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   If you give a boy a shoe

By Josh Banks


He will probably need a





When he has that pair, the boy


will need some laces


Along with the laces he will


also need some socks


When he has the socks and


laces the boy will need to tie


and fit them


When the shoe is tied and


fitted the boy will travel


the world


He will run, play and


explore through grass


and mud


When he is done wearing the shoes


He takes them off and washes them


While he is washing them,

the dirt

from the shoes gets on his hands


The boy then washes his hands while sky outside turns dark


He then becomes tired


Now that all the dirt is


gone the boy goes to bed


The next day the boy gets


up and puts on his shoes


As the day goes on the


shoes wear and tear


And the boy decides that


he will probably need a


new pair