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2016 - 2017


Lady Timberwolves 



Senior Night





















IDEA Public Charter School

1027 45th Street N.E.

Washington, D.C.



Justin Rydstrom, Head of School

Lanette Bacchus, Principal

Miles Morrell, Athletic Director


     Drew Crawford, Head Coach                                                        Teika Thompson, Asst. Coach



Message from Coaches and Family:


Coach Drew to Tamara:

I have had the pleasure of coaching Tamara for the past 2 years. She has developed into a great ball player that's eager to learn. Tamara is always on time and ready to practice. Her ball handling skills have improved and she is one of the best shooters on the team. Miss. Showell is coachable and will definitely be missed on and off the court.


Coach Drew to Ta'Kiya:

Ta'Kiya has come along way. In the early years Ta'Kiya and I had our difference to the point where she was no longer on the team. After a long conversation with Miss. Harper, I gave her another chance to play for IDEA. Since then not only has she shown progress but she has great leadership skills and she is a captain on the team. Ta'Kiya will be missed on and off the court.


"I am blessed and honored to have coached these two bright young ladies. I am sure that they will have a great future beyond basketball". -Coach Drew


Coach Thompson to Tamara:

Tamara is by far one of the most talented shooters I have ever met. Tamara is a role model to those around her, and she is never late for practice. Any absence came with a call and valid reasonings. Even in times where Tamara became frustrated, I have never seen her give up. We have talked on and off the court, this young lady has a plan for her future and she is taking the steps to attacking that plan. I pray for your success and that you continue to build confidence within. I tell you all the time, "It only takes faith the size of a mustard seed", believe in yourself more than anyone else around you. Remember it starts with the mind and your heart. I will miss you on and off the court.


Coach Thompson to Ta'Kiya:

What a pleasure it has been to be your coach and mentor, I have watched as you transitioned from junior to senior as a student, basketball player, and person. You have matured in ways that can only come from within, you have become a leader. I have listened to the inspirational messages you give to those around you. I have watched you go from a firecracker to a young lady that takes heed to advice. I tell you all the time, "You will forever be my biggest accomplishment", you are amazing and you will continue to push those around you. I will miss you on and off the court.


"ONE TEAM, ONE VOICE.... We have grown as a unit.....We are a family....I am always here for you ladies"- Coach Thompson

Message from Teammates:


Alexis Hunter: Its been a blessing to stand foot on the court during games and practice with yall .Wish yall the best in whatever route you take after 12th ... We gonna FOREVER EAT I Love yall.


Moniya Walker: It has been a long journey from laughing, arguments ect But, we managed to pull ourselves back together not just as individuals but as a team. Im going to miss yall -xoxo 


Ke'mah Weldon: Its been a great honor being able to become teammates, friends, and family. Over the season it has been a wonderful experience participating with you. I enjoyed getting to know both of you. I wish you both the best. I am surely going to miss y'all! " One Team, One Voice." 


Khayla McNeal (BIG WORM):Its been a long, long, long journey and honor to be able to spend time with yall on and off the court. Even though sometimes we have our ups & downs, it was still a wonderful experience and blessing to play basketball with yall. Yall are the the best & love yall. P.S. WE FAMILY 4EVER!!!!!!!!


Daesha Smith: 

 This year has been the best experience in high school by far..We came a long way and built some strong bonds on and off the court..LETS TAKE THIS CHAMPIONSHIP and Make these bonds and memories life long..playing basketball without yall will not be the same. Forever A Lady Timberwolve!!LOVE YALL


Tamara Showell, #32

Tamara's future plans include attending University of the DCC then Bowie State University

and studying Early Childhood Education.

Other sports and hobbies of Tamara's include dancing, shopping and spending time with her family.

Tamara's favorite Lady Timberwolve memory is having an undefeated home season her senior year.

An accomplishment Tamara is most proud of is becoming closer and more effectively communicating with her team, the difference in the team from 2015-2016 to the current year. 

Tamara would like to send a thank you to her mother for pushing her to be a better person and helping her work on her attitude. Tamara would like to also thank her coaches and team for telling her to have confidence and have better conversations with those around her.


Message from Mom:

 Dear Tamara,

I don't think that I could put into words how much I love you. As I think about all the years of high school and what you have endured. I know for a fact that you have made it through some very hard and touching times. You have managed to take on the adult role of being a big sister and a mother to your sister when I had to have surgery. When I was unable to walk or work for 8 weeks you were there for us. You suffered the most unbearable loss that any child could have lost and that was the death of your father. A big part of your heart was taken from you, but yet you still pulled through. I tell you everyday, that I love you and that you are AMAZING, beautiful young lady. And one thing that we always say to each other everyday before we leave one another for work and school is "I love you" and "have a great day". What else could a mom ask for? You are the love of my life and I can't imagine my life without you. You are my sunshine.

Love, Mommy



Ta'Kiya Harper #3

Ta'Kiya's  future plans include attending Delaware State University and majoring in Sports Medicine.

Other sports and hobbies:of Ta'Kiya's include softball, track, spending time with her family and playing 2K17 on the XBox One.

Ta'Kiya's favorite Lady Timberwolves memory is being able to win games with her team without fouling out.

An accomplishment she is most proud of is the change in her attitude towards people.

Ta'Kiya's advice to future Lady Timberwolves is "Listen to your coaches even when you think they are telling you wrong."


Ta'Kiya would like to send a thank you to Tracy Harper, her mother, for raising her and helping her to be successful in basketball. Also, thanks to her teammates for being by her side, support and being her family. Thanks to Ms. Thompson, for being like another mom.