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The Green Witch Garden Apothecary Little Book of Plant Magic

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The Gre en ecary th o Garde h n c it Ap W Little Book of Plant Magic by Ember Livingston Emmons

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The Gre en ecary th o h Garden c it Ap W Little Book of Plant Magic by Ember Livingston Emmons

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Plant Magic

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Welcome to Plant Magic! Thank you for joining us in this magical, sacred and most ofall, Plant loving, plants. plants., plants, super planty space! Ifyou are here, you're a plant person, and so we beautifullyconnected already enjoy! Please Note:The number one quality of witches everywhere is commonsense- ie, following your intuition and trusting yourinstincts. It doesn’t matter if a book tells you a plant is safe-if you have doubts or feel unsure- do not ingest the plant! You don’t have to take a plant internally to experience aspiritual connection and healing. Living plants communicateand give freely, asking little in return.

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It’s wrong thinking to believe you have to killsomething to benefit from it or incorporate it'senergy into your own. A spiritual witchunderstands there is always a give and take, andthere are times to trade life energy for nutrientsand nourishment but there are other times that theenergy is traded energetically. Your plants will love you. Love them back, in everyway you engage with their energy.

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An exotic, hard-to-come-by or unknown plant ormineral is not more powerful than a common one. Startwith what you know when you’re working with plants,don’t be fooled into thinking that magic is hidden- it isin plain sight, it’s up to you to reveal yourself to it. Green Witch Garden Apothecary’s main ingredients arecommon, well-known and easy to come by plants. Forflorasols, we use lavender: plentiful and spectacularfor healing the skin and brightening the spirit whilefreshening the air. For candles, our witchy wax blendis lavender, calendula, rose, nettle, peppermint andchamomile. In our tea, we love dandelion greens,nettle, peppermints and chamomile and those simpleplants are at the heart of our plant magic.

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The poison is in the dose: more is not better,and natural is not always safe. Start very,very small and make sure that you areresearching from a good, accurate source-Not a youtube doctor or any other guru. We love Facebook Groups for learning andconnecting, but we also see a lot ofmisinformation on plant usage. It’s great tocompare notes, but also make sure you areusing a well-researched, reputable sourcewhen learning how to use a new plant.

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When talking about plants (or life!), it’simportant to speak from your own experience,and not to assume you understand theparticulars of anyone else’s situation (unlessyou’re a doctor). Don’t diagnose medicalconditions; seek professional help for medicalconditions, and encourage others to do the same.Taking control of your health is self-care, soutilize the best tools that are available to you. Magic is the whole of it all- the macro andmicro, the connection of everything in theuniverse, the matter and the space between- thefact that there is a divine science and laws thatform a framework we can work with if we payattention don’t make it any less magical.

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It is natural to act in your best interest, it isnatural to feel good and to thrive. It’s foolishto ignore the magic of modern science and theneed for doctors and modern medicine. What modern medicine often leaves out is thespiritual, emotional, physical and mentalconnection, and the importance to feed thesacred inside of us to work in our optimal state.

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Plants & The Human Body

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Atom- The smallest unit of matter that forms anelement. Element- matter entirely composed of one type ofatom with a unique set of properties. that cannotbe broken down to a simpler form. Compound- two or more elements combined byionic or covalent bonds. Mineral- Inorganic Elements or Compounds thatoccur naturally in the Earth's crust. Micronutrients: Chemicals your body needs a verysmall amount of to function properly. Common Chemical Compounds inPlants and their uses in the body.

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Vitamins: Organic Compounds made by plants oranimals.Amino Acid: Compounds that combine to formproteins.Essential Vitamins, Mineral and Amino Acids:Cannot be made in the body, must be obtainedfrom diet. Semi-Essential Amino Acids can be made by thebody in most cases, but in certain instancescannot.Macronutrients: The molecules our bodies needlarge quantities of to make energy. Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates aremacronutrients.

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CalciumPhosphorousmagnesiumSodiumPotassiumChlorideSulfurEssential MineralsSodium SulfurIronMagnesiumCopperIodineZincCobaltFluorideSelenium

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Essential VitaminsHistidineIsoleucineLeucineLysineVitamin AVitamin CVitamin DVitamin EVitamin KB VitaminsThiaminRivoflavinNiacinPantothenicAcidPyridoxalCobalaminBiotinFolate/FolicAcid

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Essential Amino AcidsHistidineIsoleucineLeucineLysineMetionine CysteineTirosinePhenylanalineThreonineTryptofanValineConditionally Essential Amino Acids:AlcoholsCarbohydratesPhenols & phenolic glycosidesTanninsCoumarins & their glycosidesAnthraquinones & their glycosidesFlavones & Flavonoid glycosidesVolatile OilsSaponinsCardioactive glycosidesCyanogenic glycosides“Bitter Principles”AlkaloidsAllicin

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what amino acidsdo for the bodyHistidine:rheumatoid arthritisallergic diseasesulcerskidney related anemiamemorycongitive functionincreases diameter ofblood vesselsreduces heavy metalsstimulates gastric juiceproductionprotects from radiationnon-essential in adultsIsoleucinemuscle metabolismhemoglobin productiongrowthimmunityprotein metabolismfatty acid metabolismurine smells like maplesyrup- overdoseglucose consumption

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Leucine:protein synthesistissue regenerationmetabolismpromotes cell growthfat lossLysine;absorption of calciumformation of collagenwound healingexcessive- gallstonescanker soresMethionine:tone elasticity of skinhairantioxidantdetoxused with acetaminophenCysteinelung healthbrain functionantioxidantrespiratory conditionsTirosine:melaninthyroid hormonesenzymesaids in formingneurotransmittersbrainPhenylalanine:depressionadhdparkinsonsvitiligo

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Threonine:connective tissuetooth enamelTryptofan:serotonin productionnitrogen balancegrowthPica: Craving or eating things that aren't food is acondition called pica. Most people associate picawith pregnancy, but mineral deficiency andmalnutrition are the most common causes of pica.Don't eat things that aren't food, but pay attentionto any cravings you have, they are likely your bodytelling you it needs something. Listening to the body

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Phenols & phenolic glycosides:antioxidantantiviralanticanceranti-inflammatorygingerols, shogaols, paradolsTannins:astringentDryingCoumarins & their glycosides:anti-inflammatoryanti-bacterialanti-fungalanti-viralanticancerantihypertensiveantitubercularanticonvulsantantiadipogenicantihyperglycemicantioxidantneuroprotectant

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Anthraquinones & their glycosides:antibacterialantiparasiticinsecticidalanti-fungalanti-virallaxativediureticestrogenicimmunomodulatoryused in dyesbird repellantpulp industryFlavones & Flavonoid glycosides:antioxidantanticancerantitumorantibacterialantifungalanti-immflamatory

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Saponins:expectorantdiureticsoaplikehypocholesterolemicanticarcinogenicpeas, soybeansCardioactive glycosides:increase rate of heart contractionincrease output force of heartselective steroidal glycosidesdizzinessfatigueheadacheanxietydigoxin

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Cyanogenic glycosides:Causes tissue damage in the central nervoussystemacute intoxicationsprocess foods to removereleases cyanide“Bitter Principles”liver cleansingdigestionenhance digestive enzymesproduces bile in livercooling/dryingAlkaloids:morphinequinineephedrinenicotineantisepticpain reliefcaffeinestrychnineAllicin:sulfur compoundgarlic

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Using Plants Internally and Topically.

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Green Witch Blend: steep dried; Butterfly PeaFlower, Chamomile, Peppermint, Nettle, Rose ina teapot or quart jar in just boiled water forabout 10 minutes or until the tea is a deeplysatisfying blue. strain as little or much asyou want and serve hot or cold.

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Great plants for tonics, chop ormuddle in a container, and then fillwith cold water. add ice or not. let sita while, or not: CucumberMintBasilStrawberryLemonLimealoe

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Drying plants

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Eat your medicine!Simple recipes to intentionallyincorporate more plants into your diet.32

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Root: Cayenne, Dandelion, RosemaryElixir: Ginger, Lemon, Garlic, Cayenne,EchinaceaSacral: Vanilla, Gardenia, LicoriceElixir: Steep: Lemon, Orange Peel, Ginger,CalendulaSolar Plexus: Chamomile, Cinnamon, Melissa (Lemon Balm)Elixir: Steep: Chamomile, Nettle, Althea (Hibiscus), Lemon Peel,GingerHeart: Lavender, Thyme, RoseElixir: Steep: Cayenne, Lavender, Lime Throat: Peppermint, SageElixir: Steep: Ginger, Peppermint, Lemon Crown: Butterfly Blue Pea Flower (Clitoria Turnatea)Elixir: Kombucha, Fermented DrinksThird-Eye: Mugwort, rosemaryElixir: Violet, Ginger, Lavender, Rose HipHerbs and elixirsHerbs and elixirs for Chakra Carefor Chakra Care

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The Ultimate Smooth garden soupLightly toss with olive, avocado, grapeseed, sunflower,canola or other healthy oil about 8 chopped cups, in anycombination including solo:Chopped carrotsChopped celerySweet potatoSquashZucchiniBroccoliRutabagaTurnipDaikon or other radishCabbage, napa or otherMushrooms Other veggies.garnish liberally with fresh or dried herbs. Some peoplemight season with salt & pepper, but I omit both in thissoup, it can be added after serving if need be. Roast on baking sheet in oven set at 350 degrees untilsoft and beginning to caramelize. Set aside. 44

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Saute 1 chopped onion and 3 cloves garlic and 1knuckle of ginger in 1 T olive, avocado, grapeseed,sunflower, canola or other healthy oil until onionis soft and translucent. Season with 1 t salt. Add: About ½ cup fresh herbs such as basil, oregano,thyme, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, others that youhave on hand.and/or3-4 T dried herbs, no salt added. Melt 1 T butter into the pan, then add roastedveggies. Cook down. If you will be adding a ready-made stockto the soup, cook until very soft and well combined.If you are adding water, cook for as long aspossible, getting as much depth into the flavor aspossible.

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Add 4 cups prepared veggie stock, water or preferredbase and 1 t soy sauce. Simmer for at least ½ hour. Optional to add: cheese rinds, feta, herb sachet, balsamicvinegar to taste, fish sauce, brewers yeast Using an immersion blender, pulse from the bottom untilthe soup is smooth to taste. I like a little texture, butsome prefer a perfectly smooth soup. OR blend in blender,using batches and using caution- hot stuff in the blendercan be quite explosive, so vent the lid and don’t fill ittoo full if it’s hot. Top with: fresh herbs especially mints, edible flowers likenasturtiums, violets, squash blossoms, parmesan cheese,rustic bread chunks, seeds, drizzled oils or vinegars, sourcream or whatever you have on hand that adds flavorand beauty. Serve hot or cold.

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Medicine Soup:In the bottom of a stock pot, saute 4-6 cloves of mincedgarlic in 1 t olive, avocado, grapeseed, sunflower, canolaor other healthy oil of your choice until they softenand begin to turn translucent. Add 3-4 knuckles ofchopped ginger. Add as much cayenne pepper as you can reasonably stand-start with ½ teaspoon if you’re new to spicy foods, addas much as 2 Tablespoons for spicier, sweat inducing soup. Add 2 T miso paste if you have it, and saute until wellcombined. Slowly, so as not to burn yourself with splatters orsteam, add 1 gallon of water. Add another 6 or so cloves of sliced garlic, and 1knuckle of thinly sliced ginger rounds. Add the juice of 2lemons, and the rind of half of one. Add the juice of onelime and a quarter of its rind.

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Nice if you can find it but optional: lemongrass, slicedgalangal root, turmericOptional: add up to 2 Tablespoons soy-sauce, but omitaltogether if you added miso paste, or if you’re going toadd seaweed- trust me on this!!!For Seaweed soup (Miyeok Guk):Add dried seaweed (not sheets like used in rolls, it isdehydrated and in bunches, and returns to its originalshape when rehydrated, link to example here, buy locallyif you can) to a large bowl of water for about half-anhour before adding to the simmering stock pot. This soupis usually made with beef (brisket and/or oxtail were myfavorites growing up, but I usually omit it all togethernow) and it’s delicious, but in this recipe, it’s all aboutthe plants.

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Add to stock pot:4 cups chunkily diced daikon radish1 cup or so cup sliced carrots A good sized bunch of green onion chopped in rings, all partsexcept the rooty piece at the very end. Optional: rutabaga or other tubers, a diced sweet potato ortwo, a cup of broccoliOmit if you added seaweed: any combo of long sliced bok choyor baby bok choy, thinly sliced napa cabbage, collard greens,or other leafs greens like spinach. This soup isn’t meant to besuper thick like a stew, but maintain a good amount of clear,hydrating broth, so don’t overwhelm it. A cup or two of leafygreen will do nicely. Boil rigorously for a minute or two, then turn the heat down.Use tongs to remove the citrus rinds and any herb sachets ifyou added them. Garnish with: fresh lemon and lime juice and slices, fresh greenonion, cilantro, parsley, fresh mints or other fresh herbs.Serve steaming hot.

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A good salad, simple or complex, is a wonderful way toadd plants to your diet, and can easily be an entire mealby itself. The very best salads always have somethingsurprising in them... whatever it may be.Some nutrients need oil to be absorbed by the body, sothat salad dressing isn't just for the taste- it helps makeyour salad healthier if you don't go overboard on thewrong parts. Vitamin Afat solubleVitamin Cwater solubleVitamin Dfat solubleVitamin Efat solubleVitamin Kfat solubleB Vitaminswater solubleSalad Magic

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A good saladTear or chop a couple cups for each person you're serving, anycombination of: well washed lettuces, kales (remove thetough stems), spinach, chard, beet greens, arugula, mustardgreens, green or red or napa cabbage or other leafy green.Chop and add any combination of: carrots, radishes, broccoli,cucumber, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, green beans, or anyother vegetables that can be eaten raw. I don't generallypeel anything with an edible peel.Add an element of surprise: Chopped apples, raisins or craisins,candied or salted nuts, seeds, baby corn, kimchi, pickled beetsor other pickled or canned veggies (sweet corn and peas aregreat!), garbanzo, kidney or other beans, either well soakedand cooked until soft or canned.optionally Top with: feta, parmesan or other crumbled orshredded cheeses, boiled eggs, hummus, cottage cheese, or dicedor shredded meats if you eat them. alternately, a cup oflentils is a wonderful, protein booster and delicious.

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When ready to serve, toss with or serve on the side (and withextra for bread if you're serving it) Green Witch Salad Dressing:1/2 cup good oil- whatever you have on hand, we like: olive oil,avocado oil, walnut oil, grapeseed oil, or any combination ofhealthy fats, 1/2 cup vinegars- Balsamic, white, rice, apple cider, or anycombination. Add any combo of the following: 2 T dried herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, mints.4 T Fresh herbs such as any of the above any cilantro, parsley Add: 1 tablespoon dijon mustard, 1 tablespoon honey or sugar, 1teaspoon salt. Shake well, or for a creamy variation, add the above with 3tablespoons mayonnaise and 1 tin of anchovies to a blenderand pulse until well blended.

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Show me the Love pieThis pie is delicious. Serve it with all the joy, love and self-assurance of one who already has every single thingneeded, who lacks nothing and who revels in the marvel ofcreating beautiful food to be enjoyed, and beautifulmoments to be adored. If they are meant for you, this pie will urge them to revealtheir love. Or, you could always ask- but isn't the truthalways sweeter with the romance of berries mingled withphallic rhubarb, and cooked to a sweet sauce lightlytopping a light, whipped wonder of cream? Warning: this pie attracts love and repels what isn't meantfor you. Serve this pie to someone else when you're sureyou're ready, and in the meantime, eat it for self-love.

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Slice: strawberries andrhubarb to make a total of about 8 cups fruit. Toss in 6 T sugar and 3 T Lemon juice. cook in heavybottomed saucer until somewhat thickened, with the fruitbeginning to fall apart into the sauce. Allow to Cool, then add 1 Tablespoon dried or fresh rosepetals, from pink or red roses. Prepare a pie crust of your choice; either pre-bake a rolledcrust, or press a graham cracker crust into a pie plate. Whip: 8 ounces cream cheese8 ounces sour cream, 1 cup sugar, 1 T lemon juice. ORsprinkle a gelatin packet over 1/4 c warm water. Beat into 1can whole fat coconut milk and 1/2 cup sugar. Double if it'sa big pie or if you don't have enough fruit to make it aheaping, abundant pie. Smooth into pie crust. Fill with fruit topping. Chill until it's time, at least 30 minutes. Serve Topped with: fresh mint or other edible leaves, edibleflowers, especially nasturtiums.

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Ember's Pantry Kimchiever since I've had a smartphone, my kimchi has been alittle different almost every time. I read articles, pins, Itry new things, a little of this or that, according toall the kimchi experts out there. While I am always up for trying a new variation ofsomething- my recipes really are always changingaccording to mood, season and what's in the pantry, Irealized when a good friend asked me how I make mykimchi, that not only was I not sure anymore, but thatnot one of the variations I had tried had a 100% successrate, whereas the kimchi I grew up making did.

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So I went back to basics, back to my roots- daikon root,that is, and napa cabbage, and not much else. I wrote out the process and measured how much ofwhat I used exactly like I did growing up, making kimchiin bush alaska, using the recipe my (Grandma)taught me. Sure enough, it all came back to me, and in acouple days, it was burbling and bubbling, with thatclassic, perfect kimchi aroma, no off smells, no mold(the horror!) and no mush or overwhelming saltiness.Divine!This is that recipe,

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Prepare and salt the VegetablesCut two napa cabbage in half the long way, then intoquarters. Slice the heart diagonally out of each wedge. Slice each wedge crosswise in pieces that are about 2" long.The greener ends can be a bit longer, but keep the thicker,white parts as equal as possible. Toss with 3/4 Cup Kosher Coarse Sea Salt in a large bowl.Allow to wilt as you slice and add:

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1 Daikon Radish sliced in half, then into long, thinslivers.2 Carrots sliced into thin strips. one bunch of green onions sliced into rings; reservethe green parts, add the white parts to the cabbage with the radish andcarrot. Add another 1/2-3/4 cup salt. Mix well without squeezingthe cabbage and breaking it (some sauerkraut recipeswill have you really work the cabbage to break it down,but don't do that with kimchi), making sure that it iscompletely coated with a generous amount of salt.Press into bowl tightly. Cover and set aside

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make the kimchi paste while the veggies salt. The cabbage should be checked every half an hour. Too muchsalt is disastrous, as is too little. Too much and it will beinedible, too little and it will be mushy and sour in a bad way.Take a cut section of the base/white pieces of the napa cabbagebetween your thumb and forefinger, and fold it in half. Whenit is fresh, it will break in half with a crisp snap. When it isproperly salted, it will not snap, but will fold easily. It's done,and should be rinsed well at this point, but not soaked. Every time I check it, I press the veggies firmly down in thebowl. You'll notice them shrinking a lot as they lose water. I make my kimchi paste at this time, which keeps me fromforgetting the veggies in the salt for too long.

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Kimchi PAsteThis is the simple, easy and foolproof method, with no frills. whenI have the chance, I will usually use a blender or food processor,but this recipe does not do that, because I was taught to minceand chop this kimchi, so I am sticking to the tools I had available. This recipe is electricity free. It is also vegan, excluding either fishsauce or shrimp paste, both of which can be delicious but addmore room for error. I also love Gochijang in kimchi, but as it'snot readily available, it's not in this recipe. Many recipes call for rice flour, pineapple juice, and many othervariations to "feed" the good bacteria. I have used allsuccessfully- and unsuccessfully- but have found plain oldgranulated sugar to be the most foolproof, and never leaves anoff flavor or smell. It's super easy for the bacteria to use, andmakes fermentation fast and consistent. .Mince and chop into a thick paste: 4 cloves garlic1-2 inches fresh ginger, about 1 Tablespoon per napa cabbage- toomuch will make your kimchi bitter. 1/2 White or yellow onion.1/2-1 ounce of Cayenne (red) pepper powder2 tablespoons granulated sugar

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After about an hour or so, when the cabbage folds easilywithout snapping (usually no longer than an hour ortwo with a dry salting, if it's much longer or if theveggies didn't reduce down to a quarter or less, theremay not be enough salt. add a cup and check in a half anhour. Rinse the salted veggie under cold, running water untilall the visible salt is gone and the water isn't very salty.When you bite a piece of cabbage at this point, it shouldbe quite salty but not overwhelming. It should be saltierthan you would probably eat plain, but not superunpleasant. When the veggies are well rinsed,. drain all the waterout of the bowl. No need to squish or dry the veggiestoo much, just drain and shake it a bit, so it's not sittingin water.

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Mix the kimchi paste into the drained, rinsedveggies. I usually use my hand for this, and irecommend a glove, as the cayenne will find it'sway into every crack and sliver on your hands.You can use a wooden spoon, just make sure toreally work the paste everywhere, so that there isno cabbage that is not coated. There isn't a lot ofpaste, it doesn't have to be soaking in it, just evenlycoated. As you work the paste in, the veggies will lose moreliquid, and you should end up with a brine thatwill cover the veggies if you press them firmlyunder. If you use jars:pull the veggies out the brine to pack the jars, thenpour the brine evenly over each jar. Press and packthe kimchi into the jars as tightly as possible.

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In a big crock or container, or a large bag:Press the veggies into the brine, so they're completelycovered. If you don't have an air-tight lid, cover the surfaceof the brine with saran wrap, leaving none exposed. coverwith as large of a lid or plate that will fit inside the crock aspossible, and use this as a weight. Cover the top of the crockalso, and keep in a cool, dark place where it won't bedisturbed. You can use a ziploc bag of rice to weight your kimchi if youdon't have a food weight. Whatever you use to ferment the kimchi in needs to beairtight, but you will need to vent it regularly because somecontainers will burst from the gases. The crock I use has awater-sealing lid and is a very traditional fermenting crock.I also like mason jars just fine, and will often portion off afew jars from a big batch to ferment on their own.

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Start checking your kimchi in a day or two,depending on how warm your climate is. Thingsferment more quickly in warmer temps. If your kimchiis ripening very quickly, you may want to put it in thefridge. This will slow the process way down. Kimchican last years in the fridge. Make sure that the kimchi isn't kept too cold,especially while it's in it's initial ferment. The saltshould keep it from getting mushy or slimy.If it's sour in a bad way, spoiled smelling, ormushy/slimy, you did not use enough salt. If it's too cold, the good bacteria will die, so a goodrule of thumb is Cold=mold.Eat the kimchi whenever it's "ripe" enough for you.More seasoned kimchi eaters tend to like a deeperferment, and others like it nice and fresh, after onlya few days.

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Small space gardens: don’t think you can’t grow food!You can plant all edible plants in any size space. Good indoor plants: peppermints, geraniums, basils,cilantro, parsley… Also, grow for the greens! Beets,broccoli, kale and many other plants have powerpacked micro-greens that can grow in a small sunnywindow (or with a light!).Garden Wisdom:Pantry Cooking: Use what you have,focus on what grows, not what ismissing. It’s not necessary to dothings exactly by the recipe for themto work. Experiment and see whatworks. This is true in cooking, in teablends and elixirs and in life.

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Recipes for theenergeticuse of plants.

Page 79

Spell JarsSpell jars are as creative and varied as the people who makethem. Also called gratitude jars, wishing jars, intention jars,and various other names, the concept is the same. Meditate, breathe, or otherwise come to this creative process aspeacefully, joyfully and with as much love as you can muster. Set an intention for your jar. Abundance, gratitude, joy, love,clarity or a much more particular hope are all goodintentions, but it will ultimately be only your own. Fill a jar a quarter to half-way with dried plants of yourchoosing stones or crystals other magical offerings. See our magical plant medley for the plants we most often useat Green Witch Garden Apothecary.feathers, buttons, coins, money, seeds, gemsAdd your written intention.

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Seal the jar. Make sure the jar lid is safe to burn a candle on-and not painted or plastic, or otherwise likely to cause fumesor catch fire. You can burn a tea candle until it is completelymelted and then pour the melted wax over your jar to seal it. Set the jar in a safe place, and while you meditate or otherwisepeacefully observe, burn a candle on top of the jar, so the waxdrips down and seals the jar.Keep the jar near you, smile at it, thank it, let it be, allow. At some point, it will feel right to keep the jar in a special box,or on a back shelf, and then it will be time to put it away.

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Green Witch gardenApothecary Plant MagicMedley1 part dried Lavender flowers1 part dried rose petals1 part calendula flowers1/8 part greens/ Mints, including mugwort & Peppermint & NettleThis medley is simple and the ingredients are usuallyeasy to obtain, but don't let the sweet scent and prettydemeanor fool ya, she is all business- the business of joy,love, abundance, protection, dreams, clarity andintuition, that is.This mix is our go-to at Green Witch GardenApothecary, we always have it premixed and ready. Weuse this in our candles, spell jars, charms, it makes aperfectly beautiful tea (flipping the ratios) and iswonderful as an infusion in balms and creams.

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A night blooming garden:PLANT THESE FOR:PLANT THESE FOR:

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Quick Guide toMagical Plants & Their energeticproperties

Page 88

AcaciaFabiaceaeProtectionPsychic PowersMoneyLoveLustAnti-TheftAgrimonyrosaceaeprotectionsleepFriendshipCourageStrengthFidelityAlfalfaFabaceaeProsperityAnti-HungerMoneyAll SpiceMyrtaceaeMoneyLuckHealinGAloesAsphodelaceaeAnthraquinonesprotectionluck

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Aloe Vera Aloe leaves can contain a thin, yellow sap called aloin. This liquid,also called aloe latex, can irritate the skin. A leaf can be set cutend down in a sink or container to drain the aloin. Aloin can bemildly toxic and is sometimes used as a laxative agent.acemannan. Used for burns and other skinabrasions. Moisturizes and cools.

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ALTHEAmucilage, polysaccharidesTaken to releive pain and swellingof mucus memranes, leaky gutDigestive/RespiratoryANGELICAFerulic AcidUsed for Heartburn, gas, to startperiods. Belly, Womb

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AniseApiaceaeProtectionPurificationYouthApricotRoseceaeLoveDivinationExorcismArnicaAsteraceaeHealingReduces BruisingarugulaBrassicacaeaLoveAppleRosaceaeLoveHealingGarden MagicImmortalityAlthea, Marsh MallowMalvaceaeProtectionPsychic PowersBambooPoaceaeProtectionLuckHex BreakingWishesAlyssumBrassicacaeaProtectionModerating AngerDeflecting AngerAngelicaApiaceaeCourageProtectionHealing

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BarleyPoaceaeLoveHealingProtectionBlueberryEricaceaeProtectionBasilLamiaceaeExorcismWealthFlying ProtectionBladderwrackFucaceaeProtectionSea SpellsWind SpellsmoneyloveblackberryRosaceaeHealingMoneyProtectionBorageBORAGINACEAECouragePsychic Powers

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B L A D D E R W R A C Kiodone, alginic acid, fucoidan.Thyroid health.ThyroidBORAGEgamma linolenic acid.fever, cough. Blood purification- increasesurine flow, sweating. Decreasesinflammation. Sedative. Depression

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BuckhornPlantaginaceaeAnthraquinonestreats insect bitesseeds treatconstipationCalendulaAsteraceaeProtectionProphetic DreamsBurdockAsteraceaeProtectionExorcismWishesLegal MattersCabbageBrassiceaeLuckMoneyCamellia SinensisTheaceaeRichesCourageStrengthCeremonyWaterButterburAsteraceaeDivinationlove magiccontains:petasin and isopetasinfights inflammation

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sTea leaves, flowers and buds are edible. The leaves are very nutrient rich, and can be eaten raw. Dried,he green leaves picked in the spring are the basis for many teas.There are many methods of preparation- both drying, curing,mixing and brewing/steeping. Tea contains caffeine naturally, and can be used for mentalalertness. It is an antioxidant and (without sugar!) is good fordental health, reducing bacteria and improving digestioTea grows wild in parts of Eastern Africa, Asia, Argentina andparts of the US. Tea plants can be grown in warmer climates outside, or in potsin cooler areas.Plant in pot about twice the size of the root ball with plentyof drainage. Tea prefers bright indirect sunlight, temperaturesaround 70* and acidic soil. CAMILLA SINENSISalertness, heart health,antioxidant, appetite controlHeart, MindLove, emotional attachementand tradition. Devotion,affection and admiration.Rituals. Attracts riches. TEA MAGIC

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Camellia Sinesis, or tea, is themost consumed beverage in theworld after plain water. Tea has adeep, long and rich history inmany cultures around the world.Tea is part of many sacredtraditions and rituals, as well asfor spiritual awakening.

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CamphorLauraceaeChastityHealthDivinationCastor Oil PlantEuphorbiaceaeProtectionCastor oil causeshair to thickenand grow,especially browsand lashes. CarawayApiaceaeProtectionLuckHealthAnti-theftCascaraRhamnaceaeAnthraquinonesbuckthornsintensely bitterCarnationCaryophllaceae(Pinks)ProtectionStrengthHealingCatnipLamiaceaeCat MagicLoveBeautyHappinessLoveProtectionLuck

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Cayenne PepperUrticaceaeProtectionExorcismCherryRosaceaeLoveDivinationCherry Bark for coughsChamomileMatricaria recutitaGerman Chamomile, Blue ChamomileAsteraceaeMoneyLoveSleepProtectionDivinationLuckProtectionChardAmaranthaceaetravelSuper Food!

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CHAMOMILEDon't mistake the mild manners of Chamomile forweakness. Often underestimated, she is sweetly fragrantand powerfully medicinal. Brew the dried flowers for asoothing nighttime tea, alone or blended with a few rosepetals and for deep, relaxing sleep- add a leaf ofMugwort nightly for lucid dreams.Chamomile, or Earth Apple, is a sweetly fragrant,easy-to-grow flowering plant that has amultitude of uses. Chamomile helps rest and soothe the busy mind,allowing instinct and intuition to blossom.Large amounts may induce vomiting.Chamomileterpenoids, flavonoids,hydroxycoumarins, mucilagesantioxidant, analgesic

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Roman and German Chamomile have edible leaves andflowers. Both can be dried or used fresh. Chamomile tea or tincture is used to soothe andcalm. Can cause drowsiness. Fights inflammation, high in antioxidants.Reduces mentral pain and lowers blood sugar.Likes cool conditions, grows well in partialshade in a sunny spot. Some Chamomiles areperennials, but the annuals self-sow, so areeasy to keep once planted. Keep soil dry.Grows well with other plants, but giveplenty of room in garden or pots. Magical UsesGrowingPurification, Sleep, Rest and Meditation.Removes curses. Carry on person to attactmoney and abundance. Use in steam forromance, use on skin for luck.

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ChicoryAsteraceaeRemovingObstaclesInvisibilityFavorsColdnessCloverFabaceaeexorcismsuccessluckfidelityCinnamonLauraceaeSpiritualitySuccessHealingPowerCloveMyrtaceaeProtectionExorcismLoveMoneyClitoriaTurnateaFabaceaeAnthocyaninTransformationMoneyLove ComfreyBoraginaceaeSafe TravelMoneyCoffeeRubiaceaeexcitementintellect collard greensBrassicacaeaconnection to earthresilienceheart

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CLITORIA TURNATEAiitriterpenoids, flavonol glycosides,anthocyanins and steroids,proanthocyanidin.Used for eyesight.Eyes, Vision, psychic connectiondivination

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CornflowerAsteraceaePsychicismCottonMalvaceaeLuckHealingRainFishing MagicCrocusIridaceaeLoveVisionsExorcismHealingPurificationHealingSleepYouthCowslipPrimulaceaHealingYouthTreasure findingLustStrengthPsychic Powers

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DandelionDANDELIONsesquiterpene lactones,taraxasterol (TS), taraxerol,chlorogenic aciddigestion, upset stomach, gallbladder, liver, calm

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DaisyAsteraceaeLustLuckInnocenceDamianaTurneraceaeLustLoveVisionsDandelionAsteraceaeDivinationWishesCalling SpiritsDeers TonguePoaceaeLustPsychic PowersDillApiaceaeProtectionMoneyLustLuckDockPolygonaceaeHealingFertilityMoney96

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DulsePalmariaceaeLoveHarmonyfennelApiaceaeProtectionHealingPurificationFenugreekFabaceaeMoneyCauses uterine contractions.Drinking inquantity makessweat smell likemaple syrup.Figs leafMoraceaedivinationfertilityloveProtectionfoxglovePlantaginaceaedigoxin/digitalistoxicGalangalZingiberaceaeProtectionLusthealthMoney

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FIG LEAFflavonoids, tannins, sesquiterpenes, alkaloids, andsaponins.Used to control blood sugar, diabetes.Pancreas, Womb

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GARLICsulfurs, allicin.Heart, blood system, cholesterolsHeartGINGERgingerol.upset stomach, anti-inflammatory Stomach upset, seasickness,

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GardeniaGardiniaceaeLovePeaceHealingSpiritualityGarlicAmaryllidaceaeallicinProtectionHealingExorcismGeraniumGeraniaceaeFertilityHealthLoveProtectionPurificationDreamsGingerZingiberaceaeLoveMoneySuccessPowerGinsengAraliaceaeWishesBeautyhawthorneRosaceaeFertilityFidelityFishing MagicHappiness

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HONEYSUCKLEsalicylic acid, saponin, tannin and ash,palmitic acid and linoleic acidanti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmotic, diuretic. GINSENGSaponins.Brain function, anti-inflammatory

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HeatherEricaceaeRain makingLuckProtectionHibiscusmalvaceaeLovelustdivinationHonestlyBrassicacaeaRepellingMonstersHoneysuckleCaprifoliaceaeMoneypsychic powersHorse ChestnutSapindaceaeMoneyHealingBlood/veins- mayhelp with varicoseveins. soapberry familyPeaceHealingHorseradishBrassicacaeaPurificationExorismPsychic PowersHex-Breaking

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HorsetailEquisetaceaeSnake CharmingFertilityMental PowersHuckleberryEricaceaeDream MagicHex BreakingSuccessHyssopLamiaceaepurificationprotectionJasmineOleaceaelovemoneyprophetic dreams

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JASMINE linalook.liver disease, aphrodisiac, excema KAVA KAVAkavalactones and flavakavains sleep aid, muscle relaxant

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lady' s mantleRosaceaeloveLavenderLamaceaeLoveProtectionSleepChastityLavenol heals skins, reducesredness.calms and freshens.may reduce depression and stress.

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LEMON VERBENAcitral, neral, geraniol, spathulenol.Muscle Spasms, fever reducer. LEMON BALMcitral, neral, geraniol, flavinol.Calm, anti-anxiety, sleep, easeindigestion. LEMON GRASSterpenes, estersanti-amoebic, antibacterial,antidiarrheal, antifilarial, antifungaland anti-inflammatory

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LeekAmaryllidaceaeloveprotectionexorcismLemon BalmLamaceaeLovesuccesshealingintuitionLemon GrassPoaceaeRepel SnakesLustPsychic PowersLemon VerbanaVerbenaceaePurificationLoveLettuceAsteraceaeFidelityProtectionDivinationSleepLLicoriceFabaceaeLoveLustFidelity

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LotusNelumbonaceaeProtectionLock OpeningmeadowsweetRosaceaeLoveDivinationPeaceHappinessMilk ThistleAsteraceaeSnake EnragingMulleinScrophulariaceaeCourageProtectionHealthLoveMustardBrassicaceaeFertilityProtectionMental PowersNasturtiumTropaeolumjoyful magickitchen magicflower magicedible leaves andflowers.

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MUGWORTThe Sweet Dreamer: mugwort stimulateslucid dreaming and protects duringsleep. citral, neral, geraniol.Muscle Spasms. MULLEINmucilage.Expoectoant.NETTLEformic acid, histamine, and acetylcholine, a b1, kIron, red blood cells.

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NettleUrticaceaeExorcismProtectionHealingLustPansyViolaceaeRain MagicDivinationPassionflowerPassionflowerPeaceSleepFriendshipPatchouliLamiaceaeMoneyFertilityLustpsychic powersexorcismtravelprotectionmoneyluckPeppercornPiperaceaePurificationHealingProtectionPeachRoseaceaeLongevityWishes

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PEPPERMINTA beautiful enigma, peppermint is one of many helpfulfriends in the mint family. it is a natural hybrid ofwild mint and spearmint, and is a growing delight. The peppermint paradox is part of what makes thiseasy-to-grow always delightful herb such a magicaladdition to any garden or apothecary: peppermint isboth exhilarating, enlivening and refreshing while itis simultaneously calming, soothing and nurturing. PEPPERMINTmenthol, menthoneDigestion, anxiety, sleep,, anti-inflammatory, topical pain relief,alertness

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PeppermintLamiaceaepurificationsleeplovehealingPlantainPlantaginaceaeSnake repellerStrengthHealingPotatoSolanaceaceImage MagicnightshadeRadishBrassicaceaeProtectionLovefamily loveRoseRoseceaeLive magiclove, sweetnessPsychic PowersHealingDivinationraspberryRosaceaeProtectionLove

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Rose of JerichoBrassicacaeaResurrectionRosemaryLamiaceaeLoveProtectionLustMental Powersrock samphireApiaceaesailor's fennelsea magicRhubarbPolygonaceaeAnthraquinones-rootgarden magicphallic magic

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ROSEMARYformic acid, histamine, andacetylcholine, a b1, kIron, red blood cells. SAFFRONcrocin, safranal, picrocrocinsedative, expectorant, sleep-aid, anti-asthmaticST.JOHNS WORThypericin, hyperforin, rutin,quercetin, and kaempferol.Depression, Anxiety, adhd.

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SaffronIridaceaeLoveHealingHappinessWind RaisingcaffeineSpiderwortCommelinaceaeLovekidneyspoultice can helpwith stings.SunflowerAsteraceaeFertilityWishesHealthWisdomStrawberryRosaceaeLoveLuckSennaFabaceaeAnthraquinones-leaf and podDiureticcauses diarrheaSweet PotatoConvolvulaceaelonelinesswhimsyhormonal balance

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THISTLE, MILKsilymarinAnti-oxidant, liver repair,menstrual painSTAR ANISEthymol, terpineol and anetholeRespiratory ease, expectorant,anti-inflammatory, anti-viral,cough and fly.TURMERICcurcumin.anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant,depression, alzheimers, anti-cancer

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ThymelamiaceaeSleepPsychic PowersTurmericZingiberaceaePurificationTurnipBrassicacaeaProtectonEndingRelationshipsHidden BeautyValerianCaprifoliaceaeloveSleepPurificationProtectionVioletViolaceaeProtectionLuckLoveWishesIndigo magicVanillaOrchidaceaelovelustmental powers

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VIOLETmucinalage, salicylic acid.lymphatic stimulant, cooling,moistening, coughs, skin conditions. Magical Symbolism: Sleep, death WILLOW, GOATsalicylic acid Aphrodisiac, fevers, headache

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Wild RoseRosaceaeLovePsychic PowersHealingLoveYarrowAsteraceaeCourageLovePsychic PowersExorcismYerba SantaBoraginaceaeBeautyHealingPsychic PowerProtectionYewTaxaceaeRaising the DeadYucca schidigeraAsparagaceaeSaponinsTransmutationProtectionPurificationWasabiBrassicacaeaexhilarationsurprisenervesWater CressBrassicacaearainfortificationYamsDioscoreaceaedeep emotionsafety

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WORMWOODabsinthin, anabsinthin.Digestion, spasms in the digestive tract,Contains the neurotoxin thujone, is notconsidered safe unless it is thujone free. YARROWAlkaloids, coumarinsWound Healing, coagulent Inflammation,heart health, , depression, digestionThe entire plant is edible.YUCCAsteroidal saponins, polyphenols.Arthritis.

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Welcome to Green Witch Garden Apothecary! We are located in the island of Shee in Southeast Alaska! Allof our products are handmade out of natural, fairly sourcedingredients. When plants aren't grown or gathered, they areorganic whenever possible.Green Witch Garden Apothecary believes that beauty is whereyou make it, and you can make a beautiful life and world byspending time being intentional with your thoughts, andwelcoming the peace of a meditative state as often as possible. We find ways to connect with nature to remember ourconnection in a society that would rather we forget howpowerful we are , and how much we are capable of. We believe in radical self-love and the power within. Learn more at

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About Ember Livingston Emmons I am Ember, I have raised my family and created our magic insome of the wildest, remote places in the world. Now, through Green Witch Garden Apothecary and GardenNotes, I work to cultivate, grow and share everything thatmakes a magical life of conscious creation. For me, living in a variety of places from the most remoteAlaska to the city, I have found the most peace with my handsin Mother Earth, growing plants, using plants to meditate,ground and connect, creating for the spirit and body.I work with a variety of mediums at the Apothecary. I am anartist and writer, and I love to create plant based magic andshare the power of meditation. I paint, draw, sew, cook andcreate beautiful candles for meditation.From organic plants that I harvest or source from small,organic farms, I create Sacred Candles, Distillates andOfferings from our partners creating products from love,who align with our vision of a soul-care apothecary- a placeto shine light and nurture every part of ourselves, inside andout, as well as to cultivate conscious ways to celebrate andenhance our connection.

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