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Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet

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NicheAs the saying goes, the riches are in the niches. Understanding whoyour ideal target market is and really narrowing down on your nichewill make your life so much easier AND your business so much moresuccessful. Determining your target audience is one of the single most importantthings you can do to help build a successful strategy and to help yousuccessfully reach your goals. If you do not understand who you aretrying to sell to, you cannot properly market to them. You cannotpossibly know where to market to them and you will not know what isimportant to them (see problems). When you understand what yourideal target avatars are you have the added benefit of being able tocreate stellar content that solves problems and converts leads andlookie-loos into buyers.It is becoming more and more important to provide your targetaudiences and potential customers with content that feels like it wasmade for them. From Messenger experiences that seem more likepersonal chats that speak straight to the prospect, to videos andarticle content that specifically address their needs, customizedcontent converts. But you simply cannot customize anything withoutunderstanding your audience segments. If you really want to dive deepinto creating the best content and marketing pieces that convert, youmay also want to look at creating negative buyer profiles. In otherwords, creating buyer profiles of people who are not ideal for you andare, for lack of a better word, money makers.

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Although this is not a step you have to start off with, it can be helpfulto understand negative profiles so you know how and who to avoid.This can help you achieve a lower cost per customer or cost per leadratio and help your bottom line. Plus you will be a far happier businessowner when you know who NOT to work with.So how do you determine your target audience? First, it is important tounderstand that many companies have one main target audience andsome have several. More likely than not, you will have more than onebuyer profile you will want to target. It is best to start with your maintarget and create a customer profile for that market. You can thenmake additional customer profiles for each target persona you wish toaddress.CREATING AN AVATARDemographics - who they arePsychographics - why they buyWith whom are you trying to connect? In other words, who is yourideal audience? Who is your client's avatar? Many people make themistake of creating content for family, friends, colleagues, and NOTtheir ideal audience. It is vital to have a clear picture of who you wishto serve. Be as specific as possible.Two main parts of this ideal client or patient avatar that you mustdefine:

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Hard-working and motivatedKnows she wants to be successful but not sure about how Unclearabout her long term goalsDoes not have a lot of time to wasteShe is not price-sensitive and is willing to invest in a qualityexperience where she can hit the ground running towards her maingoals.She is confident in most parts of her life but feels a lack ofconfidence or imposture syndrome when it comes to pricing,products/services, and sharing her expertise. She is BUSY. She wants to get clear on her goals and have a path tosuccess that does not take up her every waking hours.She enjoys time with her family, reading, and learning new things. PSYCHOGRAPHICS40 Married mother of 2Entrepreneur 3 years into owning her businessand wanting to step it up.Not charging enoughHousehold Income is north of$100,000DEMOGRAPHICSJane

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Once you have a better understanding of WHO you are chattingwith, it becomes infinitely easier to create marketing andcontent materials, find the problems that your ideal clients havewhich help you SELL more, and create conversational contentthat speaks to that audience. Consider creating avatars for yourclient’s prospects as well to help you create messengerexperiences that convert better.YOU CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE AVATAR.Spends a lot of time on YouTube, learning a new skill, or listing topodcasts for entrepreneurs and marketers.She knows she deserves better but is burnt out and needs helptaking control of her business, her clients, and, quite frankly, herlife.She has a good heart and loves helping people, which is goodmost of the time. But she is also inclined to give away too muchfor free and not set boundaries.

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www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar WorkbookBEFORE WE BEGINDefining your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) differs from defining youroverall target audience. You want to focus on one individual for thisexercise.Remember, we're talking about a made-up person who is perfect forwhat you have to offer. If this individual learned of your services rightnow, they would undoubtedly conclude that "this is exactly what I'mlooking for."This doesn't imply that your offer isn't suitable for other individuals.Of course, there will be a wide range of consumers who purchaseyour offering. However, having a single individual in mind helps youto imagine and pretend that you're talking to a genuine person whendeveloping your offer, branding and content.It's also advised that you have a photo of your ICA. You might use astock picture or even cut out a photo from a magazine. Here aresome samples to get you started.

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NOW, LET'S GET TO KNOW YOUR ICA1. What is their name?2. Male or female or Other?3. Where do they live?5. Describe their religion6. Describe their ethnicity 4. How old are they?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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7. What is their relationship status?8. Do they have a family? How many children?9. What is their favorite color?10. What is their favorite food?11. Are they an introvert, extrovert or ambivert (both)?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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12. Describe their personality in 3-5 words13. What are their values in life?14. What's their favorite quote or mantra?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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15. What do they do for fun and enjoyment?16. What do they do for health and fitness?17. Do they live a healthy lifestyle? What could be improved?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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18. What is their highest level of education?19. What is their career, work or job title?20. Is their income low, average or above average?21. What are their typical work hours?22. Where do they typically work?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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23. Are they happy and passionate about what they do for work?24. What are their priorities and responsibilities in life?25. What are their struggles, challenges and pain points in life?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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26. What are some unhealthy habits they've adopted?27. What are some of their fears and worries?28. What do they want to learn more about?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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29. What other courses or programs do they participate in?30. Are they tech savvy or technically challenged?31. How often do they use a laptop or computer?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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32. What social media platforms do they use?33. What online community groups are they part of?34. What online tools and resources do they use?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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35. What TV shows do they watch?36. What are some of their favourite brands?37. What services do they regularly pay for?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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38. Who are their mentors they like to learn from?39. Who are their favorite celebrities and/or leaders?40. What kind of profiles/accounts do they follow on social media?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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41. What kind of podcasts do they listen to?42. What kind of books do they read?43. How do they prefer to consume content? i.e. Read, watch, listenwww.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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44. Do they prefer to learn as an individual or part of a group?45. Are they a self-paced learner or prefer to be guided?46. What's their level of knowledge in relation to what you offer?47. Do they have any experience in relation to what you offer?48. Do they actively seek advice in relation to what you teach/offer? www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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49. What are their go-to resources for advice on this topic?50. Are there any other key points about your ICA?www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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1. Designing your brand's visual identity2. Creating your social media post images3. Writing your social media post captions4. Deciding on your lead magnet5. Deciding on your paid offers6. Deciding on your pricing7. Writing your website and sales page copy8. Recording your video trainings and webinars9. Doing live videos on social media10. Writing and sending emailsNOW YOU KNOW YOUR ICA, REMEMBER TO ALWAYSKEEP THEM IN MIND WHEN:www.BabyGotBotCourses.comIdeal Customer Avatar Workbook

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