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If you give a dog a bone, then shell want to eat it.

If she eats the bone, then she wont eat dinner.

If she doesn't eat dinner, then shell wine all night.

If she wines all night, then shell keep you up all night.  

If she keeps you up all night, then you'll be grumpy in the morning.

If you're grumpy in the morning, then you have an attitude towards everyone.

If you have an attitude with everyone, then everyone wont talk to you.

If no one talks to you, then you'll feel lonely.

If you feel lonely, then you will get depressed.

If you get depressed, then you wont go to work. 

If you dont go to work, then you cant earn money.

If you cant earn money, then you cant give your dog any bones.

If you dont give a bone to your dog, then she will eat her dinner.

If your dog eats dinner, then she wont wine at bedtime.

If she doesn't wine at bedtime, then you can get a good nights rest. 

If you give a dog, then eventually you'll get some sleep.