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Information about Stone countert

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Care and Maintenance Soap and water is the best way to keep your natural stone clean on the daily Avoid cleaners like bleach ammonia and citrus Isopropyl alcohol 70 if a good disinfectant is needed Pinnacle IN STOCK QUARTZ All you need to know about countertops How to seal your countertops Sealing your countertops is recommended to keep your counters looking luxurious and shiny The more you use your kitchen the more you will need to seal your Countertop Every 12 months is average timing We recommend every Thanksgiving or Christmas Frequently asked questions What will stain Natural Stone Items in the kitchen such as Grease Red Wine Acidic foods Permanent markers Can my countertops ever be damaged Repaired Yes Granite and Quartzite are hard rocks but they can be damaged in everyday wear and tear Talking about cast iron skillets pots and pans All of these things can chip the edges Can it be repaired Yes Pinnacle Edition Blanco Silgranite SINKS Special Order Quartz LG Viatera Silestone Cambria Caesarstone 2022

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Tagging Information www pinnaclegranite com www usenaturalstone org All Natural Stone is Porous and needs to be sealed Stainresistant HeatResistant Scratchresistant Hardness Scale 10 Dense Stone Granite 9 8 8 7 Quartzite Countertop trend leader Dolimite 7 6 Marble 6 5 Soapstone Man made stone 10 Quartz Different finishes on stone Polished Shiney slick finish Honed Matte Satin Leathered Rough textured No matter the finish the care and maintenance is the same Finish is just personal preference Pinnacle is a Wholesale distribution center Pinnacle sells to the fabricator by the slab At Pinnacle we allow you to hand select your material 14 days in advance Giving you and your fabricator installer the time needed to get together on pricing and measurements Please feel free to take notes while you are here Thank you so much for coming out to the warehouse to browse the selection Color Level 1 _____________________________ 2 _____________________________ 3 _____________________________ 4 _____________________________ 5 _____________________________ 6 _____________________________ 7 _____________________________ 8 _____________________________

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