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Impact Report 2021

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We scaled our program tomeet the basic needs offamilies in urban, rural andunderserved communities. impactM A K I N G AD I F F E R E N C E2021Something as seemingly smallas a diaper can make all thedifference for a motherbetween “not” and “making it.” P R O V I N GB A S I C N E E D SC H A N G I N GP O L I C YWe led engagement publicpolicy efforts with key publicand private stakeholders,winning a governmentcontract to serve familiesaffected by COVID andexperiencing diaper need.

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Diaper Need has always been aninvisible public issue and consequenceof poverty that has led to manyproblems for both baby and caregiver.It affects the physical health andmental and economic health. Today, we are witnessing the impact ofCOVID-19 and the financial crisis oncountless families struggling toprovide material necessities likediapers for their children. Diaperbanks and organizations like ours arestruggling to keep up with demand. B A B I E S O F H O M E L E S S N E S S 0 2 | I M P A C T

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After six years in a leadershiprole at Babies of Homelessness, Ihave realized the families weserve are no different from mine.Parents and caregivers withunwavering love and joy for theirchildren and want what's best forthem. Parents who will dowhatever it takes to fulfill theirbabies' needs and ensure theyare not in pain or uncomfortable.Parents who, too, find parentingdifficult, but a pandemic has leftus feeling burned out. Several years ago, I met a motherliving in a van off one side streetin wealthy downtown Kirklandone sweltering summer. She andher partner had just been discharged from the hospitalwith a beautiful baby in hand.Every morning, the father wokeup early to catch a bus to a low-income job so that he couldsupport his family. program, enlisted herself in acollege program and found work. She said, receiving our services,allowed her to continue workingand attend classes. Shegraduated with her high schoolGED, got her driver's license andsince relayed, she is on her way toachieving her associate's degree. Even in one of the world’swealthiest regions where we arewitnessing massive wealthinequality, something asseemingly small as a diaper canmake all the difference for amother between “not” and“making it.” Until a government programexists to help families accessdiapers in any significant way andTANF funds (TemporaryAssistance for Needy Families)are actually adequate, supporterslike YOU are crucial.Organizations like ours matter. Thank you!Executive DirectorBabies of Homelessness While father was at work, momnursed and cared for hernewborn in their cramped van,attempting to keep herself andbaby cool from the swelteringheat and safe.On one income, the familystruggled financially and neededdiapers to provide for their babyso they sought our help fordiapers and other basics.No longer worried aboutproviding the basic day-to-dayneeds for their baby, both motherand father had time to workclosely with a housing casemanager and get themselves intotransitional housing. Then continued financialhardships and lack of consistentfamily and friend support pushedtheir family into deep poverty,high stress and over the brink ofseparation. Domestic violence was themother's last straw. She decidedto care for her child without herpartner even at the risk of thebreakdown of her marriage, family life and more financialsecurity. Because she could provide areliable supply of diapers eachmonth, she placed her baby into aearly learning childcare B A B I E S O F H O M E L E S S N E S S0 3 | I M P A C TLetter from the EDB Y B R I T T A N S T O C K E R T / E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R

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Our clients are so gratefulwhen we hand them diapersthat they get a big smile ontheir face of relief knowingthat they don't have toworry about getting diapersthat day. - Volunteers of AmericaWestern Washington B A B I E S O F H O M E L E S S N E S S 0 4 | I M P A C TThe partnership with BoHhas helped us serve ourfamilies tremendously, weare able to supply weeklydiapers and wipes to ourfamilies that need it. - Volunteers of AmericaECEAP We're extremely thankfulthat you guys are notjust helping with diapersand food but giving usnames and numbers ofother resources thatwe've needed. Thedifference is that youtreat every family likethey're a family and thatthey are also individuals - Jessica Supporting everyone indifficult circumstances istheir goal. We feelcomfortable with thepresence of such people.This means that life isstill fine. - Abdul

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Dear Friends,2021 was a year of highs andlows as we navigated our secondyear of the pandemic.The rawness of 2020 began towear off as we celebratedvaccine successes and a return tomany things that had been put onhold for the last year. Then, once again the pandemicdemonstrated its unpredictabilityas we dealt with new variants andthe pandemic once again tookcenter stage. However, this time it feltdifferent. This time there wasmore resolve, more resilienceand more hope.I felt this resilience and resolve inour staff and volunteers as Ilistened to the stories ofgratitude and hope from thefamilies we served. Last year with your support, wedelivered over 300,000 diapersthroughout our community. Because of you, we touched thelives of over 4,000 kiddos andtheir families. Now, I call on you again tocontinue your commitment tothese families and yourcommitment that no child shouldbe without a warm bottle whenthey are hungry or a clean, drydiaper. Families experiencinghomelessness are so often hiddenfrom view and we need your helpin raising awareness of this issue.I encourage you to talk withpeople in your community aboutthe work we do and encouragethem to help us reach morebabies and families. Together wecan continue to impact the livesof these families in crisis.Together we can deliver hope.With sincere gratitude,Board ChairBabies of Homelessness Our amazing team not onlyprovided necessities to ourfamilies, but also a humanconnection that fosteredcompassion, hope and changeduring a time of darkness. With a tremendous increase incalls to our hotline and from ourpartner agencies, the need forour services increased greatly. Our dedicated team stepped upto meet this surging demand. Inresponse, we created threedifferent delivery methods to bemore accessible to our familiesand expanded our services toreach more families throughoutKing and Snohomish County. This increased demand meant acritical need for more diapers,wipes and formula. Our team adapted and we hostedour first ever virtual fundraiser. Itwas a huge success and throughthe unwavering support of ourcommunity we kept our shelvesstocked with enough inventory tomeet all demand.B A B I E S O F H O M E L E S S N E S S0 5 | I M P A C TLetter from the ChairB Y A N G E L A H A R M O N / B O A R D C H A I R

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$72K In-Kind Donations B A B I E S O F H O M E L E S S N E S S0 6 | I M P A C TBY THE NUMBERSIn 2021, Babies of Homelessness focused onthree goals on programmatic, advocacy, andfundraising goals. We have expanded ourprograms in new King and Snohomishcommunities; grown our Board of Directors;increased communication with our communitythrough our newsletter and social media; andengaged with our partners and governmentsacross King and Snohomish counties, in a varietyof ways. In partnerships with the WA diaper coalition, we ledengagement public policy efforts with key public andprivate stakeholders, championing a $5m fundingresolution for diaper banks and winning a $55kgovernment contract to serve families affected byCOVID and experiencing diaper need. 1,300 Calls Answered290,635Diapers Delivered144 Van Deliveries4,343 Kids Served2,061VolunteerHours349 Car Deliveries$400,744 Total Revenue

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DonateCHANGEMAKERS DONATION DRIVEDONATENearly 1 in 3 familiesstruggle to afforddiapers.Help us deliverbasic needs to babies inKing and Snohmishcounties.Consider a donationtoday in any amount. Babies ofHomelessness deliverstens of thousands ofdiapers each month,with the demandgrowing more eachday. To help us keepgoing, please considerhosting a donationdrive.With your support, wehave taken Babies ofHomelessness from a $54kvolunteer-run organizationto a $400k hyper-growthorganization in five yearsto address the issue ofdiaper need and help meetthe basic needs of familiesin our community. Join theChangemakersa passionate anddedicated group ofmonthly givers on amission to providebasic needs to everyfamily experiencinghomelessness in thePuget Sound region. B A B I E S O F H O M E L E S S N E S S0 7 | I M P A C T

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Contact UsFamilies Needing DiapersCall or text (866) 442-6443Websitewww.BabiesofHomelessness.orgGeneral Inquiriesadmin@babiesofhomelessness.orgOnline Address/Check DonationsPO Box 147Bothell, WA 98041In-Kind Donated Goods 1100 Bellevue Way NESte. 8A – # 256Bellevue, WA 98004Our Mission Babies of Homelessness urgentlydelivers essentials to childrenexperiencing homelessness bymobilizing the power andgenerosity of the community.Tax ID: 81-4902417B A B I E S O F H O M E L E S S N E S S0 8 | I M P A C TShop Our Wish ListsAmazon: WalMart: Target:

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