deep, you feel like you are stuck on this never ending treadmill. So,So, the house remodel was just the very beginning. This went on for years and years... And I am ashamed to say...that $50,000 credit card debt grew into $150,0000. We knew we were in a massive debt bubble and couldn't keep living like this. I had to do something! I had to do something! And then one day, we got hit with a huge setback that changed everything... And forced me into a breaking point. The day came when we decided to do what all young married couples dream of PURCHASE OUR FIRST HOME! So, we searched and searched and eventually we found a house in the very economically depressed North Philadelphia just one block away from the church that Deanna and I were married in. AsAs new homeowners, we were excited to start renovating our new house! Yes, it would be a lot of work...but we had high school and junior high kids that would be helping us, and I could do most of the work myself. NO PROBLEM. OfOf course, that's when the problems started. Because the plan was to stick to our modest budget...go as much as I could myself and make all the right choices with the renovations. ButBut sometimes it's hard to stick to the plan. I made a bad decision that started a series of unfortunate events in my I became addicted to spending. 2

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She graduated from high school, went on to college and then the boarding school helped pay her college tuition during her junior and senior year when she was completely out of money and needed funds to finish. SheShe was so grateful for how this school had changed her life, that she actually came back to the school and for 18 years she helped kids who were just like her. Who just needed some help and guidance. I’I’ve been married to that girl – my wife Deanna - for over 25 years now. She’s my rock and my hero. That’s why when we found ourselves $150,000 in debt, I knew I needed to make a massive change. ThisThis wasn’t the life I wanted for my wife. For our kids. She was a fighter and I promised her that I would be too. So one night, after staring at another pile of bills for what seemed like hours… I made a drastic decision. Eventually, I knew that our debt bubble was going to pop. So instead of waiting for that to happen, I popped it myself! II cut up all our credit cards. Every one. I was going to beat this spending addiction. And after a few years of very hard work... we were credit card debt free! ItIt was like a weight that had been hanging over us for years and years was finally lifted. But, through the stress of the whole situation, I realized I didn’t want to JUST stay out of debt... I wanted to be financially independent so that we had the freedom to live the life we always dreamed of. UnfortunatelUnfortunately, it was also just about that time that we also had some major bad news dropped on us by our employer - that would result in us losing over $2,000,000! 3

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Without this package, our financial picture and retirement looked very different. I had a major epiphany – an “ah-ha!” moment of sorts. TheThe company that I worked for really didn’t care about me. In fact, no large company or corporation or government body was going to take care of me. I had to shape my own future. So I started looking… AndAnd it wasn’t too long after that, I had a neighbor tell me the strangest thing... She was selling books and stuff around her house on a site called Amazon! She said I should give it a try. It sounded like a ponzi scheme to me. ButBut after a little research and nudging, I gave it a try... This was unbelievable for us... All of the sudden our financial goals seemed possible again. I could impact our financial future and hold the power. I didn’t stop... and the next year we sold over $420,000! AtAt this point, I was feeling pretty confident... So much so, that the following year in May 2014 - I actually quit my job to sell on Amazon full time! I was on top of the world! OfOf course, that’s when it’s the easiest to get pushed off... And almost immediately after I quit my job, I put my family in financial jeopardy again. And made a mistake so bad that it had me sick to my stomach and puking in the toilet... And you know what? It was real! I can still remember seeing that first “Ship now” email. Can still remember what it felt like when that first deposit hit the bank account. It wasn’t much... but it was real. AndAnd I was hooked! Really hooked. (you can see how I easily get hooked on things) I must have listed half the stuff in our house on Amazon. Then I moved to garage sales, thrift stores and retail arbitrage. II think I visited every discount store, scratch-and-dent location and thrift shop in Pennsylvania at one point. And after the first full year of selling... We hit $120,000 in sales! married life. The latest product that I was bringing in was a silicone spatula set (hey, it was 2014!). But not just any old boring silicone spatulas. GREEN!!SoSo I set up my codes at 9pm to give out to some friends and in some groups the next day (because you had to wait a few hours for them to go live) and then I went to bed to dream about all the money I’d soon be making. But at around 2AM I woke up with a funny feeling. My mind was racing and I just had a feeling something was wrong. Did I set those codes up right? II rushed to my computer and pulled up Seller Central. My sales were the highest they had ever been! But that wasn’t a good thing… It was a very bad thing. AllAll the sales had a claimed coupon with them… YYou see, back then Amazon had a little box that you had to uncheck when you were creating coupons. And if you didn’t the coupon code would be displayed right on your Amazon listing. Where ANYONE could see the code to get the product for free! And some devious peoplepeople had created programs to scan Amazon looking for coupons and then would share them around in groups looking for free product. My code got found and shared. I lost $10,000 in a single night! 4

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And just like that, I was out $10,000 in less than an hour. I was physically sick and spent most the rest of the night puking in the toilet. $10,000 was A LOT of money for us at the time. I had just quit my good paying job! WWas it too late to go back? How was I going to face Deanna? How could I tell her I made another stupid financial move that would set us back? What if she didn’t forgive me this time? II tearfully went to Deanna and told her what happened. How I had basically just flushed $10,000 down the toilet because I forgot to uncheck a stupid little hidden box on the Amazon coupon setup screen (they got rid of this eventually by the way...). SheShe was rightfully confused... but I still remember when she looked at me and said, “Andy, it’s going to be OK. We will make it work.” That was all I needed. I was still beat up and scared for a little while after that. But I didn’t give up. I sold the rest of those green spatulas I had (they were actually pretty good...!) AndAnd I kept bringing in more of my own brands of products. And I didn’t stop. And in January of 2021, I actually SOLD my first major brand that I created on Amazon… Which allowed me to make one of my wife’s lifelong dreams come true. HundredsHundreds of other sellers have been able to completely change their financial picture as well with the power of Amazon. And after years of selling on Amazon, creating multiple 7-figure brands on Amazon (and now a brand that did over $10,000,000 in 2021)… I was able to sell my first brand in January of this year. WhichWhich finally made my wife’s dream of owning her big home where she could host family and friends a reality. And in August, we were actually able to have over 200 of our Amazon Seller Tribe members come to a meetup at our house! Most days I still wake up and find it hard to believe that a few short years ago we were $150k in debt… (There's Garry Ray and Gaye Lisby getting the Tribe members fired up!!) And this year we were blessed to buy this $1MM home with 100% cash. And now we are reaching our financial goals and helping others to do the same. But what’s so amazing to me, is that my story is not unique at all. InIn our Amazing Freedom programs, including the Amazon Seller Tribe, we have over 100 members who are now selling $1MM+ annually on Amazon… In fact, we get screenshots like the one above on a weekly basis.PPeople going from struggle and despair to winning and freedom. Finances being changed. Family being changed. Marriages being changed. Lives changing. So whether that’s already your story… OrOr you are on the path to making it happen… I want to help you. Over the past 9 years of selling on Amazon I’ve seen a lot of Amazon sellers come and go. I’I’ve seen a lot of people sharing advice come and go too… But I’ve found that there are timeless principles that work year after year. I want to share those principles with you as well as the latest ways we are making our financial goals a reality. So again, I invite you to become an Amazing Freedom Insider so I can best share those with you. It takes 15 seconds and Ipromise I'll do everything I can to add value to you next year if you do. And whether you do or not… II hope I can add value to your life in some small way in 2022. Thanks for your support and being part of this Amazing Amazon community. 5

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$10,000,000 ChallengeDecember 2021: Sales and End of The Year Key Learning Why we're doing the 10,000,000 challenge: For the last 2 years, we have been all-in focused on growing our brand. We had to break down everything we thought we knew about creating a 7-figure Amazon brand… because we realized that what works for building a 7-figure brand does NOT work for getting to 8-figures. FFrom account management to PPC to hiring and managing team members: we discovered what systems and principles worked. We have successfully hit the 8-figure mark, but not without its challenges. Some of our main products have gone through product life cycles (increased competition, increasing ad costs,costs, etc.). So despite those challenges, we still are aiming to hit $10,000,000+ in sales in 2022. But this year, we want to take you along for the journey to see how we’re doing it. So in 2022, we’ll be breaking down our monthly sales, PPC costs, systems, key hiring decisions, tools we are developing, and month-to-month updates on our $10,000,000 challenge. Are you joining us for the challenge? Whether you are trying to get to 7-figures or 8-figures and beyond, what we covcover will help you. Let’s get into it! 7

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DECEMBER 2021 STATS: Summary:• Ended the month at $468,462 • Up 2.5% vs November 2021 • Overall Conversion Across All150 ASINs: 12.51% vs 12.96% Last Month • Session Value: $9.74/Session vs $8.69/Session Last Month • ACoS: Down 23.27% vs 25.84% Last Month • TACoS at 13.04% vs 15.27% Last Month UnlikeUnlike most sellers who see a huge boost in sales during the 1st and 4th quarter of the year, we generally see a decline during this time. This was especially true for us in 2021. This is mostly due to the seasonality of our particular products. We also ran into some supply chain/shipping challenges at the end of 2021. Plus, we know how Amazon can suddenly take your listings down, we had a few of our best-selling ASINs down for a week in DecembeASINs down for a week in December. SinceSince we saw the decline in sales and demand for our products this year compared to last year, we knew that our profits would be on the thinner side too (plus FBA Storage Fees are triple during November and December and our shipping costs had been going up all year). With this, we decided to keep a very close eye on our profits and margins and tried to CONSCIOUSLY get our spend (PPC) down. InIn our case, we realized that our products weren’t probably going to sell much during this last quarter. We saw two months of sales drop which always hurts. That being said, we were seeing that our BSRs for our core products (our ‘Hero skus’) were already within the Top 3 of its niches constantly (indicating the entire niche is down). So, we reconfigured our goals and instead focused on PROFITABLE SALES. We had adjustedadjusted the KPIs that we were monitoring closely to the following: These were the biggest metrics that you need to monitor if you want to actively get higher profits. Again, we decided to do this during our oo-peak months since we know this is the highest sales velocity we can get (from our BSR already at its lowest) during this time. • TACoS (total advertising cost of sales)– gives you a good idea of how well you’re using your spend • % Bleeders – this is the PPC spend that did not convert to any sales at all •• True Breakeven Margin – consider returns. Helps to see if we need to reduce any product related costs and see if price increases are needed. Most of the time we calculate breakeven margins WITHOUT considering returns/refunds which can end in a lower than expected margin. • Individual ASIN Profit – self-explanatory. We plan to release some of the tools we use to make tracking this easier. 8

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We keep track of our profits on the ASIN level so we have a better understanding of where the increases in spending are happening and we can tailor our strategy to get those down. This is a tool that we are releasing in a a few weeks to help you monitor your profit better. Be on the lookout for this super useful tool. Our strategy on reducing low quality spending (I.e spend that didn’t convert well, and spend bleeders) seemed to work out well and we were able to reduce our ACoS and TACoS by almost 2% compared to the previous month. Upselling and Cross-selling are not new concepts for most sellers but for new sellers, it’s basically a strategy wherein you increase sales by strategically recommending certain products to be bought with the original item. UpsellingUpselling and Cross-selling are two especially important strategies when your goal is to increase revenue and overall brand reach. They are incredibly cost-eeective when done properly. As a comparison, imagine a brand sellingselling 10,000 a month. They wanted to grow and increase revenue, so, they planned to customers and managed to increase by 10% – that is an additional $1000 a month. Now, imagine, instead, they cross-sell/up-sell/bundle a $5 dollar product with their $10 product. The strategy would translate to a maximum revenue increase of about $5000. This is a lot more without the need to increase ad spending. Moreover, cross-selling and upselling can increase your customer lifetime value if you are selling a replenishable product. This is a great opportunity to introduce already existing customers to new products, thereby increasing customer lifetime value. By selling products that were in line with what we were already selling, we were able to lock in our existing customers, By selling products that were in line with what we were already selling, we were able to lock in our existing customers, making them spend more and become more invested in our brand. This was a hit, since the start of our consecutive launches, we were able to sell over 36,000 units of these new ASINs which resulted in an additional $921,000 in sales for the year. (not bad for year 1 of selling) TIP 1: USE BULK OPERATIONS! We use bulk operations to check for bleeders AT LEAST twice a week. This will help you see a quick overview of your PPC plus it’s so much easier to see all see all your bleeders in one file. KEY EVENT LAST YEAR We launched 50+ ASINs In the second to the third quarter of 2021, we launched over 50 ASINs to expand our current product line. The goal of this was to expand our customer base by releasing products that were complimentary to our existing products at that time. ManyMany of these ASINs were variations (which we tend to track in variation “Families” for profitability tracking). Overall, this was a huge success as it added a much-needed revenue boost to our 2nd and 3rd quarter for the year. More importantly, we think that 80% of these ASINs will be profitable winners in 2022. More most of these ASINs, we discovered them by seeing Amazon’s “Frequently bought together” below each listing similar to this: 9

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What We Did Wrong What We Did RightThis hurt us big time in the fourth quarter. Not only were storage costs triple in November and December, but since we weren’t in demand, our ACoS was way higher. The most diicult thing we were trying to figure out was how to properly balance selling these products fast enough thatthat we weren’t accumulating too much storage expenses but not spending too much on ads that we were losing money. By 2022 we will have a much better idea of the selling period for these particular products and we don’t plan to repeat the same mistake. 10

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Here are some things to consider: • More traac, optimize more – high spenders will require more attention • ‘Add all PPC related items – including checking for bleeders, updating trackers, bulk operations. •• Make it a checklist – make an interactive checklist that reoccurs weekly, it helps make the schedule easier to follow and there’s a small sense of accomplishment each time an item is checked oo the list. TIP 2: Set up a PPC Calendar. When you are handling over 100 ASINs, some of your products will get more traffic than others – therefore spend more too. It can get kind of hectic not knowing kind of hectic not knowing which ones to prioritize. At one point we decided to test out a PPC Optimization Calendar where we assign certain timeslots of the day for certain products. TIP 3: Proper Cross-Selling and Upselling StrategiesIt’s no secret that acquiring It’s no secret that acquiring new customers is a lot more expensive than increasing the spending of your current customers. With the new 50 ASINs launched, not only we were able to pair them with our our existing products, but we were also able to pair them with each other. n products. It is incredibly important that you’re able to properly execute these strategies. From one of our brands, we were selling a product that was popular, but we knew we still had room to grow our revenue from that product. We often use Amazon’s frequently bought together shown at the listing page. We saw that people were buying our product together with a supplementary product from another brand. So, we decided to sell a similar item and make all sorts of bundles and promos around these two items. Here are our results for the first month of this new supplementary product: Here are our results for the first month of this new supplementary product: In Addition to this, 85% of the total purchases came from cross-sells and upsells. But what makes this even better is we only spent $215 on ads during this time for revenue of $4888, a 4% TACoS which is a really good TACoS for a product that costs $15. THAT’S A BIG DEAL. During the second to the third quarter, we had over 2000 redemptions of promotions with nothing above a 10% oo. We were basically selling these products at a 10% ACoS, probably a little higher considering a little bit of ad spends. It isn’t enough to set goals, proper tracking is essential to visualize where you are in and how far you are from your goals. I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH BUT A TRACKER WILL HELP MAKE YOUR GOALS MORE TANGIBLE. Some of the important trackers we developed were: • A comprehensive conversion tracker – showing us sessions, conversions, acos, tacos, profits and breakeven margins •• ‘Trouble Products’ tracker – this is a tracker that we update weekly for ASINs that were losing profit and tracking its daily spend, sales, and profit. The values get updated daily but the list of products for monitoring is updated weekly. •• A Forecast and Sales Tracker – an essential that we’ve had for a long time but improved last year to be as comprehensive as possible. This is updated and discussed weekly to assess where we are with our monthly Number of Promo Purchases Success RateAbsolute Revenue Increase 22512%$4,17611

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Do you want to know what it takes to build a $10 million eCommerce brand or to launch a new million-dollar product on Amazon or Shopify in 2022? We're going to discuss how to do those things in just a sec. Nate here from Amazing Freedom. WWe own a portfolio of brands that does just around $15 million a year. Today, I want to share with you the journey that we've been taking to try to get to $10 million with our largest brand, and to launch an all-new product line on Amazon that we're hoping will be a million-dollar selling brand in 2022. II'm going to share with you what it takes to get to this level and the details of the steps we’ve taken. This includes the numbers of our progress along the way, as well as the many mistakes I'm sure that we’ve made and will learn from. Hopefully, some of our success stories, as we get to this $10 million and $1 million goal that we're setting for next year, will inspire you to grow your business. AsAs we head into 2022, the Brand Power Systems under Amazing Freedom is looking to take the largest brand that we have under our portfolio of brands to the $10 million sales mark. Let’s get into the details, shall we? Recent Challenges $10,000,000Challenge As with all things, we set high goals for ourselves and our businesses, and I’m confident that we can reach them based on our past performance. But recently we’ve encountered a few major challenges. Our Instagram account was suspended briefly, and as most of you know, we are heavily reliant on our social media accounts to reach our cuscustomers. We also had the sales of a couple main SKUs decline significantly over the past year due to changes in the environment, seasonality, and the number of competitors coming into the space. There’s also the major supply chain issues that every single eCommerce business is dealing with, especially those that impoespecially those that import from overseas. Every single one of these problems impacted both our margins and deliverability. But, that’s just a part of growing our own brand. As we head into 2022, we’re enthusiastic that our team is fully ready for whatever challenge comes our way. 14

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Today, I want to look at setting up solutions for these challenge for our business and plans for what we want to accomplish in this year. ThisThis includes the major milestones that we want to use to get there. Right now, I am spending a few weeks thinking about the year coming up, setting our goals, and charting a path to what we're really going to do in order to make progress on the brands that we're working on. WWe have four major milestones that we want to achieve in each of the four quarters of this year. We usually set those as themes with our team internally, and we use these milestones to keep us on track every 90 days or so to hit some of these major goals. Here are the four milestones for 2022:Next, we're looking to make some noise in the Instagram social media platform in order to hit our $10 million sales goal of 2022. Our goal is to get 50,000 Instagram followers. Currently, we have just around 10,000. Our IG following has been instrumental to our Amazon business’s growth. WWe had challenges with this, but we still think that venturing into Instagram is going to be a major growth opportunity for us this year. Major Milestones in 2022European ExpansionInstagram GrowthNext, we're looking to make some noise in the Instagram social media platform in order to hit our $10 million sales goal of 2022. Our goal is to get 50,000 Instagram followers. Currently, we have just around 10,000. Our IG following has been instrumental to our Amazon business’s growth. WWe had challenges with this, but we still think that venturing into Instagram is going to be a major growth opportunity for us this year. Shopify Account Sales This is something that we probably won't achieve until later in the year, but it is something that we're really focused on currently. We’re planning to introduce a new product line that we're getting ready to launch and have it reach the million-dollar sales mark. IfIf you want to see what it takes to launch a new brand product in 2022 on Amazon and Shopify, we're going to do both. You might also want to see what it takes to get new products into the million-dollar sales market. Launching of a New Product One of our major milestones is expanding our brand’s reach into Europe. Currently, we are making sales in almost every part of the U.S. and just a little bit of Canada. PrimarilyPrimarily we're just in Amazon U.S. However, we also have a couple of other sales channels. WWe make about 10% of our total month to month sales on Shopify, although that fluctuates from time to time. We're also in WalmaWalmart, Home Depot, a couple of other smaller channels, and some w h o l e s a l e distribution relationships, but those by far make the minority of our sales. our sales. Most of our sales come from Amazon. With the addition of Amazon Europe, we should be able to increase our total revenue by 20% to 30% within the next two years if we are successful with our launch there. 15

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I wanted to go over a couple of the things that we think are going to be really important as we try to launch this new million-dollar product line and get the brand to the eight-figure sales mark in 2022. One of the things that we're really trying to be aggressive on is adding horizontal and vertical products to our current mix IfIf you’re currently selling on Amazon and you have a successful product, my recommendation is that you shouldn’t try to add a bunch of random products. ThisThis is a common mistake that most people make in their eCommerce business. Some people just bring in products from all different categories randomly to see what's going to work and what's not going to work. ThisThis can be a successful strategy when you don't already have a good product. But if you found a winner, my recommendation is to try to build around that success with your brand and add horizontal and vertical products. TTry to leverage the existing power customers and lists that you hopefully have of your existing product before you look to expand to completely random brands or products. With our existing brand, I'm looking to bring in horizontal and vertical products that complement what we're already selling. Think of it like the different flavors of Coca Cola. There’s Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke, and Cherry Coke. These are the perfect example of horizontal products. Basically, just bring in a different variation of your already existing products. These horizontal products might be different in the size, color, smell, or taste. ThisThis is very good strategy to scale your business. No need to find new products. You can just start by expanding what's already working for you. WhenWhen it comes to vertical products, those are products that you can sell within the same type of customer base, maybe the same category. Vertical products should complement your existing products. InIn the case of this new product line that we're introducing and aiming to get to be a million dollar product line next year, it's actually a product that gets used with some of our best selling products now. But, the big question is this… What's our $1 million product line goal, and how do we plan to get there? 16

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In order to hit our overall brand goal of 10 million, we felt we needed to bring in another product. The reason for this is that our existing product markets are kind of tapped out. When you look at the existing markets that we’re in, we're currently the number one seller in our space, and we’re doing really well there. There's only so much market space that we feel like we can take over the next year to really expand. WhileWhile we'll be doing everything we can to grow our existing presence, we really feel like we needed to add to this new million-dollar product line in order to hit that overall, 10 million revenue mark. We're going after a product line that already complements our existing best selling products. That way our existing customers hopefully will be interested in it. TheThe way we actually found this product line was by looking through Amazon and seeing the frequently bought together section of some of the products. We noticed that one of our best selling products was bundled into one of our listings. Here’s the funny part: we didn't invent a brand new product. We're just taking an idea that’s based on data we’ve seen so far. We made sure to find a product with good data on Amazon that we can use as a supporting product. Then, wThen, we're going to bring in our own private-labeled version of it, and we're just now getting ready to launch it. With careful planning, continued effort, and constant monitoring, we feel confident about reaching our 2022 sales goals. Here’s to an epic year for us and our followers! 17

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INSIDE A MILLION DOLLAR AMAZON ARBITRAGE ACCOUNT(2021 YEAR-END NUMBERS) About Gaye LisbyI mainly spend the day helping other sellers make money on Amazon while my sister takes care of the bank account credit cards. We buy our stuff on credit cards so we can get the points and we pay off that bill every month. WWe never carry a balance over into the next month and never carry that interest fee over into the next month. Sometimes,Sometimes, if a spare hand is needed in the warehouse, I’ll do that. This includes hauling boxes or picking up boxes almost anywhere. if we accidentally run out of boxes, I might also do the purchasing for that. EEverybody else does the rest and I like it that way because the whole process is almost an automatic stream of income. It’s an additional way for us to make money here in the later part of our careers since my sister and I are not young people anymoreHey, everybody! My name is Gaye Lizby and I co-lead Amazon Seller Tribe with Garry Ray. We usually have a lot of fun together inside the Amazon Seller Tribe while also helping to create the most 7-figure sellers in the industry. NoNow, some of you may not be familiar with me. So, you might be saying, “Well, does she really know how to sell on Amazon?” I can’t blame you. But, today, we won’t be talking much about me or if I know how to sell on Amazon. I’m going to show you what a 7-figure Amazon account looks like. TheThere’s a tool that many of us in the Amazon industry use called Inventory Lab. It’s a tool with a combination of bookkeeping and shipping into Amazon’s Warehouse tool. It syncs with our Amazon Seller account, so it’s able to pull data from the account and hold it in Inventory Lab. TheThe best thing about this is it really helps you track whether you’re a profitable or not. It also helps you to track what are the buys you’re making that are profitable and those that are not. II’m going to let you look inside the back of our Inventory Lab. Note that there are some details we’re going to blur because we don’t want you to scalp our inventory and make money on it. Our goal is to teach you how to do this properly and build your 7-figure Amazon business. InIn other words, I’ll be teaching you how to fish, not hand you the fish because in my opinion, makes you weaker. I can testify that what I’m about to teach you will make you stronger. I know this because as a middle-aged woman, I had to startover from literally $0 after I found out my marriage wasn’twhat I thought it was. My journey began literally from thespare bedroom of my sister’s home and I built myAmaAmazon business with her. An Amazon businessthat really matters. So I’m going to show you thebackside of what a real Amazon Seller account canlook like. And hopefully, this is going to help you in many ways. So, if you’re ready, then let’s start. 18

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You will also see that there’s a Refunded unit. Don’t get too worried about that or scared about that. This only happens when the units are refunded back to your account. They products are still in absolutely new condition. The customer hasn’t damaged them or whatever, and they go right back into salable inventory. NoNow, when you see the profit line like this from Inventory Lab, this doesn’t represent the amount of profit that I can put in my pocket and go buy a boat with or whatever else I want to do. This represents the profit that came from the sale of those particular items. I’m still going to need to subtract some costs there. Now, this is the part whewhere a lot of sellers are popping up and saying, hey, I’ll teach you how to do this. But this is the part they don’t show you. This where you end up off in the weeds or you end up in a lot of trouble because you haven’t learned everything you need to learn. Other gurus sort of do that on purpose. They really don’t want you to succeed. It might be because they don’t even know how to help you succeed. succeed. Inventory LabDisclaimer: You won’t be seeing my supplier line. That’s the part where I’m not going to give you the fish. But rather, I’m going to teach you how to fish. In this page, you will see the number of units sold, the losses, and some of the product doesn’t sell for the price that you wanted them to. YYou might have some units here that sell for a profit and some units that don’t. You can also see the average ROI from each supplier. Now, this may look different for each Amazon Sellers. As you can see, our business is a combination of online arbitrage and retail arbitrage. We don’t do wholesale or private label. IfIf you join the Amazon Seller Tribe and we say we’re going to teach you how to be an arbitrage seller, you’re literally seeing that we have done this ourselves. Our revenue for the year of 2021 was 1.2 million with over 26,064 units sold. 19

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AccountingExpenses DataProfit & Loss StatementLet’s just go over here. Here’s the accounting section so I could break it down to see my FBA sales all the way down to the Reimbursement and etc. We use the Garry Ray method. Garry Ray is the co-leader of Amazon seller tribe, and he’s also the head coach of our coaching program. JustJust as he taught and teaches in the coaching program, we absolutely itemize all of our expenses. So, I’m going to click the other expenses tab and we’re going to blur out some of this data just because I think that’s right to do for my own personal account. In this page, you will see the total expenses of my Amazon business. So we have the payroll and any removal fees that Amazon has charged us. RemRemoval fees occur when we had some units brought back to our warehouse. The ADT that you see here represents our security system out in our warehouse. We also have subscriptions in here for our Repricer and for Inventory Lab. So,So, we break down those particular expenses to find out our profit for the year. These are 2022 expenses. Now, how does this translate into Net Profit? Let’s take a quick look at our Profit and Loss Statement. You can see December got crazy and it was awesome. However, we started out slow in January of 2021. We made some changes and then started picking up the speed. This almost got us to the $100,000 a month mark and we tried to maintain that throughout. And then, in Q4 it went crcrazy as you can see the sales. At the end column beside December, you can see the refunds, reimbursements. A lot of that came back in and then just went right back out in sales. Then there are some columns that have a restocking fee, promotional rebates. Amazon gave us a rebate discount or gave the cuscustomer rebate or discount depending on what it was. There are some shipping credits and that sort of thing. Some of the other categories are the cost of goods sold. We actually had to spend $650,000 in inventory buys to get to this $1.378 million figure here in sales. YYou can also see on this page FBA transaction fees. These are the kind of fees that Amazon charges. It’s their platform, their playground, and we get the chance to play on the most powerful playground in the United States. We have access to it 24/7 and so do our customers too. As profitable business owners, we don’t mind that as the FBA transaction fees are the cost of doing business here. Total Net Profit Total Expenses$107,324.63 $1,117,973.86 20

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Humble Beginnings WhenWhen I found out my marriage wasn’t what I thought it was, I was already around 50 something years old. I basically just walked out the door of our home with some books, a canoe, my guitar, a gun and a computer. AfterAfter my failed marriage, I kept looking at that computer, thinking maybe I could figure out how to earn online. I went through a couple of MLM things and dabbled around with that while not knowing anything. II’d been in the classroom as a teacher, so I really didn’t know anything about how to make money online using my computer. And certainly, I di dn’t know anything about e-commerce. InIn 2014, my online mentor learned how to sell on Amazon and he said, “Gaye, you got to do this. This is awesome.” II was doing a little caregiving for a retired surgeon to earn money. I loved him and I loved his family. He was in his 80s and was ready to cross over the Jordan River. So, I really wanted to complete my assignment with him. II started selling on Amazon at Zach’s urging. I would drive an hour to work, an hour home, and I would go to the basement to work on my Amazon business with my sister. Our little unfinished basement is where we pack and ship boxes of inventory into AmaAmazon. In our first year of selling, we made $17,000 in revenue. At that point, we thought, “Hey, wait, this thing really works.” In 2015, we poured on the steam. Every day, I would go to work and come back home. My sister and I would go straight to the basement. We did everything, from getting orders, packaging them, and then sending them for shipment. We did everything to build our business. we ended that year with $508,000 in revenue. OurOur profit was high enough. So, we went down to the bank, and that was the day we watched the banker right across the face of our mortgage paid in full. StrugglesOurOur Amazon business hung around just under and just over 1 million until 2020. During the Covid year, our business fell off the mark. I was devastated on that because I lost my own gold lanyard, the million-dollar seller status. OurOur mother had nearly passed away. We ended up being at the bedside for almost two months with her. MyMy son had nearly died tragically of blood clots. It was hugely traumatic for us because my baby sister had died a year earlier of blood clots going to the lungs. Then, in August, my baby granddaughter was born prematurely and I couldn’t even see her for a month. It took a month before I could even hold her because of Covid. 2020 was a very tough year. Gaye’s 2021AAt the end of 2020, we ended up just in the silver lanyard status of $750,000. It was a blow to my ego. ButBut here in 2021, we recovered a gold lanyard and did pretty good. We put some money in the bank, and in some investments. This allows us to give to the missions projects we support in the Philippines and a sober dad project that’s near and dear to our heahearts. These are some of the things that we can do because of the success of our Amazon business and these things make our lives meaningful. Although, for us, the most fun thing we do is to help create the most seven-figure sellers in the industry. HopefullHopefully, from what you’ve seen today, you can say, “Okay, these people are real deal sellers. They really are selling, profiting, really are making money on Amazon.” AndAnd if you want to learn how to reach this type of success, I urge you to join the Amazon Seller Tribe so we can help you get to where you want to be .Start Your 7-Day Trial Now!21

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Tribe Spotlight for January It’s the start of the year and we’ve already seen tons of success inside the Amazon Seller Tribe. Today, we want to share with you some of the wins inside this amazing group of people helping others build their 7-figure brand in Amazon. So, without further ado, here are some of the top Amazon Seller Tribe wins for January: 1. From $0 to $500k in 12 Months Ivy joined the Amazon Seller Tribe in February of 2021 and made her first sale a month after joining. She ended 2021 with $500,000 in sales! She credited her success to the teachings and lessons she learned from Tribe. You can check the pictures below to see how Ivy succeeded: 2. How This Amazon Seller Tribe Member Lost His Job... But Ended Up Selling $750,000 They started Amazon in early 2019. At first, their Amazon venture was nothing more than a VERY small side hustle for them. Making a couple of thousand dollars in sales for a whole month was already big. But, in February 2021, something happened and it changed everything. Mike was working at a National bank in the corporate sales arena. The company decided to let go of his team in a cost reduction measure. It was an unsettling situation for Mike. But, at that point, he and Meredith already decided that it was time to go all-in in their Amazon venture. They followed the path that Garry Ray laid out in the Tribe training and followed his coaching as close as possible. On Christmas of 2022, they’ve finally reached their goal of hitting $750,000 in sales! You can check the pictures to see how Mike and Meredith succeeded. The best part is that the Tribe isn’t the same as the other groups out there. Mike and Meredith were learning while earning. They know that there are a lot of things that they could still improve. Just like Meredith and Mike, you’ll also have access to more information than you can handle to explode your Amazon business if you join the Amazon Seller Tribe today. As you can see, the Amazon Seller Tribe isn’t the same as the other group. you’ll meet all kinds of sellers who will become like a second family. You’ll also have access to more information than you can handle to explode your Amazon business. 22

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3. From $3,000,000 to $5,844,000 in 2021 How This Amazon Tribe Seller Duo Managed To Nearly Double Sales In 2021 So far, you’ve read stories from an individual and husband and wife tandem. Now, let’s hear it from this amazing mother and son Amazon Seller Tribe duo in Carol & Griffy! They were able to almost double sales from 2020 to 2021. In 2020, they were already doing amazing with $3,000,000 in revenue. But, in 2021, they took it to a whole new level. In the summer of 2021, they moved to a new house and warehouse. The addition to the warehouse took way longer and more time than what Carol and her team expected. This affected their business as her sales dipped during the summer season. But, despite that, thanks to Carol and Griffy’s awesome leadership and drive, they were able to finish the year off strong! You can read how Carol and her team managed to achieve this amazing feat with the help of Amazon Seller Tribe on her post. As Carol mentioned in her post, the best thing about the Amazon Seller Tribe is that it is a community where people share everything they know and that works for their own businesses. Even the top Tribe coaches aren’t afraid to show their secrets in building a successful Amazon business. The goal of the Amazon Seller Tribe is to create as many 7-figure Amazon Sellers as possible. So, if you want to build your own Amazon business using the proven and successful methods Tribe members are using, start your FREE trial with the Tribe today to experience the same success as these people have experienced for themselves. 23

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The Gold Lanyard Program The Amazon Sellers Tribe Gold Lanyard Seller Program Building your own Amazon business is difficult. The road to reaching your goal is filled with many obstacles that will try to stop you from moving towards where you want to be. This is the reason the Amazon Sellers Tribe was created. Its sole purpose is to help many Amazon Sellers build their own 7-figure eCommerce business. WhileWhile the journey is difficult, the Amazon Sellers Tribe created a system that could make the whole journey fun and exciting. And it is called… Hi, Gaye Lisby here. Today, I want to share with you the Gold Lanyard Program made by Amazon Sellers Tribe. AsAs I was building my business, there were times when I felt like on the mountaintop, the pinnacle of success because I find certain things that were selling for crazy ROI, and I would be thrilled. Then,Then, there will be other times when I'd make a buy, and I would think this is a sure bet and something would happen and I would be down in the valley. These are the kinds of things we experience as we grow our businesses in Amazon. But, how can you go through those valleys? HowHow can you end up taking the energy from the mountaintop to push you through those valleys while you're building your business that makes a difference to your family's lives? These were the questions that were running through my mind. That’s why I and my fellow tribe coaches came up with something that we thought was kind of fun, and I wanted to show it to you real quick. WWe called this the Gold Lanyard Seller program. It involves several steps that show you where you are on your Amazon journey to building your own brand with 1 million in revenue and beyond. Whenever we have events inside the Amazon Sellers Tribe, our members wear lanyards based on where they are at that moment. ItIt's a great way for people to find those who are already successful. This means they know who to start a conversation that could end up causing them to grgrow exponentially. Many Amazon Sellers Tribe members aim to reach the pinnacle of this program: The Gold Lanyard. The goal of this amazing group is to create as many gold lanyard members as possible. RightRight now, we have multiple Gold Lanyard sellers earning multiple million dollars in revenue, who are willing to share their secrets to help others reach the success that they have. So,So, if you want to have a support group that will help you in each step of your way in your Amazon business, I urge you to join the Amazon Seller Tribe today. 2424

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