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    What It Includes

  •   New size 
  • New colors
  • New headohone jack
  • Differernt shape charger
  • Surround sound 
  • Bigger camera
  • Water resistent

        The Cost/ Where you can buy

         You can get this phone at either apple or android. I really recomend this phone becayse its not gonna cost a lot like the the other iphones. This phone will cost around $300 but you can buy the phone and pay some every month. So that ios a big plus with this new phone. 

     This phone can be used mutipul ways.. THe blue button on the side is to turn it off and the yellow one is a fingerprint and you have to hold it there for a certain time and you can get it. And the red one is a hard reset. Instead of going into settings and reseting you can just hold that button and it resets. On the bottom there is a oval shaped Charger jack. And the small shaped ovals are the speakers. And the squares are the surround sound. And on the back there is A big camera and a small flashlight.