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Implementing Technology for Nonprofits

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Working Remotely: Has Your Nonprofit Implemented Automated Technology?Roberta Katz Consulting

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Do you have a stack of employee expense reports on your desk awaiting your review & approval? Are there vendor invoices on your purchasing manager’s desk that need to be processed so that your organization can continue delivering food to your program participants? With offices closed due to the ongoing pandemic, employees are now working remotely from their laptops, desktops and smart phones. But do they have access to documents and records needed to facilitate the continued operation of your organization? Once this crisis is over, many nonprofit organizations will undoubtedly consider implementing automated systems to replace the manual systems they are using to process purchase orders, invoices, employee expense reports as well as preparing budgets and forecasts. Roberta Katz Consulting

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Why Should You Implement Technology?To streamline processes & maximize productivity To reduce input errors caused by using a manual systemTo increase transparency & access to data onsite & remotelyTo improve accuracy and timeliness of financial reportingRoberta Katz Consulting

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What Are the Major Challenges?Challenges Lack of internal IT expertise Limited staff time available to implement & administer automated systems Get buy-in from organizational leadership & staff due to: Cost Resistance to changeSolutions Engage the software vendor’s technical support team or external IT consultants Designate one staff member to act as the liaison between internal staff & outside technical support to ensure efficiency  Discuss with the vendor any customization needed in the software for processing the data before testing begins  Emphasize that cost savings in staff time and increased productivity should far outweigh the cost of implementing & administering the system Provide ongoing support and training for all staff, who will appreciate the new technology when it facilitates their access to data & save them time. Roberta Katz Consulting

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5 Steps Before Selecting & Implementing a New Automated SystemDefine the scope & objectives of the projectSet a timeline for implementationDesignate a team lead who is knowledgeable of the financial operationTest the new system extensively at each step before launchProvide training, specifically as it relates to the organization’s operationRoberta Katz Consulting

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About Roberta KatzRoberta has held senior financial management positions at several major nonprofit organizations and is now working as a finance consultant, using the hands-on experience she gained to assist nonprofits with innovative guidance and practical solutions that have proven to be successful in the organizations she has worked for. Roberta has successfully implemented, administered and maintained automated systems at the organizations she has worked for and can attest to the fact that there are many challenges in doing. However, the benefits greatly outweigh the challenges. The implementation of technology, with proper internal controls is an essential component in building a strong finance department, which is the foundation upon which you build and maintain a strong nonprofit organization.Roberta Katz is available to assist and support you in these challenging times. Please contact her at Roberta Katz Consulting www.rpkatzconsulting.comRoberta Katz, MBA