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Amy uses simplebooklet to distribute new property brochures on social networks.
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Stefanos reaches foreign buyers and renters for vacation properties.
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Bob uses simplebooklet to share his quarterly market report newsletter online.
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Make or convert your marketing collateral into a web ready html5 booklet.
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Customizable booklet presentations that help you look your best.
Mobile first design means it works great on handheld devices.
Send rich html emails that get opened at higher rates.
Share engaging posts to social networks that hold attention.
Embed a fully functioning booklet on your website.
Add your logo and business URL to keep your brand front and center.
Track all activity on your booklet and integrate with google analytics.
Add lead gates, passwords, and email capture tools before booklet access.
Create galleries of your booklets so people can find more.

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The best customer service I've experienced in a long time from a DIY web service. Keep up the good work.

I've been able to leverage my existing investment in my brochures to reach many more potential buyers and sellers.

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