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iLEAD Coaching
Welcome Queen, I’m so glad that you’re taking time to learn
more about iLEAD, an in-depth, comprehensive, action-
focused, high impact coaching program custom designed for
the women entrepreneur who is ready to take the confusion
out of her business, show up in the world as a respected
entrepreneur, grab results that make significant IMPACT in
her life, and finally know what it feels like to live her Life on
Here is where you get help and make IMPACT.
The question is, could She be YOU?
Let’s Take a Closer Look to See…
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Find What You’re Looking For
Take the Guesswork Away and Quickly Get Answers.
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What Will I Get? Page 4
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What Will I Gain?
1. Know exactly how you’re meant to show up in this
2. Have clarity on what to offer your customers and
3. Know how to live as the CEO of your business.
4. Possess strategic tools you need to make serious
impact in 2017.
5. Understand what it means to be a DRIVER and how
to sit in the driver’s seat.
6. Develop a deeper, more fluid connection with God,
and understand how He will guide you in every step
of your business.
7. Know what it means to leave your unforgettable
8. Know how to align YOU with your business.
9. Uncover the secrets to becoming a LEGACY Leader.
10. Unlock your personal IMPACT Story
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What Will I Get?
VIP Track - Personalized Business Operations Session
VIP Track - Exclusive Website Feature
VIP Track - Attend The Graduates Series
VIP Track - Attend VIP BONUS Week
Access to the Business Elites Room
One-On-One IMPACT Review Call
iLEAD Strategy Workbook
Private Group Support
12 LIVE Business Focus Sessions
12 Weekly Training Modules
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What Will I Learn?
Module One: The Enhanced Version of You.
How to Maximize your Success as an iLEAD student.
How to use your personally interactive, iLEAD
Strategy Workbook to build the life you deserve.
How to make time and space for YOU in this program.
Module Two: A Mindset for Residual Success
How to prepare for a higher level of income.
How to remove limiting beliefs from your mindset.
How to build a quality relationship with your future
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What Will I Learn?
Module Three: Who You’re Meant to Help
How to Get Clear about the services you should offer.
How to Attract the client who needs you the most.
How to showcase YOU in your business.
Module Four: Process + Position + Progress
How to structure your business operations system to
give you more freedom.
How to make your business stand out amongst
competitors. (even if you’re on a budget)
How to make high-return, productive progress every
single day.
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What Will I Learn?
Module Five: Your Business Is Your Baby
How to Treat your Business BETTER than your 8-5.
How to Show Up as the CEO of your Business.
How to Stay Consistent in the value that you provide.
Module Six: The CEO of Your Community
How to build an authentic relationship with your
How to keep your community wanting more.
How your community will build your business for you.
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What Will I Learn?
Module Seven: VIP Bonus Week
How to funnel your focus and fuel your faith as a
How to create packages that your customers find
How to select the right social platforms for your
How to quickly get your Success Story to the masses.
(there’s so much more than Facebook, trust me)
How to manage your time as a focused, impactful
How to help more women transform in The Graduate
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How Will I Learn?
I am a firm advocate for action-focused learning.
I will be the first to admit that I personally enjoy
learning via scenario case studies, role-playing,
beautiful power-points, having open note workspace
rooms where I can strategize my thoughts and next
steps, and taking assessments along the way to to
ensure I fully understand each concept.
I’ve included these favorite styles into the easy to use,
custom-designed iLEAD Strategy Workbook, where you
will unlock each weekly module and weekly workroom
space filled with focused content and impact scriptures
to help you make strategic, progressive MOVEMENT in
your business.
The individual focus work is amazing, as it allows you
to zero in on your business needs, but while you’re in
the zone, this program also ensures that we learn
together and support one another as Women
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Where Will I Learn?
Each Week you will attend your 60-minute,
LIVE Impact Class Session, where we recap the
previous week’s content and takeaways, share progress
wins, and where I deep dive into each new week’s
module content:
10 Minute Previous Week Recap
10 Minute Interactive Progress Share
30 Minute New Week Content Class
10 Minute Strategy Wrap Up Q&A
I strongly encourage you to make every effort to attend
these LIVE sessions. But let’s face it. You’re a busy
entrepreneur amongst many other things.
There may be a few sessions when you can’t make it.
While I would love having you LIVE with us, there will be
a session recording emailed to you at the end of each
class, so yes, I’ve got you covered!
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Why Will I Learn?
Listen, I am not guaranteeing you are going to gain an
additional 15K nor am I promising that 40 new customers
are going to purchase your high-end products and
packages within the first 6 weeks.
I don’t expect anyone who signs up to gain an ounce of
anything if They Don’t Do The WORK.
How many times do you hear about people signing up for
a gym membership expecting to lose 15 pounds in 60
days, but then don’t ever go to the gym?
It happens Every Single Day, and if you think about it,
may have even happened to you.
We all have great intentions. We all think we want
success. The thing is, when the opportunity for success
presents itself, are you ready to walk through that door
and do the work that’s waiting on the other side?
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The 12 Week iLEAD Coaching Program contains a ton of
valuable content. Content that is ready to take you to that
Next Level. But I must be totally honest with you and say
that you MUST be willing to follow the program, not skip
any steps, fully engage in your modules, interact in the
group sessions, and GRAB what you came for.
I am providing you the system and the space to make
serious IMPACT in your life. Now it’s up to YOU to walk
through that door and OWN it.
By learning to trust yourself through this process, and
follow the steps meant for your success, what I can
PROMISE and COMMIT to you, is that you WILL finish and
graduate being a completely transformed Entrepreneur.
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Where Will I Get Help?
Throughout this program, you may have life issues that
arise or questions that are outside of the normally
scheduled one-on-one sessions and live class interactions.
As you know, our offices are typically closed on the
weekends. But guess what? I have made a commitment
with my team that our office will be open and available for
every student in this program throughout our time
This means that if you have any questions, or need help
and support as you’re completing your weekly
assignments, we are here for you.
Contact Support and either myself or a member of my
team will be happy to assist you. In cases where you feel
that you need to schedule additional private sessions, just
let us know, and we’ll be able to discuss those options
with you.
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How Do I Start?
I’m glad you asked! I’ve made the enrollment process
easy for you. I believe in eliminating the guesswork and
helping you quickly reach your goals.
Click the Register Now button to start your Registration.
iLEAD Coaching Investment: $1997.00
*Installment Plan Available. $733 to enroll, followed by 2 monthly
payments of $733 each.
iLEAD VIP TRACK: $2497.00
*Installment Plan Available. $624 to enroll, followed by 3 monthly
payments of $624 each.
Register Now
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I cannot express how excited I am to begin this new
adventure with you. I’ve always heard that the Reward is
in the Journey, and I must say that I tend to agree.
(although it’s even sweeter when you see a reward at the end too!)
The fact that you are taking the initiative and the reins to
Be the Difference in your life is exactly why you will WIN.
If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to
raise your hand. This is a safe place for you to learn,
grow, thrive, and make IMPACT.
I look forward to meeting you for your personal
Orientation Day One Call.
Let’s Make IMPACT,
Jessica Thompson