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IEI Corporate Responsibility Report

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Corporate Responsibility REPORT2021

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To help our business and communities thrive in the face of today’s unprecedented challenges, Infrastructure Engineering Inc (IEI), and its philanthropic arm, Infrastructure Engineering Foundation (IEF), expanded our corporate responsibility strategy.Since it was founded, IEI has been deeply committed to supporting social eorts in the community. The firm’ s generous giving is embraced by an incredible workforce who participate in the outreach. IEF has partnered on philanthropic initiatives to create systemic and lasting change within our geographic footprint.Our deep commitment in business & beyondVISION OF IEF Serve. Impact. Transform Lives. Creating SmilesPHILOSOPHY OF IEF Greater Growth, Greater Giving.MISSION OF IEF To provide and support programs andexperiences to improve the quality of life forunderserved children and their families. To alsosupport organizations that improve the overallwell-being of the underserved community andorganizations that involve AEC industryphilanthropic initiatives.Through our corporate responsibility eorts, we hope to lift up:Michael Sutton IEI Chief Executive OcerIEF Board MemberIEI PresidentIEF Board MemberIEI Chief Financial Ocer IEF Board MemberKashif Khan Antoinette Coates“The foundation is IEI’s way of giving back to the community and industry. It is one way we prove that we care.” – Michael SuttonOUR COMMUNITYOUR ENVIRONMENTOUR INDUSTRYOUR WORKPLACE

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Our EnvironmentResponsible engineering means envisioning sustainability, resiliency, and providing equitable accessibility. Our goal is to provide infrastructure that protects the environment, while improving quality of life and access to long-term economic opportunity in our communities.OUR ENVIRONMENTTo be selected by sta when oered other employment choices, IEI strives daily to earn the title of Employer of Choice. We want our employees to be empowered, get involved, and feel a part of something bigger than themselves.Responsible EngineeringOUR WORKPLACEAn Inclusive & Rewarding Place to WorkPROGRESS IN THIS TARGET• IEI cultivates a culture of inclusion and diversity, with employees from all backgrounds and cultures• Company-matching gift program• Employees make donation requests for their charities of choice• Volunteerism strongly supported within IEI culturePROGRESS IN THIS TARGET• LEED sustainability consulting• Enhancement of stormwater detention greenspace to reduce traditional reliance on grey infrastructure• Sewer and watermain replacement for greater resiliency and health• Bank stabilization and flood control projects• Regional ADA expert improving accessibility on world-class pedestrian and bicycle facilities• Enhancement of multimodal transportation, including transit extensions to underserved areas

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Our WorkplaceOur IndustryOur CommunityOur EnvironmentWe seek to foster more engagement with our sta, while driving business and social impact by: making it personal, making it easy, and uniting giving with volunteering.We aim to engineer responsible solutions that provide sustainable use of resources, while improving quality of life in our communities — connected transportation modes, green sites and resilient systems. We develop relationships with a multitude of stakeholders, especially those in education, industry associations and business. One of our core goals is promoting a diverse, balanced and resilient workforce and industry.We strive to make investments in social good in our geographicmarkets. Our charitable giving to nonprofit causes supports and values diversity, equity and inclusion. We pay it forward.

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We are strongly committed to mentoring diverse engineering firms and organizations for sustainable success, impacting the industry at large. We play an early active role in inspiring and nurturing STEM education. We create positive change through focused engagement.OUR INDUSTRYPromoting Leadership & Professional GrowthPROGRESS IN THIS TARGET • Cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion alliances like the Conference of Minority Transportation Ocials and the National Forum of Black Public Administrators• Promote partnerships with diverse suppliers • High school and college STEM internships• Mentor diverse firms through significant projects like CDOT program managementPROGRESS IN THIS TARGET • Serves economically and socially challenged children & families • 10th Annual Illinois Plane-Pull, in support of the Special Olympics • Longtime sponsor of the Heart of Christmas Toy Giveaway for 200 local children and their families • Helping women with addictions become sober • IEI extends service to New York communities through Brooklyn Greenway InitiativeGiving to the community is part the IEI culture. Our goal is to let children and families know that there are people who care about them. Our sharing positively impacts lives and generates hope and faith in a better future.OUR COMMUNITYTransformational Change in the Community

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One South Wacker Drive, Suite 2650 Chicago, IL 60606 312.425.9560 201 South Capitol Avenue, Suite 490 Indianapolis, IN 46225 317.243.9800 124 West State Street, Suite 300 Trenton, NJ 08608 609.571.3793 www.infrastructure-eng.comInfrastructure Engineering Inc. 456 Fulton Street, Suite 265 Peoria, IL 61602 309.637.9200 141 West 36th Street, Suite 1804 New York, NY 10018 646.439.0191 3031 W. Grand Blvd, Suite 530 Detroit, MI 48202 313.262.6906Serve. Impact. Transform Lives.At IEI, we live our vision daily, creating systemic and lasting changefor the better everywhere we live and work. If your organization’smission aligns with our strategy, we’d love to hear how we can bestronger together. Use the Connect page of our website to send ourOce Leader a note, indicating which of our geographic marketswould be a best fit. We accept partnership proposals on a rollingbasis, and plan our allocations in January.ffoundationoundation