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Impact Report 2022-2023

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WESTCOAST BLACK THEATRE TROUPEIMPACT REPORT2022–2023 SEASONDreamgirls, 2023. Photo by Sorcha Augustine

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WBTT BOARD OF TRUSTEES, 2023–2024Doris Johnson, Chair Marian Moss, Vice Chair Cheryl Anderson, Treasurer Chris Caswell, JD, SecretaryHonorable Dennis W. Archer Shelia AtkinsLynne Bernfield Dr. Francine Brown Frank Brunckhorst Michael Bush Judy Cuppy Kim Davis Donnie Diamond Donna Dooley Jenni Engleman Robert Gaglio Richard Gerrity David Goldman, Esq. Dr. Laverne Green Howard Harris AMBASSADORS CIRCLE CO-CHAIRSChristine JenningsSteven KrauseJackie WoodsAli BahajKitty CranorNancy FlanaganMichael GardinerSy GoldblattAsa Harris Michele HooperPenelope KingmanDr. John MaupinHoward MillmanDr. Randall MorganKim ParrisLee RainerMona RankinDr. Donald ReavesDona ScottHONORARY TRUSTEES Andrew EconomosJune GordonMargie Nellum LeeMary Ann RobinsonLois WatsonCharlie Huisking Tomeika Hunter-Koski Amb. Jeanette Hyde J.P. Knaggs Lynne Koy Joyce Locklear Gregory Matthews Kaveecia Moore Hector Muniz Andi Munzer Vickie Oldham Debbie Partridge William Partridge, Esq. Richard Perlman Ann Hobson Pilot Prentice Pilot Dr. Jacqueline Ray David Sales David Shapiro, Esq. Jeremy Shelby Edna Sherrell Barbara Shirley Teresa Simmons Marty Tael Melanie ThomasSheila Weiss David Wilkins Lois Wilkins Hon. Charles E. Williams Charles & Susan WilsonVictor Young Barbara A. Zdravecky

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As we come to the end of 2023, I am filled with gratitude. Last month, standing on stage during our 2023 Fall Gala, I looked across the room at 500-plus smiling faces who came to support and celebrate our unique theatre. I am frequently told that nowhere in this country do we find our black theatre institutions financially stable and supported like WBTT; I don’t take this reality lightly. It tells me that the vision, purpose and impact of Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe is bigger than Nate Jacobs. This brings so much joy and appreciation to my heart. We now have a professional sta that includes artistic associates Chuck Smith (Resident Director of Goodman Theatre), who directs plays at WBTT, and Jim Weaver, who is also our Education and Outreach Director. Jim led special presentations for our Voices program last season, which covered the new musical Big Sexy, and the drama Flyin’ West. He also organized our first adult acting class. Our professional production sta also includes Resident Choreographer Donald Frison, who shares his genius and works with me each season to continue the excellence WBTT is known for. I am also fortunate to work alongside our wonderful Executive Director, Julie Leach, who is fully invested in promoting our vision. Doris Johnson, our Board Chair, and the Board of Trustees of WBTT are simply remarkable. I sit at our meetings and see their attendance and support at our shows and special events and I know we are truly blessed. I also thank Debra Flynt-Garrett, who continues to lovingly nurture our dedicated donors, those who annually provide the wind beneath our wings with their support. Last season, our theme was “American Dreams.” WBTT is dedicated to celebrating and propagating essential brown and black stories in this country. Last season included an all-black production of Guys and Dolls, our holiday show Black Nativity, Pearl Cleage’s Flyin’ West, and Dreamgirls—during the run of this show, we enjoyed a visit by Tony and Grammy Award-winning Broadway icon Jennifer Holliday, who raved about our ability to present a top-notch production of the musical. She also spent quality time with our cast and shared personal gems about her life and career. Our final show of the season was Big Sexy: The Fats Waller Revue, which I wrote in celebration of longtime company member Leon Pitts II. It ended the season on a hot note and left Leon in tears, feeling honored that the company recognized his dedication and talents. I was very proud of three of our young adult sta members, Peterly Jean Baptiste, Maicy Powell and Donovan Whitney, who strategically planned and produced our inaugural WBTT Juneteenth Arts Festival. It was a great success and served as a powerful outreach platform to our local Newtown community. As I continue to bask in the joy of achieving my own American dream, I look to our future and it is as bright as the sun thanks to our community, which has embraced us as part of Sarasota’s rich cultural landscape. I look forward to celebrating our successful miracle theatre next year at our silver 25th anniversary. See you there!—NATE JACOBS Founder and Artistic Director;MY AMERICAN DREAMDonald Frison, Jennifer Holliday, and Nate Jacobs

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I continue to be amazed and appreciative of the love and support for WBTT in our hometown and beyond! People truly connect to the importance, timely relevance and joy of our mission to produce professional theatre that promotes and celebrates African American history and experience, engages a broad base of patrons and audiences, supports the development of a dynamic group of aspiring artists and builds self-esteem in youth of color. We continue to add performances, collaborations, community outreach and education programs each year thanks to our community support which provides a virtuous circle of connecting to more people and building meaningful relationships and outreach.I am also incredibly grateful to our growing team of accomplished and developing sta members. Nate, Debra and I look back in wonder at the years when we were a sta of 4 and accomplished much, but now look at what this team of 24 full and part-time employees can accomplish.WBTT has made it through some dicult times and will face still more challenges in the upcoming years, but we have done so with the support of our talented, engaged Board of Trustees—led by the truly wonderful Doris Johnson—our enthusiastic patrons, and our generous donors. We thank you for your continued belief in the value and relevance of this unique theatre company! See you in the theatre soon!WBTT . . . Nothing Else Like it! —JULIE LEACH Executive DirectorMOVING FORWARD WITH GRATITUDE“Unity is strength . . . where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”—MATTIE STEPANEK

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Every year, starting in 2020, I have been favored with the good fortune of reflecting upon the impact that the WBTT Board of Trustees has had on the organization’s incredible successes. I can boldly state that foremost in the mind of each trustee is WBTT’s mission—to produce a professional theatre where young people of color have the ability to sharpen their on-stage acting skills, so that they might cultivate a career of prosperity, while adding value to the lives of the many people they touch through their inspirational performances. The trustees have had an extraordinary year teaming up with Nate, Julie, Debra and the entire WBTT team. In brief, we began the year assessing our individual fitness to lead by engaging in a self-assessment survey and we expanded the board to include two members whose expertise contributes to our ongoing fiduciary responsibility of the organization. We collaborated with the sta on prosperous fundraisers, providing insights and logistical support as well as generous financial contributions. And we continued to nurture our relationships with the donors and patrons who widely backed the theatre with their GENEROSITY, PASSION and LOVE for the mission of our organization! Our GIFT! —DORIS JOHNSON Chair, Board of Trustees“Unity is strength . . . where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”—MATTIE STEPANEK

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;;OCTOBER 5–NOVEMBER 20, 2022WBTT opened the 2022–2023 “American Dreams” season with Guys and Dolls, directed by WBTT Education Director and Artistic Associate Jim Weaver. The show is one of the most produced musicals in history and premiered on Broadway in 1950. The production featured a predominantly black cast of WBTT favorites such as Brian L. Boyd, Jai Shanae, and Derric Gobourne Jr. Caroline Trbovich of Broadway World wrote, “This production did not disappoint. Cast members all had the chops to deliver solos, duets, and collaborative vocals as well as the feet and gams to keep this show moving.”

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Photo courtesy Playing ThroughNOVEMBER 6–7, 2022The Pops Orchestra opened their season in collaboration with WBTT with “Spirit of America.” The show featured gospel tunes, spirituals, and patriotic anthems to commemorate Veterans Day.

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NOVEMBER 11, 2022On November 11, 2022, WBTT hosted the 23rd anniversary fall gala, “Groovin’ on the Soul Train,” celebrating the music, style, and dance of the legendary tv show. It was held at the Circus Arts Conservatory’s Sailor Circus Arena and featured WBTT artists Ariel Blue, Brian L. Boyd, Sheldon Rhoden, Christopher Eisenberg, Michael Mendez, Leon Pitts II, Delores McKenzie, Syreeta Banks, Raleigh Mosely II, Sammy Waite and Stephanie Zandra. Performers celebrated iconic music of the 70s from artists like Earth, Wind, and Fire, Tina Turner, and Aretha Franklin. The event raised over $240,000. Our Heart and Soul Philanthropy Award was presented to Andrew and Judith Economos for their support of WBTT’s mission over the years. Andrew serves as an honorary trustee on the WBTT Board of Trustees. Myllanna McKinnon was presented with the Agent of Success Award for her contributions over the years and her commitment to WBTT starting as a performer, and later helping out backstage and ultimately becoming House Manager for the company.

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Myllanna McKinnon received the Agent of Success Award

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NOVEMBER 30, 2022–DECEMBER 23, 2022In December 2022, the troupe revived the holiday show Black Nativity after 4 years. The show was directed by Founder and Artistic Director Nate Jacobs and featured students of Stage of Discovery who joined our professional performers. Written by Langston Hughes, it tells the story of the birth of Christ from an African American point of view and features an all black cast. Every year, WBTT presents a holiday show alternating between Black Nativity, Joyful! Joyful! and Motown Christmas.

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JANUARY 4, 2023–FEBRUARY 12, 2023 In January 2023 the troupe presented Flyin’ West under the direction of Chuck Smith. The show was originally scheduled for June 2020, but was postponed due to the COVID pandemic. The production starred Ariel Blue, Donovan Whitney, Renata Eastlick, Carmie Harris, Michael Knowles, and Sieglinda Fox. Written by Pearl Cleage, the show tells the story of African-American female pioneers who settled in the all-black town of Nicodemus, Kansas. “For our 2022-2023 season, we adopted the theme American Dreams,” said WBTT Founder/Artistic Director Nate Jacobs. “The story of the women portrayed in Flyin’ West aligns with our theme Flyin’Westperfectly, highlighting their bravery and determination in the face of environmental and societal challenges to their dreams of living free on land they own.”

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WBTTVOICESCOMMUNITY FORUMSJANUARY 23, 2023WBTT held a Voices Program regarding Flyin’ West during which audience members learned more about Nicodemus, Kansas and the historical context of what the town meant for black settlers. The presentation was led by our Education and Outreach Director Jim Weaver.

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JANUARY 16, 2023WBTT held its annual MLK Celebration, Dr. Martin Luther King: Celebrating His Legacy in Spoken Word and Song, live for the first time in two years. The celebration was held at the Sarasota Opera House. Reverend Charles McKenzie returned to deliver speeches written by Dr. Martin Luther King and the show featured music by artists such as Nina Simone and Marvin Gaye, as well as many Negro spirituals and uplifting soul and gospel songs.

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FEBRUARY–APRIL, 2023Jazzlinks is a collaboration between the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe and The Jazz Club of Sarasota, designed to educate high school and middle school students about the role of African Americans in U.S. history. Reflected through the songs and statements about the times, this season’s program titled Civil Rights: Bridging The Movement, brought focus to the many contributions of African-Americans in the military and at home during WWII, the Korean, and the Vietnam Wars from the 1930s through the 1960s. The program reached over 1,000 students. As part of our Rhythm and Tales program, a production of Alligators and Flamingos was held at the Van Wezel auditorium starring WBTT favorites such as Lee Hollis Bussie, Raleigh Mosely II and Amber Myers. The show had two performances and over 3,500 students came to watch the show!

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FEBRUARY 22-APRIL 9, 2023WBTT presented Dreamgirls which sold out within the first two weeks of shows. With music by Henry Krieger and lyrics by Tom Eyen, the show tells the story of a group of three African American young women from Chicago that rise from obscurity to superstardom. Through gospel, R&B, smooth pop, disco and more, Dreamgirls explores themes of ambition, hope and betrayal, all set in the glamorous and competitive world of the music industry. We were delighted by a surprise visit from Jennifer Holliday, an original Dream Girl and the original Ee on Broadway, who came to see the show. She had a talkback with the cast afterwards and gave advice on how to navigate the industry.

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THE BEST!SimplyMARCH 6, 2023The annual Hush Hush party unveiled our 24th anniversary season lineup titled “Simply the Best.” WBTT was happy to unveil our first musical of the season, Once on This Island, with a special performance by Maicy Powell, and Donovan Whitney performed a powerful monologue from A Soldier’s Play. Ruby, an original show written and conceived by Michael and Nate Jacobs, will also finally be performed on our stage after being postponed twice due to the COVID pandemic. Patrons were delighted to hear that Marvin Gaye: Prince of Soul would be returning with WBTT favorite Sheldon Rhoden as the titular icon.

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MARCH/APRIL 2023WBTT was excited to welcome back longtime troupe member Christopher Eisenberg to present an original show, Frank & Me, for a three-night engagement. Created and written by Eisenberg, the show explored Frank Sinatra’s influence on Chris being a “biracial-Jewish kid.” It featured popular Sinatra numbers like “Fly Me to The Moon” and “I’ve Got The World on a String.” The show was a success, selling out all three performances.FRANK&MESTARRINGCHRISEISENBERG

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MARCH/APRIL/MAY 2023As part of our Young Artist Program, two longtime artists of WBTT had their first Young Artist Showcases last year. Brentney J wrote, directed, and choreographed Memoirs of a Peach, which was “a creative collaboration of community networking, performing arts training, dance, and choreography.” Patrons were met in the lobby with vendors of Black-owned businesses in the Sarasota-Manatee area. Special guests included Derric Gobourne Jr. and Brian L. Boyd. Raleigh Mosely II performed in his own showcase later in the year titled Titanium: A Soul Experience which was a sold-out success and featured special guests Ariel Blue and Derric Gobourne Jr. Titanium: A Soul Experience took the audience on a journey about Raleigh’s life through song.YOUNG ARTISTPROGRAM

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APRIL 3, 2023The “April Fools Fête” was held in the ballroom of Michael’s On East. The event featured talent such as Ariel Blue, Christopher Eisenberg, Raleigh Mosely II, and Delores McKenzie as well as students from our Stage of Discovery program Canela Vasquez and Sammy Waite. The annual fundraiser is held to raise money for our education programs such as Stage of Discovery and Jazzlinks. The event raised over $250,000.

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THE FATS WALLER REVUEAPRIL 19, 2023–MAY 28, 2023Big Sexy: The Fats Waller Revue, the last show of our mainstage season, featured the incomparable Leon Pitts II. Another original production created and directed by Nate Jacobs, Big Sexy tells the story of Fats Waller, an American jazz pianist, singer, and composer. The cast included Ariel Blue, Jazzmin Carson, Andrea Jean, and Ulric Alfred Taylor. On May 19, 2023, a Voices Program was held where we discussed the talent, legacy and accomplishments of Fats Waller and the impact he had on the African American community of the 1930s and 1940s.

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Photo courtesy of WEDU.MAY 8, 2023Grace: The Spirit of Aretha, a wonderful collaboration between WBTT and Key Chorale about the life and music of Aretha Franklin, had over 1,000 people in attendance. It celebrated not only the contributions of her talents to pop music but also gospel. The featured soloists Naärai Jacobs and Matelyn Alicia were backed by the Key Chorale choir and Ariel Blue, Maicy Powell, and CJ Melton of WBTT. The concert was held in the Van Wezel auditorium.

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JUNE 18th, 2023The inaugural WBTT Juneteenth Arts Festival was held on Father’s Day on WBTT’s campus where over 350 people came to celebrate the contributions of African Americans to the arts and featured live performances, short films from Ringling College students, and vendors from the Black community. There were two showings of the movie Playing Through, a story about the life of the African American golfer Ann Gregory, as well as a showing of the WBTT documentary film This Light of Mine, produced by WEDU.

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STAGE OFDISCOVERYJULY 16, 2023As part of our annual Stage of Discovery, WBTT presented Fame: The Musical. Under the direction of Education and Outreach Director Jim Weaver, 22 students performed in three sold out performances. Every year during the camp, students attend acting, dance, and music classes to sharpen their skills and prepare them for the upcoming production over a 5-week period.

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AUGUST 19 & 20, 2023WBTT presented Center Stage Live: Jordan & Joel Bolds Scholarship Concert. A musical blend of soul, gospel & jazz, the concert showcased Jordan and Joel Bolds, 22 and 20 years old, and their incredible, multi-faceted musical gifts. Jordan Bolds is a sax phenom who discovered his love for music and the sax in fourth grade and has won numerous awards in the years since. Joel has been a professional drummer since he was 9 years old and, like Jordan, has a keen ear for music and taught himself how to play the piano. Proceeds from the concerts benefited the Bolds College Scholarship Fund. Center Stage Live was presented in collaboration with Greatness Beyond Measure.

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For the fifth consecutive year, WBTT awarded Artist Development scholarships to deserving students. This year, WBTT provided six young, aspiring artists with scholarships of $2,000 each to study the performing arts in a college, university or con- servatory program. The scholarships are designed to help students surmount the financial barriers to post-secondary education. To be considered, students must have performed on the WBTT stage at least twice, worked as an intern, and/or participated in the Stage WBTT’s 2023 scholarship winners, from left to right: Zion Thompson, Ariana Fitzgerald, Amillia Samuels, and Will Mauricette, with WBTT Board Chair Doris Johnson, Founder and Artistic Director Nate Jacobs, and Executive Director Julie Leach. (Not pictured: scholarship winners Astrid McIntyre, and Canela Vasquez.) STUDENT ARTIST DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIPSof Discovery summer musical theatre intensive program (all six of this year’s recipients are Stage of Discovery alumni, among other activities with WBTT). Patrons may contribute to the WBTT Artist Development Scholarship Fund in any amount. For a $6,000 commitment, which can be paid as $2,000 a year over three years, donors can name a scholarship. Please contact Debra Flynt-Garrett at 941.404.7755 or for details.

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AUGUST 28 2023Since 2018, Young, Black & Giving Back Institute brought Give 8/28 to life to build a giving day dedicated to grassroots, Black nonprofits. Thanks to 93 donors, we raised $12,503 from 8/28 to 8/31 through the 2023 Give 8/28 campaign. These donations helped support our Young Artist Program, which provides talented young performers an opportunity to showcase their talents by writing, directing, and performing on the theatre’s main stage in their own production.YOUNG ARTISTPROGRAMBrentney J in 2023’s Memoirs of a Peach

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SEPTEMBER 2023WBTT hosted multiple artists in our theatre this year. Jose Ramirez returned to the WBTT stage for one night only. Jose had recently completed his Spring US and Summer European Tours and is a 2021 and 2022 Blues Music Award nominee with a faithful following. Modern Marimba partnered with WBTT to bring The Jalen Baker Quartet to our theatre to present a wonderful jazz concert. The group includes Jalen Baker (vibraphone), Paul Cornish (piano), Gavin Moolchan (percussion), and Gabriel Godoy (bass). Jalen Baker, is a vibraphonist, percussionist, educator, and composer whose early training involved both classical and jazz genres. His second album “Be Still” was released in July 2023 to rave reviews.

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THE FRIENDSHIP TRAINWestcoast Black Theatre Troupe is pleased to recognize our legacy donors as our “Friendship Train.” These donors have indicated in writing that WBTT is included in their estate plans. We are so grateful to them for ensuring that WBTT will touch the lives of young artists, students and patrons long into the future. If you would like to consider jumping on board, contact Debra Flynt-Garrett, Development Director, at 941-404-7755. Bankston Family TrustIN MEMORIAMCarol & Tom BeelerDan DentonNancy & Tom FlanaganMichael & Suzanne GladfelterRonald & Rita GreenbaumLen GumleyIN MEMORIAMMarilyn HarwellIN MEMORIAMPeggy & Hal HaydenBob JohnsonIN MEMORIAMDarlene J. Kalada & Richard N. BryanPenelope KingmanLynne KoyAlan & Abbie KurlandRose Marie ProiettiLaurie RosinEva T. SlaneIN MEMORIAMJerey Smith & Deborah MixMary Lou Webster

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FOUNDERS $50,000+Brunckhorst Family*Andrew & Judith Economos*Enthusiastic Friends of WBTT*Sy Goldblatt*Penelope Kingman*Lee and Lydia RainerDona & Sam Scott *Estate of Eva Slane2022–2023 DONORSThank you to our family of generous donors for supporting WBTT during our 2022–2023 fiscal year. The list includes Visionary Circle Donors, Production Sponsors, and Event Sponsors from October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023.*Denotes 5 years or more of continuous supportARTISTIC DIRECTORS $20,000-$49,999The Community Foundation of Sarasota County*Kitty & John Cranor*Brian & Caroline EllersonThe Exchange*Nancy & Tom Flanagan*Dr. Phil & Suzan Gaynes*Gulf Coast Community Foundation*Michele Hooper & Lemuel Seabrook*Sheila JellisonBrock & Julie Leach*Howard Millman & Carolyn Michel*Marian Moss*Jack & Priscilla Schlegel*The Shubert Foundation*Pat SingletaryJim & Charlie Ann Syprett*Glenn & Jackie Tilton*

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EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS $10,000-$19,999AnonymousCheryl Anderson & Mike Springer & Executive Accounting Solutions*David & Suzanne ArchSteve & Shari Ashman*Ali & Gloria Bahaj*Carol Beeler*Carole & Gary Booher*Liza & Carl Caruso*Robert E. Dods Family Foundation*Frank E. Duckwall Foundation, Inc.Linda FiorelliGettel Automotive*James Heskett*Dr. Donald & Doris Johnson*Steven Kalt & Robert Heeren*Victor Kaufman & Ann Rainey*The Koman Family*Patricia Kordis*Meg & Jamie McLane*Bob & Andi Munzer*Neil Foster Phillips*Cecil & Shirley Pickett*PNC Wealth ManagementPatricia Potter*Rose Marie Proietti*Robert RussellMichael Saunders*Ken Schneier & Cynthia Craig*Jerey & Barbara Shivers*Bob & Teresa Simmons*Rosa L. & Willie Stanfield*Susan & Charles Wilson*PLAYWRIGHTS $5,000-$9,999AnonymousScott B. & Annie P. Appleby Charitable Trust*Honorable Dennis W. Archer & Honorable Trudy DunCombe Archer*George & Jessica Armstrong & Rosemary & Thyme*Curtis & Kim ArtisPhil Baker*Jerry & Helga Bilik*Carolyn Blum*Charles & Theresa Brown*Bruce & Elaine Burton*Miles & Barbara Capron*Sue Coyne & The Lewis Foundation*Gene & Linda Crump*Maria Beck & Stephen Buckley & Dakota BiotechCynthia Davis*Eugene DeutschJames Doyle & Paula MillerDouglas & Willie Eden*FCCI Insurance Group*Shirley FossEstate of Marilyn HarwellMichael & Karen Gardiner*Bernice Giscombe*Anthony & Adela GloverDavid & Susan Gorin*Joe & Leslie Grabowski

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Rita Greenbaum*Irene & Earl HagmanHBKS Wealth Advisors & Elite Life ManagementCharlie Huisking from the Huisking Family Fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County*Amb. Jeanette Hyde*George & Sarah IrvinCurtis Jordan & Paige Petersen*Virginia Lipton*Alison & Howard Madsen* in Memory of Marvin AlbertTom & Diane Mahan*Lora ManningJoan Mathews*Richard Maulsby Marie McKee & Robert Cole*Dr. Randall & Karen Morgan*Barbara & Larry Newman in Memory of Alan E. FeenDorothy O’Brien & Dick Antoine*Frank & Jeanette PlanesDrs. Donald J. Reaves & Deborah Ross ReavesLynne D. Ross, Designer*Skip & Gail Sack*Geraldine SandersDr. Bob & Beth Scheible*Ellie & Fred Schwimmer*Linda Steinberger*Susan Straus*Janis & Skip SwanDr. Ray & Fran Taylor*Dr. Bernard & Lois Watson & The William Penn Foundation*Paul & Kathie Westpheling*David & Terry Wilkins Bob & Angelia Wood*Bliss & Maryanne Young*DIRECTORS $2,500-$4,999Peg Allen & Steve Dixon*Douglas & Carolyn Anderson*Lawrence & Stephanie BaileyWalton & Deborah Beacham*Dr. Jody Beresford & Dr. Robert MayerMarty & Barbara Bowling*Murray Bring & Kay Delaney*Debra Buttaggi*Jan Cady*Chris & Patricia Caswell*Thomas & Dana Cunningham*Gary Davis & Bruce VanderStoweToni-Anne DeNicola-KomanMary DoneyDavid & Vivian Dresner in Honor of Nancy & Tom FlanaganUrsula FairbairnBarbara V. Gardner & Tom Gardner*John & Geraldine Gibbs*Kofi Glover*Gulfside BankC.A. & Annazette HoustonJoel Howard & J. Tracy Tucker*Ted & Jean IngersollFlorence JacksonSue Jacobson

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Gene JonesJacqueline JonesWarren & Thekla Kahn*James & Pauline KennedyDavid & Lucie Lapovsky*C. Malachowski*David & Rebecca MarshDr. Martin MaxDale & L. Kristin Menard*George & Janet Miles*Gloria Moss*Martha Murphy & Kathy Holmok*Barbara Nalven in Memory of Daniel NalvenNorthern Trust*Lou & Rosemary Oberndorf*David OiferJohn Michael Page & Debra Flynt-Garrett*Sandra PalmerGregory & Kimberly ParrisJerey PetersonLee & Bob Peterson FoundationIrwin & Andra Press*Lilly PulitzerJames & Janet PullenMona Rankin*Marta Riordan & James Boyle*Penny SijatzJerey Smith & Deborah Mix* in Memory of Eva T. SlaneHillary Steele*Elizabeth Sublette*Bob ThillG. Richard & Elizabeth Thompson*Jim & Susan TraversPeter & Judi Wasserman F. Joseph WilsonJackie Woods*CHOREOGRAPHERS $1,000-$2,499Michael Alvarez James Amato*C. Alan Anderson Architect*Cheryl Anderson & Mike Springer Constance Anderson*Donald & Cathy Baillie*Gerald BillerJerey & Deborah BosseMary Braxton-Joseph*Tony & Irene BrittSteven Alan BrownPeggy BurchKevin & Paula ButlerClaudia Cardillo*Sam & Pam Citron*John “Bill” CoughlinGeorge & Bonnie Cummings*Katharina CurlessFrank & Barbara Fleischer*Lawrence & Elizabeth Gallick*Roz Goldberg*Stephen & Elaine GrahamLorna Hard*Howard HarrisJulie HarrisNoel & Terry Hefty* in Honor of Howard MillmanHenry & Katherine HeusnerJames Hunter

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Morris Hylton III in Honor of Debra Flynt-Garrett Alan & Eleanor IsraelDarlene Kalada & Richard Bryan*Betsy Kane-Hartnett & John Hartnett from the Janet & Stanley Kane Family FoundationTammy KarpEdward Keon & Pat Kennelly*Kay KochenderferLenny & Susan Landau*Cathy LaytonJohn & Sandra LongReid & Linda MacCluggageMaureen Maguire & Doug Kuperman*Joyce MailhouseTammy MilesJo Morello* & JoMo Productions in Memory of Jack GilhooleyAlix MorinPeter & Sandra MorrisDr. Mario & Aime Oliva Bill & Debbie Partridge*Ralph & Peggy PassinoDr. Jacqueline Ray*Jensy RichardsDrs. Ruth & Javier RojasBarbara RosovskyHugo Roth Family Fund in Honor of Sy GoldblattJonathan & Barbara RyderDavid & Jole SandblomSteve & Sally SandblomSarasota Chamber of CommerceSarasota County Bar Association Diversity and Inclusion Fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County*Sarasota-Manatee Section National Council of Jewish WomenDaisy Saunders*Tobi Schneider & Steve Neumeister*Leslie Smith*Stephanie Sonnabend & Gregory CiccoloRenee & Bill Stevens*Greg & Belle StikeleatherBob & Joy StoneFrank ToomeyEd Town & Steve RubinPatricia Vandenberg*Helen Vetter*Shelley Walters WalkerIrv WeiserAmb. Barry & Winsome Wells*Chryssa Westerlund in Memory of Jerome DavisMelanie WhaleyDr. Richard Wharton & Dr. Lou Bertha McKenzie-Wharton and the Wharton & McKenzie-Wharton Family FoundationNancy WolkRon & Geri Yonover*Janice Zarro*

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DESIGNERS $500-$2,499Francine Achbar & Stuart Mushlin*Jill & Alan Anderson*James & Lynette BennettMyrna BlumeVenessa BosmaDiane BrownJames & Clemmie CashRobert & Carole CatineauGail Chase*Neal ColtonRobin & Chase CurtisCarol CustardHenry & Julie DanielsonRaymond DaviesHillary DunsonCarole Fern & Tariq RafiqueDeborah FinemanBrad GaubatzHerman & Wanda Gilbert*Gina GrangerMarvin & Anne Marie GreeneBeverly HarmsKathleen Hayes*Ron Gault & Charlayne Hunter-GaultDr. C.H. Amar & Mira Inalsingh*Toby KaulkinWilliam Kies in Memory ofJerome DavisGerald & Mary KilanoskiJerey Kiyoshi KarasawaPhilip & Nancy KotlerRichard LynchRuth & Andy Maass*Martha McKlveenMaurice MosleyGunter & Anita Mrotzek*Wiley & Fran Osborn*Elaine & Fred PanitzJohn Patterson in Memory of David GorinAlan & Sunny Pervil*Ann Hobson Pilot & Prentice Pilot*Rebecca Preston*Walter & Marilyn ProutyPatty Jo RiceLaurie Rosin*Cynthia RoyeWillie & Coralease Ru Judith SavageCynthia SmythRose Sobol in Honor of Nate JacobsMarkus & Ingrid SummersKevin & Ruth TinleyJane Traub*Beverlyn Truehart*Becky van der BogertWilliam & Martha WallaceNatalie WeinsteinMichael WeirChuck & Sheila Weiss*Lynn WrightYoung, Black & Giving BackSTAGEHANDS $35-$499Brent AlbertPete AllcoxAnthony Allen Elizabeth AllenSteve AltakerJan AmaraCaroline Amory & Marjorie Floyd Pamela AndrewsKaren Apgar in Memory of David GorinFlorence ArnoCarol ArscottSorcha AugustineNatalie BaidanAmy & Terry Baker in Memory of David Gorin

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John BarneyHenry Battie*Jewel Belle in Memory of Jerome DavisRichard & Patricia BentleyEmil & Alice Beran*Je BergamoKenneth & Judith BergerKaren Berk Richard Berman*Mary BirdsongMarion Black-Run & Paul Run in Honor of Lois & David WilkinsPaul BlankmanGarry BlountRotraut Bockstahler*Jay BodaJim & Linda Bodycomb*Joan BoltaxDorothy BondurantCheryl BorrelliJe BorysiewiczJoseph & Susan BostonMary BowmasterDan & Litten Boxser*Arthur BoyceKathy Clay BoydSusan Boyd*Charlene BoykinsPhilip BradleyLeanna Breese Barbara Brizdle in Memory of David GorinNancy BronskaDorothea BrownFrancine Brown*Pam & Rick BrownSusan BrownSunny Brownrout*Janice BruntsLinda BuchekJudy BuaHenry Bundles & Helen BakerDennis BuranJehanne Burch*Charles BurksCarlos Caballero Richard CaldwellJo Ellen & Larry CampbellKatherine CarcaciPedro CarrasquilloSharon CarterMarie CasnerFaye CastrucciJoyce Cekander*Patricia Cerefice*Martha ChadwickCara ClarkeIna CleggSteven & Arlene CohenCharles ColeJudie CompherJane ConnerJill Considine in Memory of David GorinLinda CordiscoTracey CorporanCheri CoryeaMariana CottonKathleen CotyJeanne CowanJohn CrosskeyJudith Cuppy*Patricia DangeloSquire & Karren DanielsMary Ann DavidHelen DavisRobert DavisCynthia Demnitz in Memory of Jerome DavisWilliam DenhardRobert & Christine DeutschRichard DiamondAnthony DiazAnne Diaz-VersonEllen & Mark DiZioLinda DockendorThomas & Ann Louise Dorr

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Barbara EisenbergLinda ElliEmbracing Our DierencesThomas EspositoDorothy FannellAndrea Farbman in Memory of David GorinGary FarnerRobyn FaucyJohn & Lois FeaganJeanne FeldhusenKip FentonDoug FinkelLois FischRobert & Jacqui Fitzgerald*Wendi FogelsonRick & Lorraine FoltzHerbert FoxD. Franklin*Linda FranklinSharon FranklinCarmel FrostLonnetta Gaines*Rukmini GaneshappaJohn Garmong & Stacy LiljebergJohn GartonCharles & Leslie GerhardtRavi GhaiGerald Gibbs*Gene & Ann GinsbergRita GlosserSusan GoatleyAlan GoldbloomMichael GoldsmithMarjorie GoldsteinShirley GoodNelda GoodgamesRichard & Mary GoodmanCynthia GordonAlida GorinSally GrahamDonna GranthamBeth GravesMarilyn Graves*Arlene Greene*Alice GreenwaldAnthony GubelloWerner & Karen Gundersheimer*Lynnora HadleyRoger Hilfiker & Evelyn DelphLynne HomeAndrew & Felicia HallBill & Donna HallGerald HamburgJerry & Joelle Hamovit*Michael HannonBarbara Harvey & Natasha HoganPaula HaydenHal & Peggy Hayden*Katie HayesLucy HedrickStephen HeflerSusan Herring*Russel HerzGail & Bob Hetler* in Honor of L. Peter CallenderKathy & Thomas HewittAnne Heyns*Jeanne Hickey*Maurice & Marian HirschAngela HissomTheresa HobanHarriet Hobson*Kathleen & Jamie Hogg Andrea HoogwerfDale Horwitz*Michael & Susan HunterPeggy IsherwoodDarrell JacksonDr. Jerey JanoLinda JeneweinChristine Jennings* in Memory of David GorinDarlene JohnsonSandra Johnson

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Wayne JohnsonWilliam R. & Elizabeth Johnston* from the Johnston Family Fund of the Manatee Community FoundationMichelle JohnstonJ.R. JonesChristie JuhaszRichard KalikowKappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. at the Ohio State University in Memory of Jerome DavisDavid KatzJulie Kaufman in Memory of David GorinBeth KayeDianne KenneyDione KenyonNaomi KingBonita KirtonMarlene KitchellCarole Kleinberg*William Klettke Martin Kobak Carl Koenig & Constance Sanders*Karen Koenig*Carla & T.K. KortendickJudith & Ike KoziolEllen Kramer & Arthur KeyserBenjamin Krause in Honor of Andi MunzerEllen KreislerLee Krompart Edward KumianLinda LahmJohn LambertG. Lee LancasterJonathan LandsbergEmile & Pamela LangloisMarilyn Lapidus Sophia LaRusso*Susan LaskyLorie LatourYvonne LawlerJoshua Leach*Paul LeekTerry LelandEsther LennoxMichael & Sandy LevitanMelvy Erman LewisSusan & Bob LewisBarbara LiggettIrwin LivonAntonio & Nelida LlovioJoyce Locklear*Raymond LombraMichael LougheadJoan Lovell*Peggy LowndesRich LownesLois LucekMarilyn LuchtAnn LukasPatricia LyonsMonica M. MackeyLinda MacaskillMargaret MaguireCarole MaiselArnold MalaskyVirginia & Joseph MallofDawn Mancuso in Memory of David GorinLois MannoPamela MarbleRichard Marshall*Katherine MartucciJacqueline MassariAlyssa MatelauRichard Maulsby Steve & Nancy Mayer*Kay McAulieHelen McBean*Jane MccormackRobert McCune John McDermottPaul McGinn

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Kathy Mckown*Mary McNealLoraine McWilliamsLisa MerrittRichard & Mary MeyerJean-Robert & Shirley MichaudDouglas MillerDr. Lawrence & Shirley MillerNorman MonhaitMichael MooreAllen & Roberta Morton*Eric MowerPeter MurraySara MyersMichael & Cindy NashGerald NehraNetwork for GoodClarence NewbyDavid & Francine Newman*Janet NewmanKevin NorthConnie Norton*Paul Nylen in Memory of Jerome DavisBarbara O’NeilIrene Oakley JohnsonNancy OdehKathleen O’HaraVickie OldhamBri OlivaRobert OtterbergDale OttermanNila & Martin Padarathsingh*Howard PakettCarol PapishJames PappasGeraldine ParrottBenjamin PasterLewis PattersonLarry PattonRichard PaulsenCarleen PayneRichard & Rosalie PearsLinda PearsonNancy PeavyElizabeth PennewillScott & Kim PenningJ.F. Perrin in Memory of Jerome DavisKris PerryJohn Potter Maicy PowellDavid & Marilyn PowellH. LeBaron PrestonSharon M. PriceLaToya Price-ChildsRonald PrimeauEtta RaikenJohn & Jill RaleighSharon RameyMatthew RandWilliam ReidGlenn Reighart in Memory of David GorinRuth ReiterDick & Joani ReynoldsEdward RichMarion RichterSandra Ricker Susan RileyNancy RineyEmily RizzoW.J. Roberson IIMalcolm & Greta RobertsHeather Roberts Linda RoemingPatti Roost in Honor of Mary Ann GeorgeCorinne RothNancy Roucher*Marilyn RunnelsSue RuppLinda RuppertDavid Rush in Memory of Jerome DavisAnne RydlewiczCindy Salomone and Albert Cenci*

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Sam & Susan SamelsonJudith SamuelDeborah SandersLilian Sands in Honor of Penelope KingmanSarasota County Tax Collector EmployeesWilliam & Diane SarnatRobin Sathan in Honor of Steven Kalt & Rob Heeren Elizabeth Scanio & Stephen BellLynn SchaeferHoward SchapiroAlison SchillingerPatti Schimmel*Jeanne SchmittRhona SchnollMarianne SchramFelice Schulaner & Dennis Rees*Fern SchwartzJudith SchwartzErich Schwerd in Memory of Jerome DavisLana ScottKaren ScovillJudith SearAnn SearsArlene SeifertDeborah Shepperd-BrooksLaura ShieldsBetsy ShindlebowerPhilip Shotwell Vernon & Natalie SieversPaul Silber Barbara SimonsSherry SimonsWarren SimpsonSusan Singer*Gregory & Della SkannalDelia Smith Dr. Hugh S. Smith & Dr. Marsha Kindall-SmithPamela SmithRae SpicerDaniel SpohnRosalind StarkAlicia StarrPat Steck*Harriet & Roger StephensonBarbara Stevens Fred StewartKathleen StewartRochelle StokesJerold StoneRuth StonerNoreene StorrieJ. Alvin Stout IIISharon StrassfeldStephen StulmanJames Suh in Memory of Jerome DavisMax & Sue Supica*Millard & Joann Surrency*Joan SussmanGail Sussman-MillerGeorge SwartzLisa TavernaHenry & Valerie TaylorJames TaylorRobert TeppermanJerome & Doris ThierHeather ThomasMarilyn Thompson*Michael ThompsonGayle TimmermanJanet TolbertRichard Tomb JoAnn TomerJack ToneyAlbert TripodiJoel and Phyllis TroppBryan TroutmanMarcia TuttDianne UnderwoodVictoria Urban

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Gabriole Van BryceNancy Van RoekensMartina VenzTihda Vongkoth Sheldon & Vicki WacksmanTom Walker & Linda O’BrienRobert WallElizabeth WallaceMaria WardenSherry WarshauerCarlotta Webb*Mary Lou Webster*Mary Sue WechslerKaren WehnerElizabeth WeinbergSarah Wertheimer in Memory of David GorinLora WeyLinda WheelerBenjamin & Joyce White*Adrienne WhitneyConrad A. & Wendy Wicks in Memory of David GorinAndrew Wilcox in Memory of Jerome DavisLarry A. WilliamsWanda Williams in Memory of Jerome DavisCarol Wolf*Nancy WolkKathy WolyniakCarol Wood*Susann WrightInge WykstraHarold Young & Carolyn SyphaxS. Jerome ZackinThomas ZahnBarbara ZdraveckyBruce ZeitlinRaisa ZilbermanMike ZinnDieuwke Zolas in Memory of David GorinTHANK YOUto all of our donors!

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WBTT’S 2023–2024 TEAMNate Jacobs Founder and Artistic DirectorJulie Leach Executive DirectorStefan AbnerHouse AssociatePeterly Jean BaptisteEducation and Outreach AssociateRegina BelvinDevelopment AssociateRoland BlackShop ForemanAriel BlueArtist Relations Associate/Assistant Box Oce ManagerAnnette BreazealeProperties Artisan ManagerKiamani CanadyStage HandDarci CollinsResident SeamstressJayde Dauley Properties InternDebra Flynt-Garrett Development DirectorDonald Frison Resident ChoreographerArnette German Receptionist/Box Oce AssociateRobert Grant Finance ManagerBeth GravesMarketing & Communications DirectorTianna Harris Production AssistantAustin JacobsSound AssistantAlexander JuddResident Sound EngineerGerald Law CustodianMargaret Lindsey Box Oce AssociateMarta McKinnonHouse AssociateMatthew McKinnonResident Music DirectorMydra McKinnon House Associate/Stage HandMyllanna McKinnonHouse ManagerEleanor Miller Box Oce ManagerJuanita MunfordProduction Stage ManagerAmber Myers Lead Stage HandMichael PasquiniResident Lighting DesignerAdrienne PittsWardrobe ManagerMaicy Powell Marketing AssociatePat Primavera Assistant to SeamstressPatrick RussiniResident Sound DesignerChuck SmithResident Guest DirectorZion ThompsonHouse AssociateJim WeaverEducation Director & Artistic AssociateKevin WhiteProduction ManagerDonovan WhitneyAsst to the Artistic Director/Casting CoordinatorSorcha Augustine PhotographySharon KunkelWordslinger Marketing & PRMedia RelationsPaula MurrayArtefact DesignGraphic DesignBill WagyBill Wagy ProductionsVideography

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Season 2022–2023 was the first fully produced season since the COVID pandemic began in spring of 2020. We named it our American Dreams season, and we were finally able to realize our dream of fully utilizing our renovated Gerri Aaron and the Aaron Family Foundation theatre building. In the fall, there was still some lingering pandemic concerns which dampened audiences numbers, but by the holidays we saw sold-out weeks for Black Nativity, and our production of Dreamgirls— produced February–April of 2023—sold-out after its first 2 weeks. Our fundraising events also returned to normal with full attendance and exciting results!FISCAL YEAR 2022–2023 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTSProfessional theatre requires significant upfront investments in rehearsal time for casts and musicians, costumes, sets, technical aspects and facilities—even in the best of times ticket sales only cover about 50% of these costs. The remainder are covered through grants and generous donors who value keeping ticket prices low enough to engage our full community and fund our free and low-cost education and community outreach programs. All of us at WBTT are extremely grateful to our donors, government programs and grantors for their generosity and commitment to our mission. TOTAL OPERATING INCOMEOct. 1, 2022—Sept. 30, 2023$5,125,311EARNED INCOME(MAINLY TICKET REVENUES)35%COMMUNITY SUPPORT*56%FEDERAL PANDEMIC SUPPORT THROUGH THE SHUTTERED VENUE OPERATORS GRANT IN 2021-22 AND THE EMPLOYEE RETENTION TAX CREDIT IN 2022–23 4%FEDERAL, STATE & LOCAL GRANTS5%COMMUNITY SUPPORT *BREAKDOWNBOARD CONTRIBUTIONS 12%FUNDRAISING EVENTS 14%FOUNDATION GRANTS 2%PRODUCTION SPONSORSHIPS & ANNUAL FUND 25%EDUCATION SUPPORT 3% Oct. 1, 2022—Sept. 30, 2023

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TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSESOct. 1, 2022–Sept. 30, 2023PRODUCTION PERSONNEL & PRODUCTION COSTS64%EDUCATION, OUTREACH & ARTIST DEVELOPMENT4%FUNDRAISING EVENTS4%HEALTH, PROPERTY & LIABILITY INSURANCE7%ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL10%MARKETING4%OTHER OPERATING EXPENSES7%$4,572,504SUMMARY FINANCIAL INFORMATION OCT 1, 2022– OCT 1, 2021– SEPT 30, 2023 SEPT 30, 2022 UNAUDITED AUDITED Earned Income (mainly ticket revenues) $1,786,230 $ 866,851 Community Support (Donations) 2,875,798 2,316,004Federal Pandemic Support Through the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant in 2021-22 and the Employee Retention Tax Credit in 2022–23 210,877 506,468Federal, State and Local Grants 252,406 220,245Total Operating Income $5,125, 3 1 1 $3,909,568Production Personnel & Production Costs $2,946,620 $2,300,067Administrative Personnel 458,730 435,373Health, Property & Liability Insurance 306,091 236,140Education, Outreach & Artist Development 173,832 265,876Marketing 162,399 140,528Fundraising Events 208,421 172,734Other Operating Expenses 316,41 1 256,932Total Operating Expenses $4,572,504 $3,807,650Net Operating Cash Flow $552,807 $ 101,918

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The mission of Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe is to produce professional theatre that promotes and celebrates African American history and experience, engages a broad base of patrons and audiences, supports the development of a dynamic group of aspiring artists, and builds self-esteem in youth of color.CLICK HERE to learn about how you can support our mission.The Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe of Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Federal Tax ID# 65-1040662. “A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE (800-435-7352) WITHIN THE STATE . REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE .” REGISTRATION NO. CH17803westcoastblacktheatre.org941-366-15051012 N ORANGE AVE SARASOTAAll photography is by Sorcha Augustine unless otherwise noted.