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inAni means “value”, and it’s our goal to import premier products from across the globe aimed at resolving the unmet needs of our customers. inAni products have been carefully selected to supply the African market with great products at good value with exceptional after sales service. The inAni product range encompasses ADC, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage which includes Thermal POS, Dot-Matrix, Mobile, Thermal Printers, Print & Apply Systems, Integrated Touch Screens, Thermal Printer Replacement Print Heads, Flat Head & Near Edge Thermal ribbons, a wide variety of barcode scanners and data collectors.We will continue to look at introducing new value products to our range that can satisfy the African market when it comes to cost effectiveness without compromising quality and reliability.“Where great value products and exceptional people meet”About

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020202030303030505050506060708080909101004040404inAni 1D-IP52 ScannerinAni 2D-IP52-USB ScannerinAni 2D-IP52-RF ScannerinAni 1D-IP50-USB ScannerDT2X Compact Barcode PrinterinAni GP-C80250I PrinterinAni GP-U80300I PrinterInAni LK - P20InAni LK - P21InAni LK - P30InAni LK - P41Thermal LabelsDirect Thermal LabelsDayGlo LabelsSynthetic LabelsSecurity Tamper EvidentTags11inAni PrintheadsAWR 8 (standard wax)AWX FH (wax extra)AWX FH+ (wax extra)APR 6 (premium wax/resin)AXR1 (super premium resin)AXR 7+ (super premium resin)AXR eL (super premium resin)inAni PrintersinAni LabelsinAni PrintheadsinAni Thermal RibbonsinAni Scannerswww.inani.cowww.inani.coContents0204050711

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inAni SRP-350plus II PrinterPOS printer for retail and hospitalityiOS and Android SDK supportedDual interface - Serial / Parallel / Ethernet + USB- Serial + USB- Parallel + USB- Ethernet + USBMultiple Interface ChoiceReliable Printing PerformanceA family of the steady-selling SRP-350 linePrinting speed up to 250 mm/secinAni GP-U80300I PrinterFEATURESinAni GP-C80250I Printer250mm/s print speedSerial+USB+Ethernet80mm thermal receipt printerInAni DT2X Compact Barcode PrinterCompatible with EPSON ESC/POS and STAR command sets;Support paper near end and black mark detection;Connect and printer faster, stop Receipt misprinting;Support connecting to WLAN printing;Virtual serial port mode, USB port support OPOS application;250mm/sec ultra high print speed;Built in Web page to set up printer directly;Printer status monitoring;High speed driver printing mode,66% improvement in print;Windows X86 / X64 / Linux / OPOS driver;Support up 68 international languages and GB1830;Serial+USB+Ethernet, Parallel+USB interfaces;Support IP change via Serial or USB portFEATURESinAni Thermal Printerswww.inani.cowww.inani.co0216MB SDRAM and 4 MB Flash memory--including 2 MB user-available memory storage for downloadable objectsPrint speed: Up to 7"/177 mm per secondSupports Ethernet, Serial and USB portsEnhanced label feeding mechanism and instant label detectionFree GoLabel label design softwareDT2x (2inch) & DT4x (4inch) are both ultra-light, compact for best space utilization and support multiple communication ports; they are effective and multitasking for printing retail, warehouses, logistic & transportation, health care labels and tags.

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inAni LK - P30Receipt/Label Printer (*LK-P30�R : Receipt printer)Rugged drop resistant designIP42, IP54(with optional case) certified : protection against dust and water100mm/sec printing speedAdjustable paper width from 25.5 to 79.5mmDual headed MSR & smart card reader (Option)Flexible connectivity including RS-232C, USB , optional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi(802.11b/g/n)Long life battery : 3.3Hrs charging time, 100Hrs stand-byLarge capacity, paper rolls up to 56mm (OD)inAni LK - P41Receipt/Label PrinterHigh glossy cover and 3 color LEDsAdjustable paper width from 50.4mm to 112mm2 types of battery selectable : 2200/4400mAhLarge capacity paper rolls up to 56mm(OD)Highly reliable Bluetooth communications or Wi-Fi(802.11 b/g) available(Option)ESC/ POS, CPCL command compatibleIP54(with case) certifiedinAni LK - P21Receipt onlyLight weight(240g with battery) & with robust durable structureCompact size : 80mm x 132.5mm x 46.8mm(W x D x H)Drop resistance : 1.2M onto concreteLithium- ion rechargeable battery : 130M(about 1300 pieces) printablePrints at 80mm per secondDual headed MSR(Optional)Equipped power options AC/DC charger and vehicle charger(12/24V)Receipt PrinterDurable and robust with rugged designMagnetic stripe reader & smart card reader (Option)Standard interface Serial(RS-232C), USB and optional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi(802.11b/g/n) available.Prints at 80mm per secondFast AC charger and long life battery: 2.5Hrs charging time, 74.7Hrs stand-byOptional accessories : Protection case, shoulder strap, cradleVarious O/S driversinAni Mobile Printerswww.inani.coinAni LK - P20www.inani.co03

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inAni 1D-IP52-USB SCANNERRead all common 1D barcodesErgonomic and stylish designInfrared auto-inductionMinimum resolution: 5 milIP52 ensures high reliability and durabilityWithstand over ten million times’ button pressWithstand multiple 4.0 m (13.1ft.) drops to concreteCompatible with all POS systemsEasy firmware upgradeinAni 2D-IP52-USB SSCANNERRead all major 1D & 2D symbols, as well as those on electronic screensImage auto-detection, supports both handheld and presentation scanning modesErgonomic, snappy and stylish design allows for a natural and comfortable gripProtects your future investment with 2D capability at an affordable priceOmnidirectional scanningSuitable to operate in diverse working environmentsReady for all POS systemsEasy firmware upgradeinAni 1D-IP50-USB SCANNERErgonomic, snappy and stylish designSuitable to operate in diverse working environmentRead all major 1D symbolsMaximal decode rosulution at 3mil or 5milInfra-red auto-inductionMirror surface reflection cancellationSupport RS-232, USB Keyboard, USB virtual COMReady for all POS systemsEasy firmware upgradeinAni 2D-IP52-RF SCANNERCustomized decode resolution model of 5mil or 3milDecode all major 1D barcode symbologies incl GS1DataBar433MHz ISM frequency bandStrong penetrating power for obstacle, up to 200 meters working range (open air)Point coordination and distributed coordination1400mAh Li+ battery: up to 16,000 scans per chargeBuilt-in self-protected charging circuitBatch modes: out of range notice; 2,000 barcodes storageHandheld case made of fire-resist materialLifetime scratch and abrasion resistance as the exit window made by chemically tempered float glassEasy firmware upgradeFlexible software customizationCustomized RF mode of 2.4GHz Bluetooth is available.www.inani.cowww.inani.co04inAni Scanners

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Customized decode resolution model of 5mil or 3milDecode all major 1D barcode symbologies incl GS1DataBar433MHz ISM frequency bandStrong penetrating power for obstacle, up to 200 meters working range (open air)Point coordination and distributed coordination1400mAh Li+ battery: up to 16,000 scans per chargeBuilt-in self-protected charging circuitBatch modes: out of range notice; 2,000 barcodes storageHandheld case made of fire-resist materialLifetime scratch and abrasion resistance as the exit window made by chemically tempered float glassEasy firmware upgradeFlexible software customizationCustomized RF mode of 2.4GHz Bluetooth is available.THERMAL LABELSTo orientate ourselves when describing a label, we always refer to the size of the label in Width x Height in millimeters (mm). This allows for a uniform system of describing and measuring labels. DIRECT THERMAL LABELSSYNTHETIC LABELSDAYGLO LABELSThermal Transfer material has been coated to enhance the quality of the barcode print, paired with the appropriate ribbon. Thermal Transfer PremiumThermal Transfer Standard or VellumSemi GlossDirect Thermal material is heat sensitive material, coated to also enhance the quality of the barcode. For those applications where the label will not be exposed to light for long periods of time and printing is without the use of a ribbon. Dayglo labels are often required in environments where colour is important to make a product, box, rack to stand out. We convert a variety of Dayglo colour label materials in pink, orange, yellow and green of a ribbon. Thermal TopThermal EconomyVariations available:Variations available:Synthetic label materials are used in specialised applications where durability and longevity of the label and the information printed on it is important. Polyester3M Polyester – Matt White or Matt SilverDairyfilmThermal Transfer Polyprop (TTP)SyntyreFastyreOptions available:inAni Labelswww.inani.cowww.inani.co05

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www.inani.coSECURITY TAMPER EVIDENT TAGSVariations available:Variations available:Security Tamper Evident materials are used in applications where evidence of tampering with a product by removing the label is required. Foamtac3M Matt Silver VOIDTamper Evident – Matt WhiteTags are often required in situations where a label cannot be adhered to a surface or a product. These materials are not pressure sensitive. FastagSemi Gloss Dukuza Board – 170g, 200g, 250gAgritagRaflatagOptions available:Adhesive options are available in environments where labels are required to stick for long periods of time in demanding conditions or at the other extreme where labels need to be easily removed. Acrylic – Standard label adhesiveHot MeltHi Tack Hot Melt – Aggressive adhesiveRemovable adhesive – Easily remove the label when requiredPiggy Back – An additional layer in the label sandwich where part of the label can be removed to apply to a document or box. This type of material and adhesive combination are ideal for traceability of parcels and documents.inAni Labelswww.inani.co06

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AWR®8 is the standard ribbon from the ARMOR wax range. It doesn’t make any compromise to quality and printing performance and therefore matches all criteria expected by a traditional wax application.An ink suitable for standard labelling applications.Compatible with most blank and pre-printed labels.The low energy required to transfer the ink helps to protect the print head.Receptor multi-compatibilityExcellent blacknessCompetitivelyDESCRIPTIONAWR 8 (standard wax)inAni Thermal Ribbonswww.inani.cowww.inani.co07

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DESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONAWX FH (wax extra)AWX FH+ (wax extra)AWX®FH is a resin enhanced wax ribbon. Intrinsically, it is the highest performance wax ribbon of the inkanto range, enabling it to answer the requirements of all wax applications, including the most demanding ones, with very good resistance.The perfect combination of print quality and durability.Easy to use, prints over a wide range of settings.Print fineness ideal for logos, small characters and barcodes.Very high smudge resistanceVery good printing qualityExcellent receptor multi-compatibility and sensitivityAPX®FH+ is a high-end wax/resin ribbon providing a printing quality and mechanical resistances exceeding the market standards. It ensures an excellent quality of transfer at low energy on all smooth materials, coated papers as well as synthetics.Meets the durability criteria for exterior usages.Quality printing on pre-printed media.Accurately prints barcodes, symbols and logos.Very high resistance to smudge and scratchExcellent sensitivity and receptor multi-compatibilityVery good printing quality at high speedinAni Thermal Ribbonswww.inani.cowww.inani.cowww.inani.co08

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DESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONAXR1 (super premium resin)APR®6 is the standard wax/resin ribbon of the inkanto range: very versatile, it has been conceived to print all kinds of self-adhesive labels at the lowest heat settings. It also provides a higher level of mechanical resistance compared to the wax ribbons.Good print quality with all types of label material.A versatile, multi-use ribbon.Offers high print quality for small characters and barcodes.Very good printing qualityHigh speed printing capabilityExcellent receptor multi-compatibility and sensitivityAXR®1 is a resin ribbon which combines competitiveness and performance. It is suited for the most demanding applications in terms of durability and cost.The most competitive resin ribbon in the inkanto range.Good performance level in terms of printing quality and durability.Receptor multi-compatibilityExcellent blacknessCompetitivenessAPR 6 (premium wax/resin)inAni Thermal Ribbonswww.inani.cowww.inani.co09

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DESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONAXR 7+ (super premium resin)AXR eL (super premium resin)AXR®7+ is the standard resin ribbon of the inkanto range. Its high versatility (it also prints on coated papers), its perfor-mances (sharpness, printing speed) and its ability to widen the usual application fi elds of resin ribbons have resulted in making AXR®7+ the worldwide reference on this family of products.Excellent printing quality, sensitivity and receptor multi-compatibilityExcellent resistance to smudge and scratchGood resistance to high temperatureAXR®EL is the Thermal Transfer ribbon specially designed by ARMOR to guarantee the legibility and durability of information printed on labels for electronic products. The resistance levels to heat and cleaning products offered by the AXR®EL guarantees reliable traceability right up to the end of the product life cycle.Ribbon developed exclusively for the electronics industryResistant to circuit board soldering and cleaning processesPrint sharpness for small barcodesThe most versatile resin product on the market.Concentrated performance in terms of writing quality and print durability.Good resistance levels irrespective of the label material.inAni Thermal Ribbonswww.inani.cowww.inani.co10

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by HoneywellDIRECT REPLACEMENTS FOR POPULAR BRANDSSupplying printheads for a wide variety of printers and industries:Barcode printingGaming and loteryMedicalSupermarketsPoint of salesLogisticsWE HELP IN YOUR INDUSTRY.The only difference is the price. Save money without sacrificing quality.inAni Printheadswww.inani.cowww.inani.coSuperior QualityMade in the USASignificant Savings11

Page 14 TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS FOR TECHNICIANSDEMO STOCK & PRE SALES TEAMAREA EXCLUSIVITYINDUSTRIESMARKETING BENEFITSINANI IMALI REWARDS PROGRAMThe VARs technical team will be trained at a nominal fee at our Head Office in Centurion. Travel & Accommodation will be for the account of the VAR. All parts during the warranty period will be provided to the VAR on an exchange basis. The VAR needs to provide for labour and any on-site offerings.The idea is to help grow the VARs businesses by allowing them EXCLUSIVITY in their city and surrounding areas to the inAni brand, this means all marketing and interest they create in the brand will come back to them and all leads we get for the product in the VAR’s territory will be passed on to the VAR.The VAR will also have access to the PDC Pre Sales Team to help you close that deal. With extensive experience in barcoding, printers, RFID, mobile computing and so much more you never have to stand back for anyone.The requirements to be a VAR will be that the VAR must send out marketing at least once a week for the first 4 months of becoming a VAR, thereafter a minimum of once every two weeks.The VAR will also stick up the InAni A1 posters in their offices with the VARS details on. PDC will aid in drawing up the email marketing and will send it to VAR, who in turn can email it to VAR’s databaseinAni iMali Rewards is The Printer Distribution Company’s rewards programme that enables you to earn iMali for inAni products based on agreed targets. Earn up to 3% extra rebate based on revenue that will also include a marketing rebate. InAni VAR Products are Suitable for all Industries in South Africa.- Automotive- Banking & Finance- Education- Government- Healthcare- Hospitality- Logistics- Manufacturing- Mining & Transport- Moble Work Force- RetailThe VAR will also be listed on the InAni website as the VAR for that area and any leads generated will be passed to the VAR.Become a part of ourVALUE ADDEDRESELLERS PROGRAMENJOY THE FOLLOWING BENEFITSAre you an EME OR QSE - Become an inAni VAR today and grow your businessinAni VAR Programwww.inani.cowww.inani.co12

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(010) 492 70810860 102 710Unit 12, Time Business Park32 Kubu Avenue, Riverhorse ValleyUnit 1, Parkside, 86 Oak AvenueTechnoPark, Highveld, Centurion(010) 492 7081 (010) 492 7081 0860 102 710 Tel:Helpdesk:Tel:Tel:Helpdesk: 5, Everite 1, Taurus Road, Office - CenturionDurban - KZNCape Town Officeswww.inani.cowww.inani.coContact Us13

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