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Unusual Sea Creatures



By lUKE iNOUE   

Dear Glass Squid

Why are you invisible?

The Glass Squid has a unique appearance to its body because it is invisible. The invisibility is a very special help to the squid  because it prevents itself from getting reviled in the open. In Fact it doesn't have any bones so it can squeeze through really tight spaces.  


Various creatures have very weird appearances. Such as long legs, big eyes and many others. But these odd body parts can boost them in survival in the wild.


We go right to the answers and perfectly answer the question that was asked with also some additional facts about the animal.


So, why are you invisible?

Well I keep myself hidden as I swim through the ocean without anyone noticing I am there.  I’ll be watching you in the sea.

Dear, Frog Fish

Why do you look like a rock?


 I am smaller than many animals so I will have to hide while hunting for my food. I can change into any other shape, just looking like a rock helps me camoflage more. I am able to change color and shape. The only musil I use when hunting is my eyes and my mouth. I wait until a animal dumb enough to come close to me and the I will take my shot and … Gulp… ahhh, sorry just saw a fish coming to me . Well as you heard, I suck the fish into my mouth to get the food.


I can be only found in asia so, good luck finding me! I live in Asia because there I can find my food very easily like algy. We, Frogfish, are harmed by mostly habitat destruction and pollution. Habitat destruction is a nightmare because I will not be able to hide as a rock when hunting.

Dear, Yeti Crab

Why do you have a lot of hair?    


I have a special ability to live in poisonous places in the world. My lovely hair helps me live there by filtering to water so the poison doesn't get in my body. By the way my fur also contains poison so don't come close. Also I am blind. My fur here is my mini radar and helps me find my way through the sea.


I only live in the South Pacific Ocean at 2200 meters deep. I was discovered in 2005  and scientists still don’t know what I eat and how I reproduce. When scientists first saw me, they thought that I was breeding bacteria for food. I was discovered by a specially built submarine Just for scientists called “Alvin”.


Dear, Pinecone Fish


Why do you shoot light from your jaw?


I have my own light source on my lower jaw and can shoot the beam to the prey that I choose to eat. But as I get older my light turns into a darker color so it get hard for me to hunt. Scientists still don't know how light is produced from my lower jaw.  I hunt in groups so it is easy to kill a animal in swarms.


My name comes from the looks of my skin and the texture of it. I am found in the deep water of the Indian Ocean. As you know I am very small and only grow up to 13 cm. Many people also call me a Apple Fish of a Pineapple Fish. When I am hunting and I feel there is danger near me I activate my shield system to create spikes so if the animal tries to eat me they will suffer spiky throught.


Dear, Sea Cucumbers


Why do you release your organs?

My defencive strategy isn't as efficient as yours so, let’s talk. I have a special ability to release organs out of my body. First, I make the organ sticky in my body. Second, I shoot it at the animal that is coming for me. And last, I run. What did you think of that?


I live in the Bikini atoll where it use to be a nuclear testing area. I eat lots and lots of algae that grows there. One thing I hate most about the place is that many turtles live there and there so fast that not a single organ can stop it. I am commonly found at the surface of the sea. I can grow up to 6.5 feet tall ( As tall as a human).


Dear, Flamingo Tongue Snail.


Is the shell your body?


My shell is commonly found on a beach anywhere on the world just I’m not in it. The design on my shell is my real body. My shell is really smooth on the inside so I can slip it off. I take off my shell when I am being attacked so I can get the hunter to get confused with the shell and myself.

I am found all around the ocean but mostly in the Caribbean Sea. I get really uncommon in the summer because many scuba divers mistake me with a beautiful shell. The smallest Flamingo tongue snail ever seen was 18mm. But the biggest is 44mm. I eat coral depending if I am hungry or not.

Dear, Giant Isopod


Where are your jaws?


I have 4 jaws for eating anything in it way (only living things). The jaws have a special mucil in them which power closes to food from getting out. Our biggest kill was a Beluga Whale with the help with others which wanted it. I mostly hunt in groups in the night to see if there is a animal in our territory.


I am the closest relative to the shrimp family even though I am so much bigger. I usually grow between 7.2 inches and 14.5 inches. I live in the deeper side of the sea like about 550 feet and 702 feet. I actually eat my own relatives, the shrimp. I eat my own relatives because well I mean they are so easy to eat plus they are so small they fit right into your mouth.


Dear, Sunfish


Why are you so boney?


I am the boniest fish in the world because most of my diet is depending on how much jelly fishes there are. 99% of the jelly fishes are 99% water so I am Really skinny. I am commonly seen near the coast because there is lots of jelly fishes there. I also eat salps, plankton, algae, mollusks, brittle stars.


I got my name because I love to sunbathe on the ocean. This is good for me but eating sunfish in some cultures are bad luck. I am found all over the world but the cold places. My arch enemy is the sea lions, sharks, and killer whales. Because my teeth is so big my mouth cannot close completely.


Dear, Pacific Viperfish.


Why do you need big teeth?


I love eating with my friends. We Together kill many big animals but when there is a animal I am scared of I show my teeth with my friends to scare away the animal. My teeth are so big that I can’t close my mouth completely.  I mostly hunt crabs squids, Hermit Crabs, anchovies, mackerels. I bet you that if you were to come to my home, your big teeth will feel so small.


I lure my prey near me by lighting up the light on the antenna on top of me. I put on a pattern of on and offs to get the animal attracted. I there are no animals near me I can go hungry for a week but not any longer. I am nocturnal so I hunt during the night to be like a ninja and do stealth kills.


Dear, Frilled Shark


Why is your body like an Eel?


My special body structure enables me to lunge forward to catch prey. I only have a back bone for my body so my jaws have room to open real big. Because I have such Eel like body form, I can glide through the water without any troubles. But I am also different from many sharks because I only have 1 dorsal fin near my tail. My bones have very low calcium due to the malnutrition in the deep water.


I hardly come up to the surface but my friend did once but eventually died of illness. We Frilled Sharks are hardly seen by humans because we have a really short life span. Our family of sharks are the oldest shark species alive. In the past some people mistook us as sea serpents so they were afraid of us.



And lastly, Dear, Pelican Eel


What do you do with such big mouth?


We use It for hunting only. To get food for us by, lighting up organs at the tip of the tail. The light attracts prey that gets hypnotized. I open my mouth as large as I can and use it as a net to get the prey stuck in my mouth. The prey that I eat is usually the size of my head or even larger!! I the last move is     Swallow.


I don’t have any scales on my body and only grow up to 80cm. Sadly males die after mating but females don’t. But they die shortly. As males grow to adults they gain smell but there teeth gets weaker. Females don’t change anything overtime. We are Killed in human fishing nets when they are fishing for fish.

TimeLine of when the spicies were found






1. Pinecone Fish 1882      3. Pelacan Eel 1970   5. Sea Cucumber 1993


                2. Sun Fish 1910  4. Flamingo                    6. Yeti                                                                              Tounge Snail 1981         Crab 2005


7. Pacific Viperfish 2006        9.Giant Isopod 2009


     8. Frilled Shark 2007       10. Frog Fish 2009





                                                                                 I'm so old. 

The Indonesian Needlefish is a mini sword fish like animal that can hurt of even kill a person  at the sea. 








The Stargazer Fish can dig a hole for hunting and if the fish sences danger than it will release a bolt of electricity of 50 volts.









The Portuguese Man-of-War is a deadly, ugly creature fearce, and harmful to creature kind. 





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