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This program is called "It Can Wait" and it is a campaign to stop people from being distracted(texting) while driving.

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It Can Wait

By: Candace Amaker

Don't Text and Drive

Imagine this: You're a parent waiting for your 16-year old daughter to come home from school. School ended an hour ago and your daughter should've been home by now. Someone knocks on your door and you answer it and there stands a police officer. You ask what's wrong and the officer tells you that your daughter died in a car accident. What you don't know is that she was texting and driving and that's what caused the accident. That's why "It Can Wait"  is here: to stop texting and driving.

The "It Can Wait" Campaign, created in 2012, is a program that was made to help stop texting and driving. Many accidents happen due to teen drivers being distracted while behind the wheel so the USAA and AT&T have teamed up to stop that.

So Take the "It Can Wait" pledge today and help us stop texting and driving, because no text is worth dying for!