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The Miami Sudbury School Do School Differently www MiamiSudburySchool org

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Our children can do their K 12 schooling without pressure and stress and emerge with confidence competence and happiness 50 years of Sudbury success shows it works and works well Children practice life in a scaled down version of the larger world empowered as voters bound by laws challenged by choice supported by community and driven by nature Students decide for themselves what they will do at school prompted by interest ability and opportunity Life and school are integrated cultivating character self awareness initiative knowledge and skills general intelligence and individually effective ways of being and relating Students and staff together run the school in democratic process make rules allocate funds plan activities hire staff maintain facilities and much more School and society are integrated cultivating thoughtfully active citizenship responsibility for self and others vibrant culture and supportive community The school thus achieves education s basic aims supporting children as they build fulfilling lives and constructive engagement in the world Children become experts at life liberty and pursuit of happiness Young people are hardwired to most effectively learn through play observation and interaction Their curiosity requires trial and error without the pressure of constant evaluation Students learn how to pursue their interests and manage their time when given the opportunity to do so Productivity happens through play and creative motivation through self direction Think Google Headquarters Daily practice of self drive decision making executive function and authentic socialization in a mixed aged environment High college acceptance rates without APs IBs or GPAs They are recruited for their self drive and they succeed Young people need the opportunity to practice this essential responsibility before they turn 18 They also need to enjoy their childhoods Let them stay fresh and motivated not boxed in and burned out 2

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The Miami Sudbury School The Basics The Sudbury Model The Sudbury model was co founded by a Columbia University professor in 1968 to treat children as full persons worthy of respect and responsibility Now a worldwide model Student Body Our mixed age community welcomes students ages 5 18 Every single student regardless of age has an equal vote School Meeting Occurs weekly for Voting Members to discuss and vote on school business and all aspects of life at school like new rules for the Lawbook or proposals for field trips or special guest speakers The meeting is attended by students and staff who each have one equal vote Tuition Fees 1 000 per month 10 month school year with rolling enrollment Annual Student Support Registration Fee is 500 Sibling Discount is 10 per additional child No additional book fees or required supply lists We accept ALL Florida School Choice Scholarships Application information is on our website Judicial Committee JC Held daily or as needed Any student or staff can write up any other student or staff JC helps uphold school laws and policies while constructively finding solutions with an elected JC Chairperson and 3 students as jury all students in the rotation It is highly effective daily practice in accountability Judicial Committee JC Location Lunch Students bring their own snacks and lunch or can order food in and are allowed to eat whenever they are hungry They are people too 6790 SW 56th Street 2nd Floor Miami FL 33155 Palmetto Presbyterian Church All tours and visits and pre arranged and require prospective student participation Hours Staff Serve as role models mentors and advocates re elected by annual vote Monday Friday 8 30am 3 00pm Drop off occurs anytime from 8 30am 10 00am 10 personal days a year Aftercare available 3

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The Enrollment Process Learn about The Miami Sudbury School www MiamiSudburySchool org Come for a Visit Not Sure Yet Questions Schedule a family tour during school hours Call for answers and schedule a visit 305 204 0746 or apply online Try it out Prospective students participate in a Visiting Week and upon invitation may enroll as a full Voting Member Frequently Asked Questions Thank you to The Circle School for their wonderful text and resources www CircleSchool org 1 Will my child be able to get into college Sudbury Schools have high college acceptance rates and every Sudbury graduate that wants to get into college is accepted usually to their first school of choice Legacy of Trust There are many ways to do so i e SAT ACT a portfolio of work a personal meeting with the dean etc Graduates attend colleges and universities like Boston College Boston University Brandeis Carnegie Mellon Columbia Emory Harvard Lehigh MIT NYU Tufts 82 of the alumni pursued some form of formal higher education Compare this with the statistic that less than 70 of graduates from the public school system matriculate into college Schools on Trial p 174 Watching how my daughter has grown and is now achieving great success in college has made me a complete believer Parent at The Circle School Sudbury School in Harrisburg PA Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy for The Learning Instinct The Miami Sudbury School The Learning Instinct and all its programs including The Miami Sudbury School does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race color religion creed gender gender expression sexual orientation national and ethnic origin ancestry or ability Students families and employees have access to all the rights privileges programs and activities generally accorded or made available It does not discriminate on the basis of any of the above in administration of its educational policies admissions policies tuition assistance programs employment and athletic and other school administered programs 4

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2 How will my child learn math science writing etc When a child is ready and willing basic subjects like reading writing and math are quite easily learned Traditional schooling forces children to learn these at the same age and at the same rate often before a child is ready or interested Thus the process seems to be difficult and time consuming Sudbury schools have seen children teach themselves to read some at the age of 4 and some as late as 12 with absolutely no instruction As for math it has been shown over and over that K 8 math content can be learned in 6 8 weeks when the child is ready Imagine all of that time saved for valuable play 3 Don t you need to tell kids what to learn and test them to make sure they ve learned it A big leap that any parent must make before enrolling their child in a Sudbury school is the willingness to trust them to learn in their own way and in their own time because they will Once we shed the notion that real learning must be measured we begin to see children and learning in a different light In this post industrial information age children see that traditional schooling wastes a lot of time and many are tuning out A Sudbury community lets young people get back in touch with their natural desire to learn She would not and did not have the opportunity to do this kind of work in her other schools She has never been this enthusiastic and happy about school before Parent of a 14 year old Miami Sudbury Student 4 What if my child wants to play computer games all day Is there any structure in the school Your child is always learning absorbing information around them and from the task on which they are focused We expect students to go through a period of transition from having no say in their education to their new found responsibility to teach themselves anything they want to learn Although students are free to do what they choose all day long within the boundaries of safety respect and other rules of conduct outlined in the Lawbook the Community has two very important structures 1 The student led Judiciary Committee where rule infractions and disagreements are handled daily and 2 the weekly School Meeting where the school s rules processes and budget are proposed and decided democratically by students and staff 5 Will this be the right fit for my child What type of child thrives at a Sudbury school Sudbury schools have welcomed every type of child from the highly academic to the struggling student Students of all kinds are best suited for Sudbury type schools bright highly motivated kids who want to surge ahead and challenge themselves kids with unique learning styles who want to move at their own pace kids who want an atmosphere of tolerance and friendliness kids who want more say in their everyday experience Any child ages 5 18 who can communicate and interact independently and whose parents allow them to enroll will benefit from this unique opportunity to explore learn and truly become themselves 5

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www MiamiSudburySchool org