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Impact & Progress Report

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Impact &ProgressReport2020-2022Tap Social Movement

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About Us02Introduction01Impact Goals05Our Values032020 Strategy06Our Impact04Cooper's Story07Table ofContents2021 Strategy08Dylan's Story092022 Strategy10

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Treading Lightlyon our Planet12SustainableBusiness11Governance15From Field toFork13What's Next16Raising Awareness& Driving PolicyChange14Taking the BrandNational17Director Team18Thank You19Contact20

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IntroductionWe founded Tap Social in 2016 withthe aim of creating a craft breweryand hospitality social enterprisethat works with serving and recentlyreleased prisoners. At the time weoccupied a single warehousebrewery and event space in WestOxford staffed by the founders, afew mates, and of course our firstteam-member on day release fromHMP Spring Hill. Since then we’ve grown to incorporatefive venues across Oxfordshire (includingour main production brewery). Our teamhas grown from a handful of foundersand close friends to around 50 staffacross our venues, around a third ofwhom at any time join us from prison -more on this in the following pages. Ourorganisation’s offering has grown beyondour award-winning craft beer toincorporate acclaimed all-day diningfrom The White House by Tap Social,bread and pastries at our wholesalebakery, and events and experiences atour original taproom, including ourpopular Brew School. The beer itself has gone from strength tostrength, winning several medals in theSociety of Independent Brewers (SIBA)awards in 2021; it's now stocked inindependent bars and licensed premisesacross the South East. Our canned beer,adorned with striking and beautifulartwork from artists in prison andcarrying short messages about the stateof our prison system, is stocked up anddown the country from Co-opsupermarkets to local, independent off-licences. The aim of all this growth, achieved in theteeth of a two-year pandemic that hasravaged the wider hospitality sector, hasbeen to support our core social missionof reducing reoffending by the creationof training and employmentopportunities for ex-offenders,particularly those in or recently releasedfrom prison. The strong link betweenstable, secure employment and reducedreoffending rates has been repeatedlydemonstrated. The current government’sflagship ’see what’s on the inside’offender employment campaign seeks tobring this message to other employers.

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The choice is clear. Join the movement.Change is brewingDespite all this, levels of employmentamongst prison leavers remainstubbornly low (at around 17% within ayear of release), no doubt due to amixture of enduring prejudice and simplelack of awareness about the variouspossible ways of working with prisonersand ex-offenders. This includes, in somecases, those still serving sentences whocan work full-time on day release fromprison (ROTL).Because of the various challenges of thelast 2 years we have fallen out of ourregular pattern of annual impactreporting and so this report spansroughly a 2 year period, looking back onour impact since we last reported in late2020 and also forward to our plans forthe end of this year and beyond.We hope the report provides someinsight into our direct impact over thethat period through employing servingand recently released prisoners acrossour organisation, and more indirectly ourwork in brokering jobs for prison-leaverswith other willing employers both in andoutside of our industry. Beyond theseimpacts, we are determined to continuespreading the message of the power ofinclusive employment. We will do thisthrough educating the public in general,and employers in particular, about thewasteful nature of current prison regimesand the chronic under-availability ofeducation, training, and day-release workschemes in our prisons.The pool of talented individuals in ournation’s prisons is ready and waiting tomake a positive contribution towardssociety if only given the chance. In thecase of some prisoners, this might meanbeing given a second or even a thirdchance. In the case of others, given thetragic overlap between our prisonpopulation and other indicators ofdisadvantage, the offer of employment orsupport given by a willing employermight be the first real opportunity theyhave ever had, and in our experiencepeople in prisons will repay such a showof faith many times over.Almost all those people in ourprisons will be released onto thenation’s streets sooner or later. Thereal question is whether those whoare released are supported tobecome productive full participantsin our society again, with the resultthat there are fewer new victims ofcrime and less costly reoffending, orwhether - as in the current system -they are catapulted from 23hour/day lockdown to fending forthemselves without support, withthe consequently high levels ofreoffending and all the cost andhuman misery we know this entails.

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Our Vision Our MissionThe Tap Social Movement is abouteliminating reoffending by creating amore inclusive labour market. Givingeveryone a fair chance at getting ajob makes a huge difference. Not onlydoes it turn lives around, it preventsfuture generations from being drawninto a vicious cycle of offending.Our mission is to employ people in orafter prison, and to get everyone elseto do the same.We intend to do this by(1) demonstrating that employingprisoners and prison-leavers is agood business decision through ourfirst class products(2) raising public awareness of theproblems and the solutions with ourinclusive brand and ethos, and(3) working hard to make this aseasy as possible for companies todo through local and national policyreform£18.1BThe viciouscycle ofreoffendingcreatesthousandsof victims &costs thetaxpayerbillionsevery year. About Usannuallyis spent on reoffendingApproximately 50% of people released from prison willreoffend within one year. Having stable employment isproven to reduce reoffending, yet less than 20% ofprison leavers have a job one year post-release.

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CommunityRecognising that we are part of a networkof individuals and organisations, andplaying our part to enable and foster itscontinuity.2InnovationWe pride ourselves in being agile in boththought and action. Our openness to newideas and challenging orthodoxies comesin no small part from the diversity of ourteam.43IntegrityInclusivity, Equality & DiversityEnabling the broadest cross-section ofsociety to participate in and engage withthe organisation and ensuring our team isrepresentative of a diverse society. Webelieve the gross over-representation ofminority groups in prison is driven bysocio-economic inequality and so we doeverything we can to combat this usingemployment as the catalyst for change.1Our ValuesDemonstrating honesty and transparencyin our decision making and makingdecisions in accordance with our statedvalues.SustainabilityBehaving in a way consistent withmeeting the global challenges which theworld faces and being part of thetransition to a greener future. Ensuringthat growth does not come at theexpense of the wider environment.5

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People directlyemployedfrom the criminaljustice system inlong term roles40+Hours of employmentcreated60,000+Reoffending ratecompared to 50%national average6%Of workforce withlived experience ofcriminal justicesystem28%People reachedthrough interviews,fairs, workshops500+RecommendTap as a placeto work100%Our ImpactAre still in work 1 year post-release94%

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Increase public awarenessWe advocate for prison time better spent- with prison leaders, policymakers, and(last but not least) the nation's beerlovers. We use our platform to spread themessage of the importance ofemployment for turning lives around afterprison. Greater public awareness means amuch stronger case for change.2Gather evidence todemonstrate our method worksFinally, we need to know that we areprogressing with what we set out toachieve. On a micro level, happy andsupported staff, a viable business and livesturned around. On a macro level, a moreinclusive labour market with fewer barriersto entry, more effective prison sentencesand reduced reoffending. Both of theserequire careful analysis and data collectionwhich can be used to convince others ofthe importance of this issue and thebenefits of joining our movement.43Influence policyWith a growing following who support ourmessage and act as ambassadors for ourcause, we will start to put pressure onthose in charge. We use our links to criminal justiceinstitutions - from prisons, the SentencingAcademy and the University of Oxford tothe House of Commons - to show policymakers that the public is open to theseideas.Increase direct employmentOur most tangible impact has alwaysbeen the creation of employment forprisoners and prison leavers. Not onlydoes having a job provide people with thestability required to turn their livesaround, it helps to build confidence, getpeople reintegrated into society, andgives a sense of belonging and purpose.We employ people at all levels of ourcompany direct from the prison on dayrelease and/or after a prison sentence.We also work with partner organisationsto support them to do this too.1Impact Goals

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Switch to canningSecond retailoutletThird retail outletPROJECTSInvested in acanning lineThe White Houseby Tap Socialcafe, bar + kitchenThe Market Tap inOxford CoveredMarketDETAILSRebranded withcan launchIncreased routes tomarket/distributionNew Grade II listedbuildingHorsebox pop-upduring lockdownSuccessful bid tobecome anchortenant for newcouncil-led projectOUTCOMEWe relaunched our beer in cans with a newlook which places our message at its centre,and a new website and webshop.Durning the White House fit out, welaunched a pop-up on the grounds to get toknow our neighbours ahead of our officiallaunch.We successfully bid to become the anchortenant at the Council's Covered MarketprojectBecame a "social enterprise hub" throughOxLEP funded eScalate programmeSwitching to more environmentallyfriendly packagingDeveloping our sales strategyOpening 2 new retail outlets in Oxfordcity-centreGrowing our impact through the creationof new jobsAs with all organisations, our plansfor 2020 were significantlyimpacted by the COVID-19pandemic. Instead, 2020 became achance to prove that we could beresilient. Our goals for the yearincluded:Our 2020Strategy &Achievements

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Cooper's StorySeven years into serving hissentence at Spring Hill, Cooperstarted working at Tap SocialMovement in August 2021How I knew Tap was differentA lot of the guys at Spring Hill work atfactories or in manufacturing. In manyof these jobs that you’re offered fromthe jail, you’re treated like a robot, andnot valued as a person. Then I heard about Tap and what theystood for from someone I trust wholived in the same hut. The way hedescribed it – the way they value youand treat you like a human – I knew itwas for me. I saw it for myself when they came upto the jail to interview me: eventhough they were looking forsomeone to work in the kitchen, theyasked me where my experience andstrong points would be, and we endedup agreeing that I would work in Frontof House. I already had a job offer atthe time, but I put that on hold forthem. My experiences at TapWhen I was introduced to my linemanager, straight away I could tellthat he was someone I could dependon. He was easy going, veryknowledgeable, and really helpful.Some places, if you’re not sure, youwouldn’t want to ask. But here you’remade to feel comfortable from thebeginning. By that time it was fifteenyears since I’d been in hospitality. Younever forget how to pull a pint, butbarrel changes, line changes, the tillsystem: all that he helped me with. Hebrought me out of my shell: he was areal mentor.

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It’s hard to explain unless you’re in ourshoes: it’s not very often as a prisoner youcome across someone that you feelgenuinely wants to help. Certain otherofficials: you feel they’ll do what makestheir life easier. I’ve served seven yearsnow and I’ve seen it: if it’s difficult forthem, they’ll make an obstruction for you. But everyone at Tap will go out of theirway. It’s a really positive place: you feelwithin yourself that if they can do it,they will. I know I’ve got people on myside. And that makes me step up: I’ll pullmy weight a bit more if someone elseneeds an easier ride that day. I don’twork here because I need the money(although everyone can do with themoney); I don’t wake up and think “ohno” – I genuinely enjoy it. What I’ve got out of this opportunityFirstly, it brings out the confidence in you.I’m 43 now and I’ve never had a full timejob working for someone else. I used tochannel my energies into the wrong things.I was successful, but now I know that if Ihad channelled my energies intosomething positive, I could havesucceeded there too. I know this becausethey talk to you about it. They say “theway you work, you’ll always succeed”.They’ve helped me manage money,they’ve built my self-belief, they’ve givenme a different outlook. The list is endless.Especially for people that are long term –lifers and that – that’s the differencebetween this and a factory job. You get asupport network you wouldn’t haveanywhere else. That helps you to create astable foundation for yourself.Take me: this place has been a place toreflect and a really good stepping stonefor me. I’ve got a clear plan now: I knowwhat I’m doing. I’ve got my brother, whowas released in 2020, working on settingup a car sale business. I’ll step into thatwhen I’m released and we’ll work it outfrom there.I could never repay the Directors of Tapfor what they’ve helped me gain, nomatter how much money I had. It’s notoften that you’re going to come across agroup of people that want to help likethat. If they can grow, believe me, it willonly ever be positive.

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The White Houseby Tap SocialFourth retail outletBrew SchoolPROJECTSLaunch afterdelaysLock29 in BanburyLaunch afterdelaysDETAILSFirst Tap Socialkitchen/food serviceBusy communityhub open 7 days/wkFirst venue launch in anew cityPartner with CherwellCouncil to regeneratecanal-side5* customerfeedback onexperience,corporateengagement OUTCOMEWe devoted time and resource to SEO andimproving our online presence.Launched our beer at the Co-OpWe sold doughnuts and prepare-at-homemeal kits made at The White House.We finished the fit out at The White Houseand Lock29 in Banbury, and when possible inMay, launched both of these new ventures.We employed 8 new people from the prison,as well as retaining various staff fromprevious years.Launch 2-3 new retail outlets, includingone in a new cityRe-evaluate our governance andorganisational structureIncrease our brewery sales and buildnational brand awarenessEmploy 5-10 more full-time menduring/after prison sentencesDeliver Brew School after 2020 delaysSecure funding for a brewery expansionand funding for a new commercialbakery and begin to develop theseprojectsOur 2021Strategy &Achievements

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Dylan's StoryBefore I came to work at TapI was out of work for almost all of myprison sentence, and behind closeddoors almost all day. After release, itwas hard to adjust. A lot changes inseven years – everyone’s got newlives, everyone’s on Instagram – and itcan be frustrating trying to adjust andcatch up.I did get work for a constructioncompany while I was in prison, but Iwasn’t treated well and felt exploited:they knew my situation and theyknew I couldn’t say no to anything. Ithink I was there for about sevenmonths and I think I would have gonedown a slippery road if I had to staythere. Dylan served over six years in prisonand came to work for Tap shortly afterhis release in 2021. Working at Tap hasgiven him the confidence he needs totake his next step – training as amental health support worker.Arriving at the White House by TapSocialI heard a lot about Tap from peoplefrom the prison and they all had goodthings to say about the job and howsupportive it was. So I took the job,doing Front of House work at theWhite House. It was a little bit difficult at first,coming from being by yourself andbeing in a cell 23 hours a day, tolearning to communicate and be in acrowd. That was hard, and this role iswhat helped me to readjust. Now I go to work serving customers,welcoming people, giving out foodand drinks… I’d never done this kind ofwork before but my manager alwayshad time to sit down, talk to me, askhow I was. If there was any kind oftraining I needed, they would makethat happen.

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Just working for a normal company: Idon’t think they just take yourexternal situation into account. Maybeyour situation’s been difficult –maybe you have problems today.Here, they have a lot more patienceand understanding.What’s next for meI didn’t want to just sit at homewaiting for the right opportunity tocome, but now that I’m out there inthe workplace, the right next step hascome along. I’ve been accepted tostart some training working as amental health peer support worker ina psychiatric unit in Oxford.Tap has prepared me for this nextstep. Working here has helped mebuild a social network, which I neverreally had before. Most of all, I feel likeI have a sense of structure in my life.There’s many, many things this jobhas done for me: I’d be here for ages ifI was to try and give you all of it.That’s why I would say anyone shouldgo for it if they have the opportunityto work at Tap. Even if I wasn’t gettingpaid, I’d wake up in the morning andgo to work there. It’s a life changingmove to make. I’d recommend it toanyone: go there, be around people,have some responsibility in your life.

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Brewery expansionand relocationNew commercialbakeryProof bakery cafeand retail counterPROJECTSNew larger siteand increasedcapacityBuilding onprevious wholesalebaking at TheWhite HouseDETAILSThree-fold increase inproduction capacity..New relationships with 2major distributionpartnersLarge busy bakery and retailcounterNew employment stream forfull time prison-leavers2 full time prison-leaversemployed at site in first 3monthsGenerating entirely new retailand wholesale revenuestreams with huge growthpotential within existing siteand equipment parameters.OUTCOMEWe acquired a new site in North Oxford,relocated and expanded our brewery,increasing capacity three-foldWe invested in new baking equipment andlaunched a new commercial bakery andretail counter, with a new baking teamWe successfully increased hospitality salesin the first half of the yearCreated new jobs for 12 new people inprison, on top of existing cohort, andexpanded the team to >50 peopleRelocate and expand brewery Build on success of lockdown baking andset up a commercial bakery in existingbrewery siteDeliver a major bounce-back at ourhospitality venues after difficult 2 yearsIncrease impact through jobsDevelop marketing strategy forsignificant brand awareness growthOptimise performance across 5 existingsitesAfter 2 years of successivelockdowns, 2022 has been the yearfor major growth.Our 2022Strategy &AchievementsShortly after firingup the wholesalebakery we openedan on-site cafe and shop

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In 2022 we launched our new commercial bakery, Proof Social Bakehouse,in our old brewery space in Kennington, Oxford. Building on our lockdownsuccess selling doughnuts and other baked goods from the White Housekitchen, Proof creates new and exciting employment opportunities whilstsupplying the local area with delicious croissants, bread and buns bakeddaily, and sold over our counter as well as at the White House.It has already employed 4 prisoners in its first 3 months of operation, andthis is set to increase significantly in the coming months, through thecreation of our pop up pizza kitchen with hand stretched sourdoughpizzas outside the Tap Social taproom, as well as providing the cateringfor events and group bookings across all of our venues.

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We were delighted to be chosen in2020 as one of Oxfordshire’s sixsocial enterprise hubs, throughOxLEP’s 3-year business supportprogramme, eScalate. We have runworkshops, networking events, andpeer-to-peer learning sessions tohelp social entrepreneurs, charities,and purposeful businesses to learnnew skills, forge partnerships, andincrease their social andenvironmental impact. The eScalateprogramme is part funded by theEuropean Regional DevelopmentFund.We are excited to work in closepartnership with OSEP (OxfordshireSocial Enterprise Partnership) and theother social enterprise hubs in thecounty to help deliver thisprogramme of events and support forearly stage and / or growing socialbusinesses. SupportingNext-GenerationSocialEnterpriseseScalateSustainableBusinessSocialEnterprise UKWe are proud members of SocialEnterprise UK, where we regularlycontribute to their important work inpushing the agenda of business as aforce for good.

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Meet Cycle of Invisibility, acollaboration brew with TheQueer Brewing Project tosupport LGBTQ+ prisonerrights. VelocityCycle and e-couriersusing low and zeroemission deliveries inOxfordshire.Nemi Teas LemonaidNemi provideemployment to refugees,giving them the localwork experience andskills they need to thrive.With every bottlepurchased, Lemonaidsupport local initiativeswhich work to improvesocial, economic, andecological structures.Scotland the BreadA collaborative project togrow better grain and bakebetter bread with thecommon purposes ofnourishment, sustainabilityand food sovereignty.Using Mission-Driven SuppliersCollaborations & Brand AlignmentSince 2020 we have created collaboration brews with more than 20 breweries,including Cloudwater Brew Co., Wild Beer Co., Attic Brew Co., Brewdog, Wild CardBrewery and Queer Brewing, as well as with other social enterprise brewers like Toast(combating food waste), Fauna Brewing (supporting wildlife conservation), Spotlight andIgnition (both raising awareness of and giving employment opportunities to the disabledcommunity).New Ground Coffee alsouses its business to creatework and trainingopportunities for ex-offenders. It's a match madein heaven!

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In 2020 we invested in a canning line, switching all of our small pack productfrom glass bottles to aluminium cans. Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclableand far lighter and more compact than glass bottles making them much lesscarbon intensive to transport (both when full and when empty and crushed tothe recycling plant).24,500KW/H OF ELECTRICITY 11,454L OF OIL SAVED 473CUBIC FEET OF SPACE INLANDFILL By switching to cans, since 2020 we have savedRecycling a tonne of aluminium saves 14000kw/hrs of electricity (compared with only 42kw/hrs for a tonne of glass), saves 6545litres of oil (compared with only 19 litres for atonne of glass) and saves 270 cubic feet ofspace in landfill (compared with only 54cubic feet for a tonne of glass).We use cycle and zero emission courierservices to deliver our baked goods, and arelooking to invest in electric delivery vehiclesfor our beer deliveries in the near future.

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We are lucky to have the space and the community around us to getour hands dirty and learn about growing and sustainable foodpractices. The team at the White House has a small greenhouse forgrowing produce as well as some beds they built at OxGrowCommunity Allotment at Hogacre Common. This has been an amazingresource and a really fulfilling experience for many of our chefs. This is an area that we intend to develop in as we plan our workshop atHMP Spring Hill, which will involve a pipeline training programme ingrowing and cooking with seasonal produce, in preparation for work atone of our community venues.From Field to Fork

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RaisingAwareness &Driving PolicyChangeHosting Sajid Javid, then Conservative Home Secretary and Matthew Barber, Policeand Crime Commissioner to discuss making greater use of day release forprisoners and the importance of employment in reducing reoffending.This is an example of regular opportunities we have created to feed into the policymaking process. Other examples include being referenced in a Parliamentarydebate by Layla Moran MP, hosting the Permanent Secretary of DWP, presenting tocivil servants including the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, andtaking part in round table discussions with the Labour Party's Lord O'Neill Review ofSocial Investment. We also regularly give talks in prisons and to probation, as wellas to schools to make sure that future generations are aware of these importantissues.

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Workshops and TalksWe offer talks to groups interested in learning about the justice systemand how social problems can be tackled through enterprise. "Paul and the team at Tap Social offered us a fantastic venue for anenlightening talk about aspects of business, social enterprise, and thechallenges surrounding the British justice system. The pupils werehugely engaged with the speaker, and enjoyed the opportunity to learnmore about real-world case studies in their local community, and howinnovative approaches to the jobs market can play a key and impactfulrole in rehabilitation of ex-offenders. Holding the discussion in thevenue itself was a really important and distinctive part of the day. Wehope to be back!’"

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GovernanceIn order to provide independence, goodgovernance and accountability TapSocial has appointed an Advisory Boardmade up of former and current servicerusers, criminal justice experts (includingpractitioners and judges) and leadingfigures from industry with corporateboardroom experience and a wealth ofbusiness and financial acumen. Thefunction of the board is to support theTap Directors, hold them true to theorganisation's social mission and helpthem to navigate potentially competingobjectives between social impact andcommercial performance.In addition to annual impact reports likethis one, Tap publishes impactinformation and blogs on its website andalso reports regularly on its impact tovarious external stakeholders, includingthe Forward Trust / Social InvestmentBusiness; Unltd.; Oxfordshire LocalEnterprise Partntership and Oxford CityCouncil.Advisory BoardReportingWe have developed several keycorporate partnerships over the lastthree years, including:Missing Bean, with whom wecollaborated in delivering Proof SocialBakehouse, our commercial bakeryBaxter Storey, with whom we distributeour product and our social message tolarge corporate settingsVirgin, who stock our beer in their UKhotels and help advocate for our brandVelocity, cycle and e-vehicle couriersthrough which we distribute our bakedgoods in a planet-friendly wayCarmichael, national civil engineeringand infrastructure / constructionrecruiters who we partner with toleverage nationwide opportunities toincrease ex-offender employment e.g.through opportunities created by theHS2 rail project.Oxford Brookes University we hostregular undergraduate social sciencestudent placements to give experienceof working in the social enterprise sectorPartnerships

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Tap Social is a founder-led organisation, with all of our directors experienced in andpassionate about social justice, and improving the criminal justice system. We leftour jobs within the system to feel more actively engaged in improving the lives ofpeople in and after prison, because we firmly believe that it is in everyone's interestsfor people to be employed and employable, and feel like they are part of acommunity. Reoffending rates are incredibly high after prison, and this is often downto the barriers that people come up against when trying to turn their lives around -lack of housing, employment (and income), broken down family relationships and acomplete loss of self-confidence. Locking people up for up to 23 hours a day foryears on end is not the way to prepare people for a successful life on the outside.However, for the few prisoners who have the chance to go out to work on dayrelease, meaningful employment can go a long way to building up self-confidenceand resilience, leaving people much better equipped to lead a productive andhappy life. As well as employing people directly, we have dedicated our time toraising awareness of the importance of employing people during and after prisonbecause they make amazing employees and doing so benefits everyone.Tap Social Director Team

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Amy Taylor Before setting up Tap Amywas a senior policy advisor at theMinistry of Justice. Alongside her work atTap, she is currently undertaking a PhD atthe University of Oxford and sits on theEmployment Advisory Board at HMPSpring Hill and on the IndependentMonitoring Board at HMPYOI Aylesbury. Amy has worked across the criminaljustice system, as an auxiliary policeofficer in Toronto, with ex-offenders inthe non-profit sector, in operations atHM Courts & Tribunals Service and inlegal research at the Law Commission.Amy is Tap Social's Strategy andFinance Director and liaises closely withour partner prisons.Tess Taylor Tess' career prior to Tapspanned hospitality and craft beermanagement roles on both sides of theAtlantic. Originally a bachelor ofcommerce graduate from Toronto, Tessworked as a counsellor with a non-profitorganisation in Canada for several years,helping ex-offenders to secure pardonsfor criminal records. After moving toLondon she worked in a variety ofhospitality positions including managingcraft beer venues. Tess is Tap Social'sCommunications and MarketingDirector and also takes a leading role inmajor events planning.Paul Humpherson Paul is anindependent criminal barrister and ateaching fellow at University of Oxford.He has worked in a variety of legal rolesacross the criminal justice system,including as the lead lawyer on the LawCommission’s Sentencing, Misconduct inPublic Office and Kidnapping reformprojects, and helping to administerrestorative justice conferences with theOxfordshire Youth Offending Team. Paulchairs the Employment Advisory Boardat HMP Bullingdon. He is regularly invitedto address audiences on issues of prisonreform, from groups of local employersand major political party policy forums toeducational institutions and groups ofcriminal justice professionals. Paul isStrategy and Social Impact Director atTap.Matt Elliott Matt is an Economics andManagement graduate, and has workedin consultancy as an economist andfinancial modeller specialising in publichealth for a major city professionalservices firm. After retraining in outdooreducation in Yorkshire, he headed backsouth in 2016 to help set up Tap Social.Alongside Tap Matt recently completedhis MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems.Matt is the Managing Director of theBrewery in addition to providing financialand strategic oversight across the widerbusiness.

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What's NextWhile it hasn't been easy navigatinga global pandemic, the effects ofBrexit and the cost of living crisis,we are proud of our team and theresilience they have shown over thelast few years. We have continuedto grow to a team of 50+, with all thebuilding blocks in place for a muchlarger operation than we were goinginto 2020. We have a new brewery, anew bakery, and 4 hospitalityvenues that offer more employmentto people in and recently releasedfrom prison than we have ever donebefore. We have continued to growour organisation both in terms ofsize and impact, with more than atwo-fold increase in the number ofemployees directly employed fromprison from 2021 to 2022. To haveachieved this against background ofthe challenges both of the ongoingeffects of Covid and the widercurrent economic crises is a hugetestament to our team and also ourwidening customer base and theirappetite for our brand and oursocial mission.The focus for the next few years will be onincreasing our brand presence across thecountry, and continuing to grow ourwholesale business, in both beer anddelicious baked goods. It has been a difficultfew years for the hospitality industry inparticular, as it has coincided with ourgrowth plans there have been tremendouschallenges that we continue to navigate.We have also spent the last few yearsreviewing and considering the best way ofscaling our impact. Direct employment willcontinue to be our main priority, but it hasbecome clear that raising our profile and ourmessage with the aim of changing publicopinion has become as important in ourultimate aim of reducing reoffending throughemployment.With our founders sitting on 2 prisonEmployment Advisory Boards, and on theIndependent Monitoring Board, and withplans for a workshop at HMP Spring Hill intrain, we are aware of the many challengesfacing the wider public sector and thecriminal justice system specifically. Whilst we aspire to change the way thatprison is used across the country, inparticular by making far greater use of dayrelease, we remain invested in improvingemployment opportunities and outcomes forserving prisoners now, as well through policyreform in the future. Consolidating and strengthening our positionas a regional brewery and independenthospitality group with an increasingly strongfollowing in the South East will ensure thatwe are able to continue to scale our impactin terms of direct employment of prisonleavers. Simultaneously, significantinvestment of resource into growing ourbrand's presence nationally, and our abilitiesto reach a national audience with a new salesteam and sales, marketing and distributionpartners, will drive strong revenues into thewholesale business (both brewery andbakery) which will both create moreemployment opportunities and spread ourmessage (through our products andpackaging) to new audiences across the UK.

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Taking theBrand NationalIn 2022 we invested heavily in a major scheme of improvements including athreefold expansion and relocation of our brewery as well as opening a newcommercial bakery with an on site cafe. In 2023, we now intend to invest inour sales and marketing teams and resources to enable us to spread ourbrand and our story to new audiences, drive sales and begin to utilise thesubstantial capacity we have created in our manufacturing facilities. Asthese sales efforts reap results we will also need to invest in enlarging ourproduction teams which will further drive our impact. Increase sales by >100%Roll out national marketing planIntroduce new sales teamWe are forecasting >100% increasein wholesale brewery sales, with atotal turnover >£3M in 2023Which sees us reach new audiencesacross the country, raisingawareness as we goTo support our growth, following onfrom our expansion in 2022

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ContactTap Social Brewery16A Station Field Industrial EstateOxford OX5 1JDwww.tapsocialmovement.cominfo@tapsocialmovement.com01865 371057Proof Social Bakehouse 68 Sandford Lane Industrial EstateOxford OX1 5RPwww.proofbakehouse.comTap Social Taproom 27 Curtis Industrial EstateNorth Hinksey LaneOxford OX2 0LXwww.tapsocialtaproom.comThe White House by Tap Social 38 Abingdon RoadOxford OX1 4PDwww.tapsocialwhitehouse.comTap Social @ Lock29Castle Quay Shopping CentreCastle StreetBanbury OX16 5UNtapsocialmovementtapsocialbrew

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Thank You toour Supporters& Partners