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ICS Residential Brochure

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Excellence in Residential Heating Cooling Ensuring Comfort Decreasing Costs HVAC Services

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Your home is your castle a valuable asset that keeps your loved ones safe healthy and comfortable For over 30 years Integrated Comfort System ICS has installed and serviced thousands of heating and air conditioning systems in distinctive residential properties and premiere homes throughout the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area meeting and often exceeding our client s expectations Your property and its occupants deserve an experienced reliable and prompt residential HVAC service that delivers the results you expect That custom temperature requirements are met throughout the home regardless of its architecture That the quality of air for residents and guests is high and free of airborne viral particles and pathogens That experienced HVAC specialists respond quickly to complex issues or service interruption That guidance and expertise is shared to deliver solutions beyond the ordinary including predictive systems By leveraging hundreds of years of collective experience the team at ICS delivers energy efficient heating and cooling systems to provide our clients with the most comfortable environment possible How do our residential clients know our solutions go beyond just a piece of equipment that provides heating and air conditioning ICS expertise and experience extends to all factors that determine the performance and quality of your heating and cooling systems from the home s architecture and construction to the materials used within the building and how those essential components affect the distribution of air at the proper temperature allowing for higher efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership ICS HVAC uses state of the art technologies such as BIM models to efficiently plan design construct and manage HVAC in residential buildings and properties

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Preventative HVAC Maintenance Longevity Peace of Mind through Proper Care of HVAC Systems With proper care heating and cooling systems last which may significantly reduce the total cost associated with owning these systems over time keeping you comfortable and your home operating at peak efficiency Just as you would care for yourself through proper nutrition and exercise preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling systems will reduce the long term cost of those systems while maximizing your wellness With technical expertise and years of industry experience the custom Indoor Air Quality and System Maintenance Plans developed by ICS HVAC can provide the information you need to make critical decisions about your property helping you ensure comfort and maximize value of these systems in your home The Importance of Air Quality In Your Home The health and safety of your family and friends are paramount A comprehensive approach to Indoor Air Quality IAQ includes a thorough review of temperature and humidity and a comprehensive analysis of other environmental factors including Carbon monoxide CO Carbon dioxide CO2 Volatile organic compounds VOCs Particulates Odors ICS HVAC offers several solutions to ensure the air circulating in your home is as clean and pure as possible From ionizers to filtration we will protect the health of you and yours Ask us for a comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Audit in order to address any concerns you may have about your property

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Upgrade Your Existing HVAC System for Optimal Comfort Efficiency As they age and become less efficient all heating and cooling equipment reach the point where they fall below the cost benefit curve We bring all our design service and technical skills to bear on selecting not only the right equipment to replace your older system but the other factors to consider when evaluating the trade offs and solutions available Replacing an aging and outdated heating and air conditioning system can be challenging but the savings start accruing immediately as you realize lowered energy costs and peace of mind from the reliability of your new system Take advantage of our state of the art solutions and technical expertise to upgrade the comfort and efficiency in your home Affordable Financing Available for Your HVAC Project You deserve HVAC that not only works for your home but works for your wallet Financing your home improvement through traditional means can be stressful Your savings belong in the bank and you should be able to keep them there without the headaches of upfront costs or delaying projects as you await funding to come through Through our partners at Enhancify you ll find an affordable monthly payment plan that fits your needs and fast No more weeks of paperwork appraisals and bank meetings Review your offers within minutes and funding will arrive just 1 5 business days after your application is finalized Click here for financing options Integrate Comfort Systems 267 Cortlandt Street Belleville NJ 07109 www icshvac com 866 749 6331 ext 711 Len D Amico 201 207 6016